Lick Of Paint – Berger Premium Launches New Colour Range

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Lick Of Paint
Berger Premium launches its new colour range, with personalised names to boot, as Tegan Brideson discovers.

Like watching paint dry? Didn’t think so. However it’s about to become a whole lot more fun as Berger Premium is set to launch their new colour range in August.

Flexing new colours extending from the nationwide ‘Name That Colour’ competition that ran in February, contemporary style is reflected by continuously reinventing their colour offer; six newly named paint colours will be included in the launch.

It’s impossible to go past Chocolate Shadow and Outback Gold, Ashen Graze has a nice ring to it and Harry’s Red Wagon is a nice visual link to the paint colour. Frosted Puddle and Helium Blue bring them home.

Julie Johnston, Colour Developer for Berger said “whites and neutrals are always in vogue.” When it comes to selecting paint colour either interior or exterior, a lot of thought goes into it. Not only is it a time consuming task that can’t be changed as often as one might select a new outfit if they change their mind, it can be stressful too. It’s surrounding you everyday.

Johnston has recognised that people are embracing neutrals and whites by “introducing a more comprehensive range,” she says.

“Along with these, we’ve added more charcoals and greys, which continue to grow in popularity and are widely used for both interior and exterior decorating projects.” The shape of things to come.

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