Peter Everett thanks viewers of Ready Steady Cook for Logie nomination

April 27th, 2011

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Check out the lovely message Peter Everett from Ready Steady Cook has made for all of his loyal fans and voters of the show for the 2011 Logies.

The show has been nominated for it’s 3rd Logie, but unfortunately Peter is no longer the host of the show. Late last year, Channel 10 dropped Peter without any warning. But being the gracious person he is, he still has all the love and appreciation in the world for the show, and all the people around Australia (and the World) who love him!

If you ask me, Peter will always be the face of Ready Steady Cook – no other host will be able to top him!

79 Responses to “Peter Everett thanks viewers of Ready Steady Cook for Logie nomination”

  1. Jan (Jedi) says:

    I have been wondering for quite some time now about when Peter was coming back. We have really missed him. Yes, Colin is quite nice but it really always was Peter’s show. Simply cannot understand why he left. I assumed, as others, he had just taken a nice holiday.
    Come back please Peter.
    10 – What on Earth were you thinking of?

  2. denise says:

    I must be living under a rock…I thought Pete was on a long vacation. Colin’s a nice chap…but no match for Pete. Colin lacks the vibe, slight ‘bumbling idiocy’ that Pete used (doubt it was real?!). If Pete asked for more money…maybe that was a mistake; if Ten decided to pay less money…well what can I say.

  3. Nicole says:

    Im sitting here watching RSC and thinking “gosh Colin is annoying me” I found this site after looking for a FB page to bring back Pete Everett.
    I liked Colin on The Circle while he was filling in for Jorgi but he doesnt translate well on to RSC. I LOVED Pete on RSC and he truly was the show. he was funny and had some classicone liners.
    My mum who is an advit fan of RSC said she read the Chefs complained about Pete being overly touchy/feely. he is harmless and they all need to get over themselves.
    Colin- I dont find him very funny on the show and I too feel he is trying too hard. He doesnt seem natural on the show.

    Channel 10- BRING BACK PETE!!

  4. Geoff says:

    Who is the new idiot on ready steady cook. he is hopeless.
    No wonder channel 10 are in the doldrums. He is as funny as a you no what in a swimming pool

  5. Bev says:

    After many years as a loyal fan of RSC, I do not understand why Channel 10 would take Peter off the show!!!! I for one will not be tuning in ever again!!

  6. Kez says:

    Oh no!!! I thought Colin was just filling in for Pete. Just found out he’s not coming back !!! So sad…..
    Colin’s a nice guy but its not the same. Not going to watch anymore 🙁

  7. Colin says:

    Such a shame to see another network with no backbone at all.
    Peter was an awesome host, and he kept the show interesting and alive. Sadly Channel 10 seem to think that if someone starts a facebook campaign disliking a person, then it must surely represent the desires of all those who watch their show.
    I refuse to watch the toss bag they have put in peters place, and I hope that everyone else refuses to watch it too. Its the only way tv networks are going to get the message through their thick collective skulls that changing something people love to watch because of some stupid minority is not good for business.

  8. Lyn says:

    Not the same without Pete , sham channel 10, same on you

  9. Irene says:

    Colin will have a hard time trying to replace Peter, as said before, Peter is and was the backbone of the show and he is sorely missed, I find Colin very irritating but could be he is trying to hard.!
    I feel Channel 10 owes an explanation to Peter’s many fans as to why he was replaced.

  10. Garry david says:

    watched rsc today, off work and thought I will catch up on peter everett, it’s a love/hate thing but hey is fun to watch. Er instead I saw Colin lane, he’s about as funny as watching paint dry……………….Who paid who to replace peter with colin, maybe you all were on crack or something, anyway I am off to find something interesting to watch, bye.

  11. Helen Walker says:

    I cannot understand why on Earth Channel 10 axed Peter Everett….he WAS Ready, Steady, Cook..not just the compare…HE was the Show. I hate the show now, so do all my friends, both young and old. Why try to fix something that wasn’t broken? It used to be a great show, full of fun and good cooking….now it is very boring and not worth watching at all. Channel 10…you have made a huge mistake this time! Bring Peter back!!! Helen from Adelaide

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  13. colleen says:

    Why don’t we see more of the cooking instead of the silly drivel from colin lane and the contestants i don’t watch any more because i don’t really want to listen to what they have to say.

