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Ashley and Martin – Hair Treatment

August 12th, 2015


Article written by Unnamed Guest Contributor

There are literarily hundreds of treatments promising to regrow your natural hair, but how many of them actually work?

I had always been concerned about losing my hair and did all that I could in my younger years to ensure a full head of hair. However, I started to notice slight thinning of the hair in my thirties, and I have to be honest – it is the most traumatic experience emotionally, dealing with the fact you may lose all your hair.

In my sheer state of panic, I decided to try anything that promised to regrow my hair. I tried shampoos, vitamins and all sorts of solutions. None of what had promised me a full head of hair actually worked and resorted to the fact of dealing with my reality and either shave my hair or invest in numerous caps to disguise my hair loss.

A couple of months ago, I was approached to write an article on hair loss treatments, so I jumped at the chance. I mean who better to write this article than myself, given the amount of products and treatments I had already tried and tested for my own personal reasons.

I decided to go straight to the source who claim they have been “restoring hair since 1964”. That’s right guys, Ashley and Martin – they claim to be the number 1 medical hair clinic, so if anyone was going to regrow my hair, its these guys.

In a mad rush and sheer excitement, I rang the CEO of Ashley and Martin and arranged a time to visit their medical clinic in Chatswood for a consultation. On the day of my appointment, the treatment was explained to me fairly thoroughly and various photos were taken to document my progress.

The treatment products were tailored to my needs, and were delivered within a week for me to commence my journey to thicker and fuller hair.

Within the first month, I noticed my hair to have a little more volume and not as flat. Was this the first sign of baby hairs growing? To be quite honest, I really didn’t care what it was as the results were starting to be visible.

This continued as the weeks progressed. My hair was constantly feeling thicker and fuller. It was during the third month, I noticed hundreds of hairs growing much to my excitement.

For years I had not received compliments on my hair, and to finally have people commenting and telling me how great my hair looked, was a great sensation as I was no longer dealing with hair loss.

I am currently in my six month, and I can confirm my hair feels and looks thicker and have gained thousands of new healthy strands of hair.

I must admit, losing my hair and coming to terms with the awful reality had really taken a swipe at my self esteem. Coming to terms with it wasn’t easy, and I think I was in denial to a point.

I have never been a stranger to having treatments and a few jabs to turn back the ageing clock. You tend to walk away from these treatments feeling good for a couple of days, then it becomes the norm. However, I must say seeing Ashely and Martin and what they have done for me and my self esteem is unforgettable, as I no longer have to deal with what was my reality.

The verdict is, outstanding results and a team of professionals that have been nothing but an absolute delight to deal with. I would highly recommend Ashley and Martin to anyone going through what I had been dealing with.

Do yourself the favour and gain back your confidence by contacting the medical clinic and speak to one of their helpful professionals.


Lily Room – Chatswood

August 1st, 2015


Article by Guest Contributor, Romel Kouyan

You often read about the latest treatments and lasers promising the world, but how often do you walk out of a clinic after a treatment feeling 10 years younger?

I was recently commissioned to trial Laser Genesis and document my thoughts on the overall treatment. The timing was impeccable as my skin was feeling slightly tired, so I was definitely cheering.

Laser Genesis uses high power microsecond pulses at high repetition rates to safely heat the dermis, stimulating collagen and reducing redness. The procedure utilises non-invasive laser technology to safely and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture and diffuse redness and scars. Most patients will see subtle, yet consistent results after each treatment, with zero unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation.

Clinic3I found several clinics within my area that offered Laser Genesis, so finding a location wasn’t hard. However, I am a firm believer that every one of your senses needs to be tantalised when splurging money on yourself. After all, you are investing money in yourself to feel good, so an overall experience played a big part in this for me.

One of the first clinics I came across was Lily Room, situated in a very private street in Chatswood. I proceeded to call the clinic and booked my first appointment, much to my delight.

I must say, I was slightly nervous going to my first appointment. I had a million thoughts racing through my head. Was this place going to be any good? Was the treatment going to work, or was my skin going to be worse off?

As I entered Lily Room, the first thing I was welcomed by was the inviting scent throughout the clinic and a friendly face with a beaming smile welcoming me to their clinic. The rooms were beautiful and lit to make you feel very welcomed.

Once I was in the treatment room, the specialist made me feel extremely comfortable and explained how the treatment was going to work and that I would have a course of six treatments. I was also told the laser feels like the sun tingling against your skin.

Treatment time, the eye pads were gently placed on my eyes and the treatment began. I must say, the laser definitely did feel like I was laying in the sun, and in a strange way – I found it extremely soothing and not at all painful, as previously believed.

I have always had fairly good skin, however, it most certainly has its moments. I have to admit, my main concerns have always been my pores and the few fine lines that are creeping up as I am entering my 40s.

After my first treatment, I noticed my skin to be plumper and had a natural glow to it. However, I was promised the final results would be visible after the course of 6 treatments. This however did not stop me from constantly admiring myself in the rear view mirror on my way back in to the office.

As the technician mentioned, the results were most certainly visible after the 6 treatments. My pores are dramatically reduced and the texture of my skin has never felt better, and much to be excitement, the fine lines around my eyes are virtually unnoticeable.

The treatment requires your dedication, as you will be need to frequent the clinic once a fortnight. However, if you are contemplating investing in a laser treatment, do yourself a favor and book yourself in for Laser Genesis.

It takes a lot to impress me, and I can honestly say I am extremely impressed with the treatment and am a devoted fan.

If you are in the Sydney area, do yourself a favor and see the ladies at Lily Room, you will not be disappointed.



December 15th, 2014


November 28th, 2014


November 27th, 2014



Office Is My Playground

February 4th, 2014

The Chinese fashion brand Lily stars top model Barbara Palvin in their Spring 2014 campaign created by Fred & Farid Shanghai, ironically names Office Is My Playground.
I’m a big fan! Look at the colours and fabric texture.
Model: Barbara Palvin
Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Photographer: John Wright
(shot in Shanghai by the photographer John Wright)lilyS02 lilyS03 lilyS01

Citizen and Erebus Motorsports Partner for 2013 V8 Supercars

December 4th, 2013


It goes without saying that in motorsports time is the Holy Grail. From one hundredths of a second on a lap time, to measuring fuel efficiency and performance, time underpins all aspects of car racing.

CITIZEN, known for its patented precise timekeeping technology, and innovative super light titanium advances, have partnered with the Erebus Motorsports V8 Supercar Team as they race to the leader board of the 2013 V8 Supercars Championship.

Coming to Sydney from December 6th – 8th, the Sydney 500 will roar around the streets of Homebush, a race that tests not only engines and driver skills, but also the time the course takes to complete.

The drivers, Lee Holdsworth, Maro Engel and Tim Slade, of cars #4, #9 and #47 will be wearing the CITIZEN Super Titanium Watch, which is the official watch of the Erebus Motorsport V8 Supercar Team.

For over four decades, CITIZEN have pioneered research into Titanium; breakthroughs in surface hardening technology have allowed CITIZEN to develop Super Titanium which is 5 times harder than stainless steel, yet 40% lighter.


FEIT’s New Wallets, Belts and iPad Cases

October 20th, 2013


Check out the latest collection of handmade Italian leather accessories in deep luxurious shades of Burgundy and Black Toscano.

