EXCLUSIVE! Interview Part One – Up Close And Personal with Peter Everett

December 13th, 2010

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You will recognise Peter Everett from many shows like Changing Rooms, Location Location and Ready Steady Cook. He is the funny and charming guy we all know and love.

I’ve known Pete for many years now. He is kind, gentle, absolutely hilarious and very generous. He has guided me for a long time through many situations in my life.

Here is an excellent opportunity to see Peter up close and personal, finding out everything about himself in this two part interview, part one with a very special guest appearance by Zoe Ventoura.

Peter also exclusively announces his shock departure from Channel 10‘s hit day time show, Ready Steady Cook.

8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE! Interview Part One – Up Close And Personal with Peter Everett”

  1. katie b says:

    Peter, what a sweet heart, what an inspiration! Only wonderful things can come from your experiences on RSC. All the best…

  2. kristine pearn says:

    oh peter what are they thinking watched the new man today dont think i will watch it anymore misss you so much will just be watching the replays on cable lifestyle you made my day on rsc hopefully they will seee sense and you will be back take care hopefully good things to come for you

  3. mary says:

    miss you so much Peter on RSC … cant stand the bloke on it now and will not watch it any more …

  4. Lisa says:

    Dear Peter, miss you so much…RSC was a highlight in my day because of yr lovely personality. I was deeply depressed until I started watching the show.So sad you’re no longer there. Love the interview- couldn’t you make a DVD with some of the old chefs eg Janelle Bloom etc so we can watch for ideas/& cheering up. All the best …

  5. What a shame Pete is no longer going to host ready steady cook – he made the show with his fabulous personality, I couldn’t be bothered watching it now.
    Hope we see more of pete in the future – good luck!

  6. Ophelia says:

    I will miss you peter everett! How will i finish my PhD thesis without you?

  7. jim says:

    Excuse me, but i was just wondering if i may politely inquire about what sexuality Peter is?

  8. Kris Jenkins says:

    Adrian, I hope you can help me as I have been trying to contact Peter Everett for a number of years now ….I hoped he would like to meet me as we were friends at Kedron High School and have moved to Sydney from Brisbane in December 2009 with my daughter..Dominique.
    I sincerely wish to at least have a chat as I have been isolated from everybody and miss the wonderful friendships that were made at school,
    Are you able to help??? Kris

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