  14. Denise Kaye says:

    Always used to watch the show but at work lately when RSC is on. Been off sick this week and watched the show on Monday, Peter was the backbone of RSC not the same without him, wont be watching it again. Just thought I’d check why he left, what were Channel 10 thinking? Good luck Peter, Ch 10’s loss.

  15. spartacus says:

    Hey Peter , so sad to see you go, the show is not the same without you.I was off work due to an injury and was stuck at home for a few months and my highlight of the day was to watch you on RSC. I found you funny and entertaining, those execs at channel 10 are really out of touch with what the general public enjoys watching. i have tried to watch the new host but dont find RSC as entertaining as it was when you hosted it, therefor iam so glad i have recovered from my injury and back at work as i know i would not be missing anything on RSC. thanks for brightening up my days off and i wish you all the best in what ever you do in the future…take care mate!

  16. elizabeth sharpe says:

    Peter was the best thing on RSC…. i and mum used to look forward to 2pm to watch the show… bring pete back.

  17. Lucia says:

    We miss Peter!!! he’s the best for the show!

  18. Karen Brown says:

    What a terrible thing to do to you Peter. My grand-daughter and I would rush home to watch you as we both love you. She even called you daddy as you looked a little like him. You made the show and made us laugh. Better things around the corner for you Pete

  19. Annemarie says:

    I loved to weatch RSC with Peter. He WAS the show!
    He was energetic, funny, and such a pleasure to watch. Who makes these stupid decisions?????

  20. Carolina says:

    Damn it I was just starting to really enjoy Peter too. Loved his humour and cheesy ways. Good luck in the future.

  21. Naturgoddess says:

    Please add to my previous message.
    Peter, I watched you while I am recovering from chronic illness and I have to say that you were the highlight of my day. You uplifted me and made me laugh. Each moment was precious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that love you oozed out of the TV.
    On behalf of my friends and I,
    Peter, we miss your passion, your exuberance your humlbeness and above all the way you make people feel at home and loved. We loved your wisdom and the interest you showed in many things and people in general. We cherish those memories dearly. As the saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens!” And I believe the “new door” will be even better.
    If you are ever in Brisbane, come for dinner. We will welcome you with open arms.
    Much Love & Blessings
    Adrian thanks for passing on all the messages. Peter is larger than life – God Bless him!

  22. Naturgoddess says:

    Oh what a mistake Ch 10 have made. Bring Peter Everitt back. He was the backbone of RSC. The show is nothing without him. I can’t bear to watch it anymore. Colin does not do it justice.
    Peter, you are very sincerely missed. I hope you return soon. You oozed joy and fun. My friends feel the same. We love your warmth, your humour, your cheekiness and everything about you. The show now lacks interest. Best of luck Peter. I hope another channel snaps you up as they realize your worth.
    Love you heaps. Keep smiling!

  23. Gloria says:

    Best thing Channel 10 could have done getting rid of him, he couldn’t keep his hands off people. Colin is going well. Give him a fair go he is only new at it.

  24. kirstyn yates says:

    I like Colin Lane but not on ready steady cook bring back Pete

  25. barbara says:


  26. Mary Brunskill says:

    I used to have a laugh when I did watch Ready Steady Cook. Would like to know the reason and circumstances Peter departed the show. Although early days for Colin Lane finding his way, I can not see him improving. Sometimes Peter asked silly questions but Colin’s are just plain stupid. Perhaps the person who made the decision to get rid of Peter and employ Colin should loose their job if he isn’t any good.
    Turn Channel 10 off in protest

  27. karen cheesman says:

    peter is the only one that should be doing ready steady cook,his not so funny humour,which made it funny,sweet nature and a kind person.he loved everyone around him;personaly i wont be watching rsc again,sorry peter that you have gone ,you made the show . luv karen

  28. Anna Emery says:

    Dear Sweet Peter

    My daughter (who’s 18) & I considered you to BE The *STAR* of Ready Steady Cook.
    You brightened our lives each time we watched the program.
    You never failed to entertain with your comments & sweetness & your genuine interest in whatever was going on, whether it was the meals being prepared or the contestants’ lives … you were just the Greatest Host & right in your element hosting the show.