FEIT’s Hand Moulded Florentine wallets, iPad and iPad mini cases, and Italian vegetable leather belts are available for pre order for men and women.

All items are made out of one piece sturdy Italian vegetable leather.

Although these items may look nondescript to the naked eye, their luxurious construction ensures they are functional and will last for years to come. FEIT’s small leather goods are handcrafted using an ancient Florentine moulding technique, used by only a handful of artisans living today. This technique has been passed down in their family run atelier for three generations.

The vegetable leather belt is also made using only one piece of vegetable leather with only four stitched, applied by hand.

Enter the code PREORDER at checkout to redeem your pre order benefit

fall_acc_release_03 fall_acc_release_02

Basil Soda – Ready To Wear – Spring/Summer 2014

September 30th, 2013

The BASIL SODA woman is exploring new grounds this season, in search of a lighter attitude and a sense of freshness.

Explosions of color, sleek tailoring and exuberant shapes compliment a youthful state of mind for an effortless look.  Modern geometric cuts are inspired by different techniques of folding and pleating. Splashes of stone and metal embroideries add streaks of lively colors. The various range of unexpected fabrics create an interesting palette to play with such as; perforated cottons, abstract floral prints, unconventional laces, along with silk satins and crepe georgettes adding a touch of romanticism embellishment that compliments metal rose accessories hugging the body.

BASIL SODA Spring/Summer 2014 provides every aspect of a modern day woman’s life, from day-wear to signature evening-wear.


If you just happen to be in Paris between the 28th of Sept and 2nd of Oct 2013, you can view the full collection at Hôtel SAINT JAMES / PARIS.




















Lastest Swimwear Collection from Camilla

September 27th, 2013

Ladies, dive head first into summer with this season’s hottest collection of swimwear at Camilla.

Full of beautiful and inspired prints, signature embellished necklines and flattering fits for fabulous women.

Check out the entire range at www.camilla.com.au

photo 4-1 photo 3-1 photo 2 photo 1


London Fashion Week – “THE FORBIDDEN LIAISONS” Corrie Nielsen RTW SS 2014

September 18th, 2013

Showing at London Fashion Week 2013, Corrie Nielsen enlivens her collection this season with the powerful mix of emotions blazing within the Chinese films ‘Hero’, ‘House of Flying Daggers’ (Zhang Yimou), ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ (Ang Lee), ‘The Joy Luck Club’ (Wayne Wang) and ‘In the Mood for Love’ (Kar Wai Wong) – 1950′s China ensnared women and shrouded them away from pursuing love, yet this strengthened their passion, leading to instances of ardent seduction.

Whether out of sheer love, lust or to better their life, women at the time used their grace and charisma to entice powerful men. Yet the balance always shifts, and when they least expect it, true feelings begin to emerge.

Corrie wanted to create something new for S/S 2014, something of her own. She looked to Chinese cinema and Traditional dress, keeping the traditional mandarin collar and clean lines of the tailored traditional Chinese dress and brought it to life with 3D elements by using cotton, wax cotton, fine merino wool, knitted wool and silk chiffon.

Colours are in whites, off whites, taupe, lime green, sea foam green, black and champagne silk with some embellishment of silk organdie, lace and intricate bead work.


Pictures Credit : Timo Kerber











The Fashion Festival Bali – It’s a Wrap!

September 3rd, 2013

The inaugural Bali Fashion Festival presented by the magnificent The Stones Hotel Legian closed the festivities over the weekend with a party hosted by TATLER Indonesia magazine. The week-long event played host to a long list of Asian Pacific celebrities, socialites and talent from Australia including Michael and Lindy Klim and Casey Burgess.

BARE runway 1

Locals of the island and tourists from around the world indulged in a fashionable week of workshops, pop-up boutiques and world-class runway shows that featured some of the regions most established and emerging designers.

Michael & Lindy Klim

Leah De Gloria from Project Runway Australia opened The Fashion Festival with her beautiful couture collection, followed by Singaporean label, Gnossem. Balinese labels Uluwatu Lace, Bamboo Blonde, Arturro and Mr & Mrs Wardrobe lead the fashion pack and got the bloggers excited with their traditional prints and flowing ensembles, whilst Jakarta based label, FOXXY, sparkled with a touch of quirk.

Story by Tang designer Christine Tang

Australia has been well represented with Shakahachi, Story by Tang, BARE, State of Georgia and Pared eyewear showcasing their eclectic chic style. Shakuhachi introduced its Cyber-Barbarella range of Space-age grunge and floaty, feminine florals to an adoring crowd of hipsters and fashionistas. Models walked out in wistful prints and girlish silhouettes. Bomber jackets coated in a metallic sheen were paired with playful floral camisoles, figure-hugging patent bustiers mimicked the construction of cosmic-armour – offset by floral kimonos, crisp white blazers and delicate printed organza.

ANG_20130828_The Fashion Festival_The Stones Kuta_52

Nicholas Meimaris, MD & Creative Director for MGroup who produced The Fashion Festival, was thrilled with the activity, “From the original concept of creating an integrated fashion event that would showcase the Pan Pacific region’s emerging and established designers to Bali’s industry and travel audience – it’s exciting to see the Festival come together. The island has become a melting pot of designers, celebrities and artists that have been able to engage and enjoy each other’s creativity.”

ANG_20130828_The Fashion Festival_The Stones Kuta_67

The Fashion Festival has been a stunning showcase of fashion, beauty, style and culture with stunning Indonesian models hair styled by internationally renowned stylist Rob Peetoom.

Meimaris concluded, “We plan to make the event the hero fashion festival for the region and continue to offer our audience and guests an exciting opportunity to experience an international runway production!”

Casey Burgess in Shakuhachi Leah De Gloria 2 Shakuhachi backstage 3 State of Georgia + Pared eyewear TFF - Alexia Blake ANG_20130828_The Fashion Festival_The Stones Kuta_73 ANG_20130828_The Fashion Festival_The Stones Kuta_76 Bamboo Blonde girls Carissa Walford & Morgen Mathews


Maja Hoffman Custom Mercedes Benz

July 23rd, 2013

Fancy a custom designed Maja Hoffman Mercedes Benz? ‪#‎mbfwswim‬ — at The Raleigh Mercedes-Benz Swim Week.


Miami Fashion Week Swimwear!

July 23rd, 2013

After a fab swim in one of my now fav beaches in the world, I’m at Mercedes Benz Miami Swimwear Fashion Week. About to watch A.Ché, Aguaclara, Aquarella, Naila, Sauvage, Zingara and Caitlin Kelly Swimwear shows. Bring them on! — at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim – Raleigh.


Yoji Yamamoto or Adidas

July 23rd, 2013

Decisions decisions.
The amazing floral Yoji Yamamoto high tops, or the limited edition teddy bear Adidas high tops? — at Bal Harbour Shops.


Hit’em up style… MiGlami Style!

July 23rd, 2013

Dressed up in 60′s MiGlami at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week.
‪#‎mbfwswim‬ ‪#‎provacator‬ ‪#‎dolceandgabbana‬ #Armani ‪#‎hermes‬ ‪#‎bergdoffgoodman‬ ‪#‎miami‬ ‪#‎usa‬ ‪#‎fashion‬ — at The Raleigh Mercedes-Benz Swim Week.1002476_10151782413130799_1231538347_n

Nike Flyknit Trainers

July 16th, 2013


I absolutely adore these incredible Mile trainers which I bought today in NYC.
They literally just got them, so I’m one of the first to have them!
I just love the colors!!

