Super handsome British actor who smoulderingly appears on the big screen in The Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust, Hellraiser: Hellworld, Blood Creek, portrays Theseus in the upcoming 2011 big budget blockbuster Immortals, and was recently cast as SUPERMAN in the 2012 film Man of Steel, but is best known for playing the role of Charles Brandon the 1st Duke of Suffolk on the Emmy award winning Showtime series The Tudors for which he was named by Entertainment Weekly “Most Dashing Duke” and praised his work on The Tudors for displaying “charm, depth and a killer bod”, hot model for Dunhill fragrances… HENRY CAVILL!

FUN FACTS: Dubbed the “Unluckiest man in Hollywood” by Empire magazine for his series of near misses, Cavill was originally cast as Superman in 2004 but a change of directors for the movie saw Brandon Routh recast in the title role, Stephenie Meyer author of the popular Twilight books called Cavill her “perfect Edward” and wanted him to star in the series – but by the time production started on the films he was deemed too old for the role and it famously went to heart-throb Robert Pattinson instead, Cavill was a final contender for the role of James Bond in 2005 but producers decided an older Bond was required and Daniel Craig became the star of Casino Royale! D’oh!

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