    We delayed going to see you “live” at the studio until it was no longer possible for us due to my daughter’s work commitments & the travelling time etc.

    When you recently visited the Hunter Valley (where we live) & made an appearance at Hunter Valley Gardens we couldn’t come to see you. My daughter had to work till 7pm & I was ill.

    One day we both hope to be able to meet you & shake your hand ~ maybe we’ll be lucky enough to give you a hug too

    You’re a very precious individual who is much-missed by so many fans.
    God bless you honey & please take care of yourself.
    Good luck in whatever you do next in your career.

    Warm regards, Anna

  29. Alicia says:

    Channel 10 made a big mistake. The minute I saw the new host, he’s just not right for RSC. I will definitely not watch the show again until they bring Peter back! Boycott RSC!

  30. heather dimond says:

    Big mistake channel 10 – another viewer lost. Best wishes Pete

  31. Lynette says:

    Very very sad that Pete has left – I hope it will be reflected in the ratings as 10 treated him so badly. Hope we see you again soon on tv Pete you are WONDERFUL – God bless your little cotton socks!!

  32. Kelly says:

    Very disappointed when started to watch and no Peter Everett. He made the show, and I will no longer be watching along with a whole heap of other people. Channel 10 have made a big mistake and you should bring Peter back !!!The new bloke just doesnt have it.

  33. Tina Smith says:

    Working during the week-my first chance to watch one of
    my favourite shows -Ready Steady Cook-BUT, no Peter-Sorry
    guys-the rapport he had with the audience & the chefs made
    the show for me…oh well, let’s see what else is on-bye bye
    R.S.C. No disrespect to Colin, but it is just not as good anymore without the witty, natural,sometime dorky (human)

  34. Kim says:

    Not watching the show again. Very disappointed when I realized Pete was not coming back. Get him back than I will become a regular viewer again.

  35. Patricia Watkins says:

    What a shame, Peter made the show and without him its just not worth watching any more. I hope they realize how many fans of the show have turned to something new. I wont be watching anymore. Please Bring him back we all love him!!

  36. Abbey says:

    Pete was the best! He MADE the show. He was hilarious. Not into the show anymore 🙁

  37. Nathan says:

    I can’t believe he is gone it’s so horrible! I HATE YOU TEN!

  38. You have lost me channel 10, you rotten sods! I loved Peter Everett, he WAS the show! Good Luck Pete!

  39. Kerry says:

    I live o/s and back to visit family and watch Oz TV.

    Where is Peter Everett? Ready Steady Cook is no longer worth watching the new compare is a bore.

    I hope you will be snatched up Peter by another network, loved your sense of humour and fun. Best of luck.

  40. Johanna Kitchener says:

    I agree with all of the above.Turned on the tv and no Peter,very,very disappointed.So true Peter IS Ready steady cook.If they dont bring him back I would say Ready Steady……………,cancelled.

  41. claire says:

    You sacked a WONDERFUL person – and hired a moron…who is boring has no character and clearly loves himself.. youve lost me along with many many viewers – may as well can the show – Peter was an ASSET to RSC….a down to earth person…..

  42. Rose Brown says:

    What a shame, I can’t get interested in the show now I miss Pete and his little jokes. He made the show what it is. I had watched the show before he started hosting and it was boring now its just dull and I’ll look for something else to watch till he comes back. Bring back Pete!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Larisssa says:

    Pete, so sorry that you are no longer on Ready Steady Cook, I really hope another television channel will snap you up. You have alot of fans, because you are the best! You are a very gracious and wonderful person. My afternoons working from home no longer has RSC running in the background…I look forward to seeing you soon.

  44. Maryann Paden says:

    I was overseas when Channel 10 did the dirty. I’ve been watching Ready Steady Cook for years and Peter brought the show together. I always thought Peter would be a great guy to have at a dinner party. Come for dinner Peter and we can watch something on TV. Maybe we can watch Food Safari.
    Best of luck with your new show when someone is smart enough to give you one.
    Maryann Paden

  45. Vicki says:

    What a shame Peter is gone, can’t believe channel 10 got rid of him. Peter was the Charlie Sheen of Ready Steady cook.