Princess Mary Wears Collette Dinnigan

June 12th, 2013


How absolutely stunning does Princess Mary of Denmark look in this magnificent Collette Dinnigan dress.

Here she is wearing it to the Swedish Royal Wedding in the 8th of June.

That color is ridiculously perfect on her.


Bernard the Frenchy Bulldog

May 31st, 2013

My friend Scott has the cutest little puppy in the world, but seriously… Could he get any cuter with these little booties?!!



Cheeky Little Soles Baby Booties

May 29th, 2013


To buy or not to buy these absolutely gorgeous leather baby cowboy boots for my god son? That is the question.

Look Amazing Gents!

May 10th, 2013

Come gents, take advantage of this sale!


The Collection of Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain

April 30th, 2013

Paris 3

If you just happen to be in Paris during October (as I will be) and a fan of Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain, you’re in for a fashion treat.

It’s the sensational collection sale of one of the largest Haute Couture collections of the last quarter of the 20th century, which will be dispersed at Drouot Richelieu on October 14th, 2013, the first sale of several organized by Gros & Delettrez Auction House is comprised of about 350 stunning pieces.

Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain embodies far more than Yves Saint-Laurent’s beloved showroom model; she was his muse, his inspiration. The celebrated fashion designer even dared to pick ideas from her personal dress style to create some of his most iconic pieces, such as the first women’s tuxedo, the first transparent blouse, or the first ready-to-wear safari jacket.

“She came from Lyon; she had done very little fashion, and when I chose her, I realised that her body and her gestures were typical of today’s women. There they were: I didn’t have to teach her anything! On the contrary, she helped me eliminate any references and reminders that were out of fashion – the dust of haute couture.” – Yves Saint Laurent, LE JOURNAL DU DIMANCHE, 2 February 1969.

“One morning I arrived at the same time as Yves, wearing trousers and a man’s trench coat. When I went up to the studio after the presentation of the collection, he asked me to leave my outfit with him so that he could take inspiration from it.” – Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain, propos recueillis par Alexandre Fiette

SO SAVE THE DATES if you are in Paris:

Preview: October 2-5, 2013. Showroom 12 Drouot, 12, rue Drouot – 75009 Paris.

Viewing at Hôtel Drouot : Saturday October 12th, from 11am to 6pm, and Monday October 14th, from 11am to 12am.

Auction at Hôtel Drouot: Monday October 14th, 2013


Paris 1Paris 2Paris 4

Blue Steel – BASSIKE 2013 Pre-Collection

April 29th, 2013


It’s the colour that’s got me here… It’s my favourite shade of blue.

Oh… and it’s the fact it’s Bassike. Simple, clean, edgy and current.

This is their 2013 pre-collection glimpse, check out their website for more: www.bassike.com

6 Designers, 31 Models, 60 Looks, 1 Global College

April 17th, 2013


For the third consecutive year the Raffles International Showcase has brought the fashion industry together to celebrate emerging talent at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Australian Fashion Week founder Simon Lock, internationally acclaimed street style photographer and model Candice Lake, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s style editor Kirsten Doak and Sydney Fashion Blogger Antoinette Koulas amongst others watched on from the front row.

Beautiful indigenous model Samantha Harris opened and closed the show wearing looks from designers Gabriel Lee and Ayaka Ichikawa.


“It was a thrill for me to be part of this international fashion event, and certainly a fantastic stage to showcase my work as newly graduated designer. I am looking forward to returning here in the future,” explains designer Virginia Liu Killory, Singapore.

The showcase featured the womenswear collections from 6 designers, 4 of which are graduates from Raffles’ Sydney campus, a further 2 designers traveling to Sydney exclusively from the college’s Singapore campus:

Pimnarra Sangngern (Sydney), Diyana Kosso (Sydney),
Ayaka Ichikawa (Sydney), Gabrial Lee (Sydney),
Virginia Liu Killory (Singapore), Aurelia Evelyn Santoso (Singapore).


The 32nd Australian Wool Fashion Awards Wrap Video – Armidale

April 1st, 2013

The 32nd Australian Wool Fashion Awards – Armidale

March 26th, 2013


I had the absolute honor of being selected as a fashion judge for 32nd Australian Wool Fashion Awards in Armidale, NSW.

A role which needed to be taken seriously, I was one of five talented professionals, Bonnie Lythgoe (So You Think You Can Dance), Peter Everett (TV Presenter), Faye De Lanty (Fashion Writer) and Jo Nathan (Designer at Woolli Woolli) who had to critique 90 garments from many categories submitted by designers all over Australia and New Zealand.


With many categories including evening wear, race wear, bridal, recycled wool and the very fun Alice In Wonderland theme, things were very competitive and the designers had to make sure there was a minimum of 60% Merino wool used in their designs.

Choosing the ‘best of’ in each category was quite a task, it’s so hard to not make every designer a winner when the build and design quality was so great.


We all had so much fun and worked so collaboratively to make sure the best of each category was selected because this is the future of our young (and some old!) designers who deserve every opportunity to win scholarships or grants at the countries leading fashion colleges.

The Australia Wool Fashion Awards strives to find and award the best designers. It also creates an incredible platform for these designers to enter and submit their work.


On the big night of nights, the finalists we had selected were sent down the runway in the gardens of the Historic Saumarez Homestead in Armidale where a colourful array of outfits were paraded. The very professional, funny and gorgeous Deborah Hutton hosted the night, keeping everyone entertained.

Laura Davis from All Saints Anglican School Merrimac on Queensland’s Gold Coast took out first prize in the School section before taking out the three-year, half-fee degree Scholarship to study at North Sydney’s Raffles College of Design.


Laurel Judd from Napier, New Zealand won both the Racewear and Knitwear sections as well as the Supreme Award, winning a gold and diamond pendant and earrings worth $10,000 donated by Margot Edwina Rees Antiques, Tenterfield.

Workwear winner was QUT student Shea Cameron of Biggera Waters, Queensland while Larissa Murdock from Werribee in Victoria took out the recycled wool category with an outfit made from knitted jumpers sourced from Op Shops. Long time entrant Judy Bond from Buronga, NSW crocheted her way to two second prizes and a first in wearable art.


Jane Frazer from Deniliquin won the evening wear category with a stunning cream and gunmetal pleated gown made from Wool Charné fabric. Libby Spring and Celia Fraser from Fullarton South Australia won the bridal wear with a gown trimmed with Nanna’s lace curtains.

Whitehouse Institute of Design Drawing Scholarships went to Jessica McClatchy from PLC Pymble, NSW and Bianca Scott and Sarah Scott from All Saints Anglican School, Queensland.

Academy of Design Scholarships went to Armidale students Nichola Eliott from New England Girls’ School, Miriam Lott and Edith Rose from Armidale High School.



