Peter Everett – Life After Ready Steady Cook

July 1st, 2011

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There have been literally thousands of comments, messages and emails sent to me with messages to Peter Everett in the past few months, especially since new host of Ready Steady Cook, Colin Lane started.

The positivity, incredible love and constant support for Peter has been truly overwhelming, for both Peter and myself.

Every single message sent to me has been passed on to Peter and he has been so humbled by this experience. I wish I could tell every single person who has passed on a message to him how happy they have made him. At times, brought him to tears.

I thought it would be nice for every one of you to hear straight from Peter how he is doing, what he is doing and what is happening next in his life.

He’s very lucky to have such huge support from so many Australians!

Continue to check back for videos of Peter’s upcoming travels through Europe. I’ll be there with him to document all the fun, laughter and joy he brings to all of our lives!

I hope you enjoy this video…

Adrian Erdedi

- Filmed 30th June 2011

5 Responses to “Peter Everett – Life After Ready Steady Cook”

  1. Anna says:

    Dear Sweet Peter

    My daughter (who’s 18) & I considered you to BE The *STAR* of Ready Steady Cook.
    You brightened our lives each time we watched the program.
    You never failed to entertain with your comments & sweetness & your genuine interest in whatever was going on, whether it was the meals being prepared or the contestants’ lives … you were just the Greatest Host & right in your element hosting the show.

    We delayed going to see you “live” at the studio until it was no longer possible for us due to my daughter’s work commitments & the travelling time etc.

    When you recently visited the Hunter Valley (where we live) & made an appearance at Hunter Valley Gardens we couldn’t come to see you. My daughter had to work till 7pm & I was ill.

    One day we both hope to be able to meet you & shake your hand ~ maybe we’ll be lucky enough to give you a hug too :)

    You’re a very precious individual who is much-missed by so many fans.
    God bless you honey & please take care of yourself.
    Good luck in whatever you do next in your career.

    Warm regards, Anna

  2. sandra says:

    Hi Adrian! I thought you should see our facebook page we put together to Bring Pete Back to ready steady cook.. This page is growing every day!!


  3. David Dennis says:

    I’m hooked up to the Neilsen ratings box and you can let Peter know that… now that I’ve realised that Peter wasn’t on holiday… I switch off every afternoon at 2.

    Peter was unlike any other presenter on TV and I’m a harsh critic an a huge fan.

    I hope Peter gets what he truly deserve.

    Network Executives are seriously morons!!!!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Dearest Peter,

    Thanks for being the bright part of my afternoons for the past five years. I looked forward to watching you and your show every single day. I cant tell you how shocked and disappointed I was when I discovered you were no longer hosting the show, and I truly miss you every day.
    I wish I could give you a great big hug and kiss. Love
    and best wishes for you and your future. Cheryl.

  5. Anne says:

    Thanks for filming and posting this video, Peter & Adrian.

    Peter, your 5 years at Ready Steady Cook is a nice milestone (especially compared to the 4 episodes where I was in a front-row audience seat due to my deafness and cerebral palsy) and I wish the best for you in your travels, career and life.

    Perhaps one day we’ll meet again, as I am aiming to work in the film / television / theatre industry when I finish my double degree at university.

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