  46. Sarah says:

    Cannot get over Channel 10 not having Peter on RSC anymore, he was a breath of fresh air every afternoon to see on the TV. The dipstick who has replaced him is like a dummy no life in him at all. Cannot understand how he is even called a comedian, atleast Peter had the people on the show laughing, bring him back, you have lost me as a viewer.

  47. Julie says:

    I agree the show is not the same and yes colin is boring, I too am not going to watch the show any more. Please bring Peter back

  48. kate mejaha says:

    i tuned in today as had my day off and did not see peter when I tuned in for RSC
    I was so disappoited and wont be watching the show again until he returns, hes the best, why was he sacked??
    Miss him so much
    He had the best personality and was very natural

  49. Jean says:

    Oh No! I can’t bear to watch RSCook anymore! Without Peter the show is a flop! This new guy is trying desperately to walk in Peter’s footsteps but is a complete disaster! I won’t be watching the show anymore! Do you people realise what you have done by dropping Peter? You have upset a lot of viewers! This new guy is so bland, he needs lots of couching from Peter. Peter was so knowledgeable and had done quite a bit of travelling which made him so interesting!!

  50. Susan says:

    Please bring back Peter. I can no longer watch the show. I have given Colin a go and it’s not the same.

  51. Sue says:

    My Husband & I used to enjoy watching Rsc when Pete Everete was on it. We now watch Dr Oz, have a Nanner Nap or watch paint dry, all 3 are 10 Times more entertaining than the current RSC host.
    Maybe Laneo =
    Lack of personality.
    As entertaining as wet paint
    No thanks
    ENTERTANING….no way

  52. riaken says:

    I just tuned in to Channel 10 to watch RSC and no Peter Everett! Such a disappointment, Colin may be a comedian but Peter was a natural on RSC, combining both great entertaintment and good cooking – isn’t that the aim of this show? PLEASE bring back Peter Channel 10, in my opinion after watching 15 minutes, you don’t have much of a show without him! All the best to Peter.

  53. Jane says:

    Miss your pretty little face its just not the same.

  54. margaret Buckley says:

    Channel 10 what were you thinking colin is a nice person I am sure BUT he is no match for Peter Everet he just doesn’t have the personality last straw channel ten with so many channels to choose from I won’t be tuning into you for anything but the morning news.

  55. kerry says:

    well what can i say switched on to rsc& who do i see the lano and woodley show but this time woodley is not there its boring lano who is sfb,lane boring! boring! boring!, lost another view channel 10 may be next,it should be murdoch who should go he is sacking everyone that made channel 10, bring back that crazy peter everet he was so funny and brought the show to what it is well was.

  56. Elaine says:

    I am another disappointed viewer – or rather former viewer of rsc because Peter Everett is no longer hosting this show. Pete made rsc a joy to watch with his funny jokes and brilliant personality and channel 10 should be ashamed they have dropped him. I used to love watching this show with an afternoon cuppa but will no longer tune in. Just don’t like Colin in this role, he has no idea what he’s doing and should go!

  57. Michel says:

    Bring back comical Peter Everet. Peter loved food and people and that was the recipe that made the show fun to watch. There are many cooking shows on television, its the way they are presented that makes the difference. AS previously stated “Peter is a natural”.

  58. Richard says:

    Please bring back Peter before I stop watching the show

  59. Rosemary Robertson says:

    Why do these morons at Channel 10 play around with peoples lives?…sack Pete Everett just for the sake of it after 5 years loyal service on Ready Steady Cook. Now he is unemployed and looking for anther job, not an easy task at his age. What about the loyal viewers?…well stuff them too seems to be the answer…and to sack Pete with no explanation is just so rude to the viewers who watch & support this show every day…oh yeah and what about the Logie…well Pete helped get that. I sincerely hope that viewers turn off thier sets when RSC is on or give Channel 10 the flick permanately.

  60. Yvonne says:

    I agree with everyone else. Pete was a natural. I like Colin but he’s no good at this show. I think getting rid of Peter has spelled the demise of the show. I no longer watch it… obviously Im not the only one. Shame chsnnel 10. You were actually on a winner for a change.

  61. Judy says:

    So sorry that Peter is no longer on Ready Steady Cook. He is the show and I loved him. Colin is boring. Bring back Peter.