Section One – Secondary School Award – Alice in Wonderland
Highly Commended: Danielle Rawle, All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac QLD
Highly Commended: Evie Weir, Duval High School Armidale
2nd Prize: Miriam Lott, Armidale High School
1st Prize: Laura Davis, All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac QLD

Section Two – Young Designer Award
2nd Prize: Tara Barker, Academy of Design, Robina QLD
1st Prize: Nichola Eliott, New England Girls’ School, Armidale

Section Three – Knitwear
Highly Commended: Janice Ward, Young NSW
Highly Commended: Stephanie McGuigan, South Hurstville, Raffles College of Design, North Sydney
2nd Prize: Judy Bond, Buronga NSW
1st Prize: Laurel Judd, Napier New Zealand

Section Four – Workwear
2nd Prize: Taree Birse, Academy of Design, Robina QLD
1st Prize: Shea Cameron, Biggera Waters QLD, QUT

Section Five – Racewear
Highy Commended: Rycki Symons, Robina Academy of Design, QLD
2nd Prize: Sam Stolhand, Young NSW
1st Prize: Laurel Judd, Napier New Zealand

Section Seven – Recycled
2nd Prize: Lucy Virgona, Strathfield, UTS
1st Prize: Larissa Murdock, Werribee VIC

Section Eight- Wearable Art
2nd Prize: Julie Thornton, North Rockhampton QLD
1st Prize: Judy Bond Buronga NSW

Section Nine – Evening Wear
Highly Commended: Taree Birse, Southport QLD, Academy of Design
Highly Commended: Azulant Akora, East Victoria Park WA, Edith Cowan University
2nd Prize: Judy Bond, Buronga NSW
1st Prize: Jane Frazer, Deniliquin NSW

Section Ten – Bridal Wear
2nd Prize: Rycki Symons, Robina QLD, Academy of Design
1st Prize: Celia Fraser & Libby Spring, Fullarton SA TAFE


Whitehouse Institute of Design Drawing Scholarship
Jessica McClatchy, PLC Pymble

Whitehouse Institute of Design Drawing Scholarship
Bianca Scott All Saints Anglican School Merrimac QLD

Whitehouse Institute of Design Drawing Scholarship –
Sarah Scott – All Saints Anglican School Merrimac QLD

Academy of Design Scholarships
Nichola Elliot – New England Girls’ School, Armidale
Miriam Lott – Armidale High School
Edith Rose – Armidale High School

Raffles College of Design Half fee 3 year Degree Scholarship
Laura Davis – All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac QLD

Laurel Judd – Napier New Zealand


It’s incredible how emotional I was on the night. Watching these amazingly gorgeous girls and boys develop and give life to each of the garments they paraded. They kindly donated their time, also with the organiser Liz Foster – who has been running the awards from day 1! Amazing efforts!


The amount of work and time that goes into every one of these garments is truly outstanding.


This gorgeous red dress was a clear favourite the moment it appeared on stage.


Detail, detail, detail. Like nothing I’ve ever seen! Impressive!


All the fun after the show – such an amazing evening!


Post awards fun outside. Here we are getting interviewed by Kate Lillian Muir of Australian Wool Innovation.


The impressive Saumarez Homestead, Peter Everett, Bonnie Lythgoe, myself and Bonnie laughing away.


Here are the judges, such a privilege to announce the winners with Deborah Hutton.


Gracie Otto, Candice Lake, David Williams and Westfield Take The Stage…

March 21st, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

Check out Westfield’s latest creation with a film directed by Gracie Otto, what do you think?

Directed by Gracie Otto and starring Manly rugby league player David ‘Wolfman’ Williams in his debut acting performance, Fashion Lust is a fantastical fashion tale, loosely inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, in which Candice plays a fashion blogger pursued by a handsome man with wolf-like features.

The film includes fashion from Willow, Zimmermann, Arthur Galan, Ginger & Smart, Sass & Bide, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Hugo Boss.

About Candice Lake
Australian-born, London-based Lake was one of the most in-demand models of the international fashion show scene during the early 2000s. Now a fashion photographer, Candice has shot advertising campaigns for major international and Australian brands, is a contributor to Vogue Australia, US Vogue and British Vogue, with her fashion blog www.candicelake.com achieving cult status.

FEIT Hand Sewn Low Leather Shoe – Luxury For Your Feet

March 21st, 2013


Check out FEIT’S new Summer Hand Sewn Lows.

The Hand Sewn Low is a magnificent hand made version of a classic court sport sneaker, built from start to finish by one master craftsman using a unique construction.

Using the finest Italian vegetable leathers, using minimal dyes, chemicals and pigments, the hide remains as close as possible to its natural state. The suede breathes as it does in nature. It is non irritant, soft to touch, ages richly over time and is biodegradable.

The Hand Sewn Low is now available for pre order in Birch vegetable suede and Natural vegetable leather.

Numbers are sustainably limited and I will be getting my hands on a pair of them immediately – as should you!



Abstract Cufflinks from Polli

February 11th, 2013


How cute are these cufflinks!
These cufflinks are part of the Polli abstract Flag Series and are painted with a gloss neon blush colour. They are made from plantation hoop pine ply and will spice up any outfit with a splash of colour.
Visit Polli for more information.

Ohara Maree Cobalt Blue

February 1st, 2013


How amazing is this cobalt blue and silver ladies clutch from OHARA?!
It’s genuine lamb skin, with a black and white striped lining and metal clasp.
Best part is it’s only $129!
What are you waiting for? BUY ME!

Luxurious Designer Beach Towels – Perfect For Summer!

December 18th, 2012

Here’s a great gift idea, and perfect for the summer holidays – a luxurious designer beach towel from Seneca Textiles.

Beautifully designed in Portugal, these towels come in a range of incredible designs, reminiscent of European and Australian lifestyle. I’ve purchased the black and white one – my favourite!

For more information, please contact Seneca Textiles – www.SenecaTextiles.com.au

NaraCamicie Flagship Store Opens In Paddington – Meet The Owners

December 5th, 2012

It’s finally here in Australia – and here to stay and spoil us rotten with quality, Italian style and design.

Naturally I’m talking about NaraCamicie, the Italian label which has taken most countries of the world by storm!

Right here in Paddington, Sydney, store owners Angela and Alex opened Australia’s flagship store. It’s an edgy and funky store with everything so easily to see and feel – it’s quite a sensory experience.

I caught up with Alex and Angela at the store to talk all things NaraCamicie and fashion.

How NaraCamicie start and why did you decide to launch the brand in Australia?

We came across the brand while honeymooning in Italy and specifically Venice in 2006. We were instantly captivated by the quality, styles and price range. We ended up purchasing many shirts and after arriving back to Australia we were continuously receiving positive feedback every time we wore a Nara shirt. It was obvious to us that there was a gap in the Australian market for European style shirts. After many visits to Italy we decided that it was time to take the big step to launch the brand to the Australian market in 2012. We carefully studied what other brands were offering and again it was very clear that Australians were in need of something different. This was what prompted us to launch.

 Where is NaraCamicie stocked overseas?

There are over 600 stores worldwide. All over Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as Africa. There are more stores opening monthly in every major city around the world.

Do you think it will have the same success here in Australia?

Our sydney flagship store has been open for 2.5 months now and the response has been fantastic. NaraCamicie has been a success all around the world and we truly believe Australia will be as well. Many Australians that have travelled abroad have come in the store or contacted us via email and phone, expressing their excitement that finally their favourite shirt brand has reached the Australian shores. It is only a matter of time that NaraCamicie becomes the authoritarian in the shirt industry in Australia.

There has been a positive reaction to the brand with stylists and celebrities visiting the store. Why do you think the brand is attracting these influential people? What is the ultimate goal for the brand?

They are attracted because simply Naracamicie offers something unique and the styles and cuts are very European. There are over 200 styles of shirts offered per season from casual, business, evening and formal. Nara has been for many years present in all major publications around the world, numerous fashion shows and has been established in the fashion world for 28 years.