  62. ross spann says:

    give colin an oven mit to cover up his right hand, he is not ray martin
    then, give colin a personality makeover,he needs it!
    after that, give colin many lessons in how not to say “YES” all the time.
    then give the viewers,(what is left of them)a break by giving colin the flick.

    this would have to be a perfect recipie for this show before it is doomed to failure.

  63. joel says:

    Channel ten you suck bring back Peter Everett, Colin belongs on the Circle and that is the only place for him. You have lost a lot of loyal people that watch the show. Watch your show go into the ground.

  64. Leah Jones says:

    What a shame to have lost Peter. He’s a vibrant person, and his getting in the way was a delight. He put everyone at their ease, and everyone seemed to like him very much.
    I saw the show for the first time today without him – I’ve been away – and thought it dull, with even the rapport between the chefs gone. Peter added a great deal of sparkle to a charming show – which mixed good, easy cooking with amusement.
    This little video was typical of the graciousness of the man. I’m very sorry to see him not there.
    I shan’t be either after today. Once was enough, thank you.

  65. Jacqui says:

    Pete…come back!!!! The shows not worth watching now. Channel 10…what a mistake.

  66. jellybean says:

    BRING BACK PETER!! Never going to watch RSC until Peter is returned. Bad move Channel 10, very bad move!

  67. jo says:

    Can’t stand Colin…he is embarrasing to watch…has no idea…and he definately isn’t funny…Where’s Peter…I wont be watching this cooking show anymore…BORING!!!!!

  68. Fiona says:

    Was a faithful daily viewer of the show when Peter was the cheery, quirky host. Loved the show & he always brightened the day. He made the show! The show will never be the same without him. Bring Pete back, quick! I no longer watch it cos Colin is dull and boring. Sorry channel 10, big mistake!

  69. Bel says:

    Another unhappy viewer here…well *viewer no more* it must be said. What were the masterminds of 10 programming thinking??? The power & joy of this show is the ‘melting pot’ of Pete’s humour, his close dynamic with the chefs, his rapport with the guests, his humble way of appreciating the food. I work from home & RSC has been such a pleasure & integral part of my day over the years… cant say how disappointed I am or what a loss it is to TV viewing

  70. fay says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Peter Everett.- show definitely not the same. Time will tell —–

  71. janine says:

    I have been a most committed fan of ready steady cook for 5 years and Peter Everett made the show so entertaining.
    I no longer watch the show. Shame on channel 10 for ruining a great show.
    Now dull and boring, cant watch it. Bring back Pete.

  72. Cheryl says:

    I try to watch RSC but find that all though I liked Colin Lane when he was with his partner in crime Frank Woodley I find that without Frank he is rather dry and not at all funny….Peter Everett was a great host of the show that actually was quite funny in a silly sort of way….I now find that the show is boring and that Colin knows nothing about food or the chefs and what they do….I think that channel ten have made a huge error in getting rid of Peter but Peter you are probably going on to getter and better things all the best with whatever you do don’t see any more logies going RSC’s way though….

  73. Jess says:

    My husband and I both enjoyed this show for cooking and entertainment….shame on 10…It has become one of the most boring cooking shows on tv.. may as well drop the show, we have moved on to another channel…All the best to Pete.

  74. Marjon says:

    What happened to Pete? Bring him back. The whole atmosphere of the show has disappeared. Pete brought it alive with his personality and jokes. Now the show is boring.

  75. Tammy says:

    I have been a fan of this show since it began unfortunately for channel10 I am no longer. The shows success was due to Peter and his energetic personality a sunflower in the midst of all the gloom. Shame on you channel 10 and all the best Pete.

  76. faye says:

    you have just lost another supporter of rsc. the new host is boring he has no presence at all. he keeps looking at the cameras to get a peek at himself. he has no tv personality at all and now the show has no appeal to me whatsoever. i used to take my lunch break to watch rsc now i switch over to sbs or just go back to work. shame on you peter was the main reason i watched. bring back peter.

  77. good bye 10 back to prime 7, taking peter off, colin should stick to comedy, or the cicle,hes toooooooooo wooden ,hurry back peter

  78. you have lost 12 ppl who suppored this show and peter, oh well back to prime 7 good bye channel ten.

  79. Lorraine Lisle says:

    Big Mistake, big big big mistake channel 10. Peter was so entertaining and gave us lots of laughs which brightened our day. Please bring him back.

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