Are you planning on opening more stores in Australia? When and where could we expect to see them?

We are planning on opening in every major city in Australia in the next 5 years. New Zealand is also of interest.

How do you think the fashion industry differs to that of Europe?

Australian fashions tends to be more conservative and simple. There is however a desire for different styles that are more colourful and edgy. Nara offers exactly that.

The store fit-out in Paddington is very modern and edgy. Do you find that this is reminiscent of the exceptional European style and design?

The Nara store concept is the forefront of designer shop fitting. Designed by a leading Italian architect, it is simple and elegant, modern and edgy and gives emphasis to the beautiful shirts displayed. The comments we have received from customers and other retailers is that they have never seen anything like it!

Reasonably priced fashion, excellent quality and Italian made – do you think these are the three things that shoppers in Sydney look for? What else do Sydney shoppers look for do you think?

We believe that Sydney shoppers are continuously searching for something that is priced correctly, is of outstanding proven quality and at the same time unique. We have had customers come back to tell us that the feedback they received when wearing one of our shirts was amazing. Whoever wears a Nara shirt is noticed simply because the patterns and fabrics of a Nara shirt is fresh to the Australian market.

What styles and colours will we expect to see in the new season?

Our current spring/summer collection focuses on bright colors and flora prints without stemming away from the traditional whites.

For our upcoming autumn/winter collection darker hues and simple black and whites are back in. Grandpa collars for men and satin prints and frill shirts for women will be evident.

Over 150 styles for both women and men will be available.

What is your personal style, when you are socialising or at events and not in the store?

Smart casual, chic and edgy. We do not only sell Nara shirts, we also love wearing them!

What is a MUST HAVE item for guys and girls this season from NaraCamicie?

Guys: definitely short sleeve grandpa collar shirt

Girls: 3/4 floral print shirt

For more information or to buy online, visit www.naracamicie.com.au

Store address: Shop 1, 412 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW.

For media inquiries, please contact Pink Pony PR - www.pinkponypr.com.au

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

November 5th, 2012

Article by Kate Lillian Muir - Trends Are Like Boys

If you are anything like me, then receiving an invitation to attend anything from a day at the races, a wedding or a black tie ball, and pretty much any special occasion in between, gives you wardrobe anxiety.

The internal dialogue often begins as; What should I wear? What will I wear? What will everyone else be wearing? I’ve got one thing…um… but everyone saw me wearing it, so that won’t do! And this all undoubtedly ends in with; “Oh no! I’ve got nothing to wear!”

And then begins… the impulsive, the inevitable, shopping trip! You know the one, it’s the one where you are so desperate to find the right dress that you end up forking out a fortune on yet another dress that you are never going to wear again.

Well ladies, have I got some news for you! Have you heard of Dressedup.com.au? No? Well allow me to bring you in on a little secret! (If you said yes, then you can probably stop reading this because you are totally all in the know and should probably be writing this article. Oh and yeah… thanks for letting us know!)

Dressedup.com.au are an online god send which loans you amazing pieces for your special occasions at seriously affordable prices! So here’s how it works:
1. Check out their carefully selected collection online at www.dressedup.com.au or if you live in Sydney go and check out their gorgeous CBD studio.
2. Choose your dress and borrow it! You can have it for a week, a month, whatever you want! If you select online your dress will be with you in 1-4 working days, or if you are in studio more often than not know you can walk out the door with you dream dress.
3. Look smoking hot in the piece you picked out!
4. Return! That’s right, you just post it back! They handle all the dry cleaning for you!

Ok ladies, I’m sure you’ve switched sites by now (sorry Adrian) and are already perusing the selection of brilliant Australian designers stocked on the site, but if you are still here I thought that I would let you know that they currently stock Alice McCall, Jayson Brunsdon, Nicola Finetti, Wayne Cooper, Camilla and Marc, Rachel Gilbert, Camilla, White Suede and Shakuhachi.

Why such glowing praise for Dressedup.com.au? They recently came to the rescue for me when I was looking for a knock out dress to wear to a black tie ball. Oh! If I had a dollar for all the times I’ve told my girlfriends about dressedup.com.au… the millions I would have!

Showroom hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm by appointment and Saturday & outside business hours by appointment.
Level 1, 207 Clarence Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9290 1467
  or email:  info@dressedup.com.au or customerservice@dressedup.com.au


Femininity Takes a Bold Stance with Basil Soda at Paris Fashion Week

October 2nd, 2012


A brand I have been watching closely for a while is the strikingly beautiful, Lebanese designer, Basil Soda. Strange name yes, but slender, ultra-feminine silhouettes with patterns, graphics and textures of the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection are calling women to order!

Whether short or long, geometry stands out with open skirts, fluidity is conveyed through soft, supple materials, and the body is revealed in cuts that emphasise the shoulders, the carriage of the head and endlessly long legs.

The collection spotlights an obvious intention to work the garment on a body that is now modelled and sculpted, constantly expressing volume and movement. Dresses glide, sensual and conquering; flounces make a startling appearance; colours create a dazzling look with reflecting silver, sky blue and deep black… Dresses are dotted with prints and embroideries that structure their form and delineate the central axis of balance. With cut-outs, transparencies and a mix of lengths, feminine daring equals elegance and no mistake!

I’m in love with every one of these pieces from Paris Fashion Week. The models are divine, with a healthy figure and perfectly poised. The collection is completely wearable and totally outstanding. I want to see more of Basil Soda, and I want to see it come to Australia so that our very own beautiful women can indulge their bodies in this fine couture.


Adrian Erdedi

Mercedes-Benz Street Style Pop-up in Sydney: ON NOW!

August 19th, 2012

With the Sydney fashion scene buzzing as spring-summer collections hit stores, Mercedes-Benz will bring the glamour of fashion to life in an activation that will see Westfield Shoppers join in the fun by staring in their own Mercedes-Benz photo shoot.

From Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 August, Mercedes-Benz will hit the streets in the heart of Sydney’s shopping district in search for the most inspiring street style. A pop-up photo studio located at the Pitt Street entrance of Westfield Sydney will offer shoppers the opportunity to star in their own photo shoot alongside a Mercedes-Benz SLK, following in the exquisite shoes of fashion icon Lara Stone. Make-up touch-ups will also be provided by cosmetic brand, Napoleon Perdis.

Shoppers who have their street style snapped with Mercedes-Benz will have an opportunity to win a fantastic fashion prize including a $1,000 retail voucher from boutique Australian designer Alice McCall, a $500 ghd styling pack featuring the new ghd air hairdryer and a Napoleon Perdis Personal Make-up Skills Workshop for six valued at $1,374.

The Mercedes-Benz Street Style activation is taking place at Westfield Sydney (Pitt Street entrance) from Tuesday 21 August to Saturday 25 August 2012, 11am to 3pm each day.

Check it out fashionistas!!

It’s Hammer Chinos Time At Circle Park

June 1st, 2012

Son’s of Leisure, have created an epic brand which reflects their lifestyle, party proof, effortless, cool; from the local skate park, to work to drinks with friends, the brand, like the boys is all about the leisure of life.

Contemporary designs, classic staples, lightweight materials and attention to detail is what defines Sydney street wear label Circle Park. The collection is designed to move with you, tees and knits come in 100% cotton with water-based ink designs so they breathe and are easy to wear. Jeans and chinos are 98% cotton mixed with elastane, making them just stretchy enough so that they’re ready for anything you throw at them.

Classic shirts get the Circle Park twist with the Hector Ramon button down – a long, fitted cotton blend collared shirt with contrast fabric panels and pocket.  The Circle Park team have a modern take on the classic singlet with longer lines and tartan breast pockets. Team either with a pair of comfort rise, slim leg jeans in black, or Circle Park’s favourite chinos – the Hammer. These distinct stretch drill pants with a super low crutch, extra low visible button fly and elastic leg cuff ribbing are guaranteed to be the defining shape for 2012.

Perfect for Winter, the ‘Alldiss’ Snow Knit hooded cardigan with invisible side pockets is perfect to transform all day street wear into barfly style.

Circle Park is the brainchild of designer Tim Turner-Sutton, who dreamed up the label in 2006 while working as an Ad Agency Art Director. By 2008 he had left his job to focus on bringing the brand to life in line with his vision of creating clothes that worked equally in the street and in the office.

Tim cites his rediscovery of skateboarding as a key inspiration for the brand.

“I couldn’t find clothes that I wanted to wear for both skating and the activities that were consuming my adult life,” he explains. “So I began chopping and changing the garments in my wardrobe, combining pieces together to create clothes that worked for my lifestyle.”

Before long friends were asking him to create pieces for them, too. “In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I had sold my assets, was unemployed and developing a collection without any previous experience in the fashion industry,” Tim laughs.

The next few years were a rollercoaster ride as he learned the ropes from the ground up. “Once I found myself completely unprepared in the middle of Asia attempting to source fabrics, find good manufacturers, suppliers, learn the language and trying not to get too badly hustled,” he remembers.

Tim’s instincts were good, resulting in Circle Park becoming the ideal wardrobe for a new generation that understands being adult doesn’t mean giving up the things that make you happy.

… And cheers to that!

Nomiki Glynatsis Works With Kimbra

May 28th, 2012

Kimbra is currently on tour in Australia during her worldwide sensation after number one hit with Gotye “Someone That I Used to Know”. The hit that put Kimbra on the international radar, she has also enjoyed success with her own tracks ‘Settle Down’ and ‘Cameo Lover’ and ‘Two Way Street’.

Kimbra’s music and fashion style are both inspirational and beautiful. She is not your average pop princess – but an amazing talented musician, song writer and singer, with style.

A short and sweet trip to The Tivoli for her concert, she met with one of my favourite Australian designers, Brisbane based Nomiki Glynatsis.

Nomiki met with Kimbra backstage before the concert, gifting her with a couture necklace and bracelet  from her new “Essence of an Enchantress” range.

Nomiki recently launched her latest collection of  jewellery and gowns at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week 2012. Each jewellery piece is handcrafted and custom designed for the wearer making it perfect for special occasion and red carpet.

An admirer of Kimbra’s music and style, she wanted to team up for her recent tour,
“Meeting Kimbra for the first time we got along instantly and she was so lovely to talk to. I was able to spend some time with her backstage before her concert in Brisbane about my collections and creating a signature jewellery tame to match with her style.

From our conversation it was great to hear her enthusiasm in collaborating together to make a range especially for her. Kimbra loved the detail and craftsmanship in my unique jewellery pieces and I’m delighted to work together for future performances, shows and events.”

Kimbra and Nomiki are both two absolutely stunning and talented girls, both deserving of this perfect collaboration. It is a match made in heaven really!

A Celebration Of Wool In The 21st Century – ON NOW IN SYDNEY!

April 24th, 2012

The story of wool continues to be told right across the world, this time with key players of Australia meeting in March to launch the Campaign for Wool for 2012.

The Australian launch provided a melting pot of the wool industry, with woolgrowers, fashion designers and retailers gathering to offer ideas about the further promotion of the fibre.

The Australian leg of Wool Modern’s global schedule – held at Sydney’s historic Pier 2/3 at Walsh Bay – includes pieces from international designers Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith and local designers including Collette DinniganWillowRomance Was BornJosh GootELLERYJenny Kee and Akira. I was there for it’s launch night and I was so impressed. What a gorgeous location, set up and exhibition it was. I urge you to get down there and check out the amazing garments on display… They really are so incredible and really do show you the versatility of wool. You can see just one of the gorgeous displayed here. Here I am with Peter Everett.

Three of Australia’s most talked about interior designers Sarah KingEmma Elizabeth and Henry Wilson have also joined the exhibition’s credits.

Other retailers providing extensive support to the Campaign for Wool include SportscraftKookaiCountry Road,GormanEMU AustraliaMJ Bale and Decjuba.

Wool Modern celebrates the aesthetic, environmental and technical benefits of wool with stunning fashion pieces nested alongside wool-focused installations. There is an exclusive look at the wool archives from fashion designers including Theirry Mugler and Sonia Rykiel, with innovative new pieces from renowned designers and brands including Giles Deacon, Mark Fast, Erdem, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and David Koma among others.

The Campaign for Wool was globally launched in 2010 and is spearheaded by HRH the Prince of Wales. Australia’s key event for 2012 will be the Wool Modern exhibition in Sydney from April 24 to May 1, which also coincides with Wool Week running from April 23-29.

The Wool Modern exhibition will continue its world tour by travelling to Shanghai in October with special Chinese commissions.

For more information on Australian Wool Week events click here.

Romel Management & Sydney Fashion Blogger Easter Shoot

April 18th, 2012

This is the Romel Management and Sydney Fashion Blogger Easter shoot which I had the pleasure of producing.

I got to work with some great people on this shoot which was distributed throughout many media outlets.

Many thanks to the gorgeous Antoinette Marie, affectionately known as Sydney Fashion Blogger.

Also a big thanks to;

Model: Zac Smith (at Romel Model Management)

Photography: Ben Scott

Creative Director: Marianne Millard

Hair and Makeup: Roneta Goldstone

Produced by Adrian Erdedi

This gorgeous shoot could not have been created without the support from our sponsors, Cocolo Chocolate, Glasshouse Candles, PAD and Beauty and the Bees.

Below is the rear of the card.

Amazing Online Shopping Experience With Avenue 24

April 17th, 2012

One of the best, if not the best websites I’ve ever seen is a popular fashion hub which I’ve recently come across, www.Avenue24.com.au.

This website was launched in 2011 and is a shopping platform which is interactive and cleverly animated, containing all of the fabulous elements of a boutique shopping experience in some of Sydney’s very best locations.

You can browse and purchase quality and luxury items from these boutiques, which make you feel like you are virtually there.

It needs to be seen and experienced to be believed. It really has so much attention to detail, plus awesome products and specials that everyone can be a part of.

Be sure to see for yourself – www.Avenue24.com.au

Westfield Sydney Magazine Launch and Treasure Hunt

March 13th, 2012

Westfield Sydney has released the second edition of their self-titled glossy fashion magazine. Themed ‘Secrets’ the autumn/winter issue reveals the style secrets and tips from Sydney designers, chefs and style-setters. It is beautifully shot by Simon Lekias. You can collect this magazine free from Westfield Sydney concierge. The images I have posted are just some of what you can expect – I really love this photography!

But my favourite part, to celebrate the launch of the autumn/winter issue Westfield Sydney are hosting a treasure hunt giving fashionistas the chance to claim designer prizes, diamonds and dinners at Justin North’s Becasse Restaurant. Prizes include:

· Dinner with Justin North for you and 5 friends at Becasse’s Chefs Table valued at $1,500. Becasse Restaurant is located on level 5

· Four SoundLink Wireless Mobile speakers from Bose on level 6 valued at $2,000

· Python and leather bag by Pauric Sweeney Valued at $1,600 from Cara & Co on level 4.

· Christophe Coppens scarf Valued at $400 from Cara & Co on level 4.

· Cerrone 18CT White Gold Single Cut Diamonds Hoop Earrings valued at $1,700. Cerrone is on level 2

Its easy to take part in the Secrets Treasure Hunt. Go to westfield.com.au/Sydney or http://www.facebook.com/#!/WestfieldSydney

All I have to do now… Is try and win the dinner! I’ve been dying to try Becasse Restaurant! YUM!


Zimmermann Tender Floral Dress and Skirt

February 28th, 2012

I absolutely adore this Zimmermann Tender Floral Drawstring Dress and Tender Floral Skirt. It’s a classic vintage style, with delicate detailing and calming pastels which altogether, make a perfect buy for the stylish feminine woman who is all about timeless elegance.

Perfect for Autumn, these 100% silk garments are really going to put a smile on your face, teamed with a gorgeous pair of super high heels, accessories and a clutch to match.

Dress: $594, Skirt: $475 at www.mycatwalk.com.au

Adrian Erdedi

The Australian Five Present Their Collections in New York City

January 28th, 2012

Five of Australia’s most promising young designers showcased their collections on Thursday, at a private cocktail event held at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York. It was an opportunity for the five designers: Michael Lo Sordo, Kym Ellery, Magdalena Velevska, Christopher Esber and Kym Ellery to showcase their Fall/Winter collections to U.S. buyers and press.

New York’s top tier press and fashion industry executives viewed the presentation, which was the culmination of The Australian Five program – a joint effort of Woolmark and the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation (AINYFF). The program was part of G’Day USA – an annual initiative designed to promote Australian business in the USA.

“The Australian Five is focused on bringing the best of Australian design and putting them in front of New York‟s best fashion editors, stylists and buyers,” explains Woolmark CEO Stuart McCullough. “The people who have come together to support this project is a testament to the value of both Australian designers and the Merino fibre in the international market,” says Rob Langtry, Global Marketing Director of The Woolmark Company.

At the cocktail event were AINYFF’s Malcolm Carfrae, Richard Christianson and Julie Anne Quay; Victoria‟s Secret model Shanina Shaik, daughter of the former Australian Prime Minister Katherine Keating, Aussie actor Emma Lung, photographer Sante D‟Orazio, Argentinian model and “It girl‟ Tati Cotliar and Calvin Klein designer Kevin Carrigan.

Check out all of the photos below.

Adrian Erdedi

The Australian Five – G’Day USA 2012

January 12th, 2012

The Woolmark Company, in partnership with the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation, recently announced The Australian Five initiative in New York City.

Five of Australia’s most talented fashion designers – Christopher Esber, Fernando Frisoni, Kym Ellery, Magdalena Velveska and recent SOYA winner, Michael Lo Sordo are taking their incredible collections to New York City for a unique program at the Crosby Street Hotel on January 24th to 27th. The program is part of the G’Day USA initiative – an annual program designed to showcase Australian business capabilities in the USA – Australia’s largest trading and investment partner.

“The Australian Five is focused on bringing the best of Australian design and putting them in front of New York’s best fashion editors, stylists and buyers,” explains Woolmark CEO Stuart McCullough.

“The people who have come together to support this project is a testament to the value of both Australian designers and the Merino fibre in the international market, and to the important role expatriate Australians play is spreading the word to international markets of some of our unique talent and products”, says Rob Langtry, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of The Woolmark Company.

“This is a unique opportunity for New York opinion formers to view the work of five talented young Australian fashion designers in a very intimate and close-up setting, meet the designers and really see the fabric innovation and design skill” added Malcolm Carfrae, Co Founder of the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation.

The program will present a multitude of opportunities for the designers to forge relationships with key members of the American fashion industry. Beginning with an educational seminar hosted at the Australian Consulate, industry greats such as Harper’s Bazaar USA Editor-at-Large Brana Wolf and Features/Special Projects Director Laura Brown, Founder and Creative Director of Chandelier Creative Richard Christianson, V Magazine and AINYFF’s Julie Anne Quay and Malcolm Carfrae (also Executive Vice President of Global Communications at Calvin Klein). This incredibly influential people will be some of the many experts on hand to guide these designers towards their dream of cracking the lucrative US market. The program will culminate with an exclusive cocktail party and live model presentation on January 26 at the Crosby Street Hotel.

Nancy Pilcher (Editorial Director-At-Large, Conde Nast Asia Pacific) is taking on the role as mentor, assisting the designers to present their brands flawlessly to the US market.

G’day USA celebrations are managed and produced annually by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Australian Trade Commission, Tourism Australia, Qantas Airways and the State Governments of New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. DHL will support The Australian Five through preparing them with high quality, reliable export and import services.

www.merino.com // www.ainyff.org // www.australia-week.com // www.wool.com.au


Fernando Frisoni

Fernando Frisoni AW12/13 is based around ideas of strength, versatility and competitive instinct. The collection, titled Stadium, draws reference from the functionality and form seen in the sports arena.

Designs brought to life by a rich wool textures, effortlessly and a sexy and considerate take on the luxury sport aesthetic resulting in garments which are both chic and highly wearable.  The collection stays true to the Fernando Frisoni philosophy which encapsulates casual sophistication whilst celebrating minimalism and uncomplicated silhouettes.

Magdalena Velevska

Magdalena Velevska’s AW12/13 collection has been designed and driven through the use of innovative textiles, and applying these in contemporary yet wearable ways.

Sequin wool felting is a feature of this collection. A felting technique is used to connect a fine Merino wool jersey with silk georgette which swiftly provides a unique sequin shine. The fabric is than further embellished to add spark and take the development out of an androgynous feel into a luxurious territory.

Five pieces of extraordinary knitwear made from 100% merino wool yet look like intricate lace are a feature of Velevska’s AW12/13 collection.

The knitwear is three dimensional in texture and uses a blend of two different yarns to achieve the unique effect – one flat and smooth, the other more textured and bulky.

Michael Lo Sordo

Michael Lo Sordo’s AW12/13 collection, ‘Gold Rush,’ is comprised of a sophisticated colour palette - black, midnight blue, olive, cognac and of course gold.

The finest of merino wool’s is set alongside boiled wool and felts, waxed silks and viscose, soft nappa leather – all creating dynamic changes in appearance and feel.

Lo Sordo has also developed by hand a state-of-the-art foiling technique – using wool’s inherent property to absorb heat, gold is manipulated into the wool fabric with heat, creating an imperfect but yet perfect design finish. Rare manual finishing techniques and creative uses of multiple textiles is a signature of Lo Sordo’s that shows the utmost innovation, and understanding of modern style.

Christopher Esber

AW12/13 for Christopher Esber is all about examining the essence of couture shapes, about looking at the points on the body where volume sits then contouring other areas to give a sense of dynamic, sports inspired, panelling and a rapid sense of urgency.

AW12/13 see’s Esber play with a woven wool and mohair fabric that brings texture and drama into the pieces and also features bonding of wool felts onto leathers for reversible classic pieces from outerwear to the staple dress.

Kym Ellery

Ellery AW12/13 is filled with a multitude if aesthetic wonders.

As the seasons have ticked by, so have the challenges that Ellery has adopted to give the range a touch of something thoughtful and intriguing. Time after time Ellery has mastered many different techniques which cross the boundaries of conventional garment design.

AW12/13 brings a new masterpiece to the fore with an exciting relationship forged between fine Australian Merino wool and lurex to create knits which enchant and devour the body. This intricate knitted fabric is then put through a fusing process to bond it to the inside of leather so that the garments are fabric lined and feel luxurious next to the skin.


Click HERE to join the Facebook page.

Michael Lo Sordo Wins Prestigious Qantas Spirit of Youth Award

January 10th, 2012

As if 2012 wasn’t already looking promising for the young talented designer, Michael Lo Sordo.

Today Michael took home the very prestigious Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, which will now see him receive $10,000, flights with Qantas and a mentorship for one year with the adorable girls from Zimmermann, Nicky and Simone.

Michael Lo Sordo was recently selected as one of five very special Australian designers jetting off to New York in just over a week with The Woolmark Company, which is in partnership with the G’Day USA initiative. Over there, they will get to showcase their designs on a global scale, with enormous potential for each of the designers and their brands.

Easily one of Australia’s finest designers establishing himself in Australia, 2012 really will be a big year for Michael, and I know for a fact everyone will be supporting him and his incredible talent for many years to come.

Congratulations Michael!


10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS – 3. Lethal Lips

December 18th, 2011

My third TOP 10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA for 2011 is the ultimate self-expression for the ladies (and men if they wish!). Lethal Lips…

Forget about putting on your usual lipstick, throw that boring lipstick out and stop blending into the crowd…

Make a statement with one of Lethal Lips exclusive lip patterns. Temporary Lip Tattoos are the hottest thing in Hollywood at the moment. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kim KardashianLady GagaJessie J, Khloe Kardashian are just a few celebrities that have been spotted wearing temporary lip tattoos.

Lethal Lips last up to 8 hours, and are enhanced with vitamins for a smooth feel and glossy finish.

Each Lethal Lips package contains three Temporary Lip Tattoos.

Remember when you were a child playing with temporary tattoos? Well they are applied the same way! Just with water!

To purchase, visit:


10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS – 2. VitaMan Skincare

December 15th, 2011

My second TOP 10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA for 2011 is a special one for the men or man in your life. VitaMan Skincare.

With a range that has won countless awards around the world, VitaMan products are really the only option for taking care of our largest, and very important organ – our skin.

I’ve been using VitaMan products for a good 8 or 9 years now, and really can’t recommend any other brand that suits my skin so perfectly, in every way possible. From shaving, to post shaving care, all the way through to moisturing and hair care, VitaMan products are what have kept my face and body looking and feeling so amazing for so long. Now I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it most certainly is not and the honest truth is that I haven’t yet found a complete skin care range by a brand as great as VitaMan.

All the products are 100% natural, using only high quality ingredients, all Australian made and VitaMan was the first Australian Company to source and introduce new unknown and unique Native Plant/Herb and Fruit extracts into Skin & Hair products. These had previously only been used within the food industry as herbs and spices. The chosen extracts all had a history of use by Australia’s Indigenous people dating as far back as 30,000 years.

VitaMan also have a 100% money back guarantee, they are so confident their products are the best, that they will give you a full refund with the return of your unused portion – no questions asked! But I’ve never had to do this because they are the best!

Now you could be thinking, “I’ve never heard of VitaMan”, but infact, VitaMan is a highly respected brand, used by many A-list celebrities, high end hotels and the world’s top spas. It is even stocked in most high-end luxury department stores in 30 countries including Galeries Lafayette in Paris. VitaMan is constantly wining awards too, this year winning 2 major Spa Awards in Hong Kong in the Asia Spa Magazine‘s Annual Spa Awards. They also won “Best Men’s Spa Treatment” and “Best Men’s Skincare Line”  beating the world top 10 men’s brands.

As a little Christmas gift, I have approached VitaMan and they are offering a 20% discount off all VitaMan products. All you need to do is order by calling 02 9725-6994, and mention ‘ADRIAN’ for the discount, along with your order. Be quick – this offer is available from 15th-23rd of December 2011.


It’s All About The Bag – Georgia On My Mind

November 22nd, 2011

It’s all about the bag. The man bag that is.

For me, the shoes are the window to the soul. If you have bad shoes, it tells me a lot about you. Same goes for the bag.

If it’s a work bag, overnight bag or just a day bag to carry your man bits and pieces, this Georgia On My Mind bag is really doing it for me.

Hand made in Greece from vegetable tanned leather, this gorgeously contemporary yet classic bag has 2 short handles with 2 small side & 1 large front outer pocket. It’s got brass buckles, metal feet on the base and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap with a maximum length of 130cm.

A little about Georgia On My Mind: They make a range of handmade sandals, travel bags, natural cotton wear and accessories. Designed in Melbourne, their products are hand crafted in Europe by some of the finest artisans using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Made from genuine hand dyed vegetable tanned leather using 100% environmentally friendly techniques utilising raw natural untreated leathers that become softer and darker with age.

How can you go past this brand?

The bag is priced at $599.


Duran Duran New Video Clip – AMAZING!

November 11th, 2011


YouTube Preview Image

It’s Duran Duran’s new video clip for “Girl Panic”.

Filled with all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from the worlds most fabulous models, fashion and styling from the worlds most exquisite designers and it’s all the excess, luxury and living life in no other way but FABULOUS – this video IS the epitome of FABULOUS.

You need to watch this. Then watch it again. And again. And again. And obsess. And watch it again…


Anne Geddes and Woolmark Team Up To Support Use of Merino Wool

October 15th, 2011

Two great Australian icons promote the benefits of Merino wool. The Woolmark Company and famed photographer Anne Geddes, two great Australian icons, have joined forces to launch the latest Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) research and marketing program addressing the needs of the emerging Mother and Baby sector of the global apparel market.

Health and safety is so important in parents’ minds when it comes to making choices about what products to use on their babies, and with this in mind the program was initiated to provide this support and promote Australian Merino wool across pregnancy wear through to baby wear, swaddles and blankets.

For centuries, mothers and carers have been wrapping and swaddling babies in natural fibres to keep them warm and comfortable. Merino wool is the natural fibre of choice for babywear, infants’ apparel and sleepwear. In particular, because babies are far more prone to heat loss or heat rises than adults, maintaining a healthy skin and body temperature is critical.

Merino wool has moisture and temperature management properties, and naturally assists regulation of body temperature. The inherent breathability and active moisture management properties of the fibre also helps prevent the skin from becoming clammy, which can provide a more comfortable environment for better sleep.

The Woolmark Company is partnering with Anne Geddes to put a trusted face to this sensitive and emotionally driven market, and present the story of wool and the health benefits associated with its use in this category.

I just love the images that go along with this promotion. Anne Geddes always captures the most amazing images of gorgeous little babies, at their cutest, most loving and vulnerable stage of their little lives.

As a little tribute to this promotion, I have included my own interpretation of an Anne Geddes photo – but of myself in Mykonos recently! Ok I agree… Totally not as cute as the babies above!