Cold-Pressed Juicers – The Good and Not So Good!

June 24th, 2015

Reviewed and written by Romel Kouyan

If you’re health conscious and always on the lookout on how to accelerate in to a healthier lifestyle, I’m guessing you would have read a little about cold press juicing and the benefits it delivers to your health.

We’ve heard countless celebrity testimonials and the health professionals telling us it’s the only way to consume our glass of green goodness.

They claim to have an endless list of health benefits that legitimises a price tag of $10 for a bottle. But is cold press juicing really better than a more traditional method of extracting your fruit and vegetables?

Here’s the thing, no one can actually prove the added health benefits when it comes to cold press vs traditional juicing. I mean, if you read the science behind the theory it makes sense and I tend to immerse myself in the latest fads and super foods in the hope to slow down the ageing clock and live an eternaly happy and healthy life. With that simple fact in mind, I am sold and will most likely never consume another glass of traditional juice ever again.

Now, to which cold press juicer is best. Will a pricey machine do a better job than a more affordable one? Well, I put three leading machines to the test and here’s what I found.




First up, Sunbeam slow juicer claims to “Produces a generous amount with minimal effort thanks to its low speed juicing method to gently press and squeeze your selected foods, extracting nothing but high quality juices.” I found this machine to be fairly quiet, easy to clean with minimal pulp in the final product. This is the perfect machine for those wishing to adopt the cold press concept, without the hefty price tag. Highly recommended!









The second machine I road tested was the Pro Appliance JuicePro. This machine has a unique low speed technology for healthier juices and automatically removes unwanted pulp. Once again, I found this juicer to be quite easy to use, cleans quickly and stores quite easily without taking up too much space. It comes with an extremely affordable price tag for all its yummy goodness.








Lastly, the Vitality 4 Life’s Oscar Neo. At a fairly hefty price tag, my expectations were fairly high. So how did it weigh up against its competition?

da1000_chromeI generally like my appliances to look pretty and at first sight, I found the OscarNeo to be bulky, quite heavy and not easily stored away. It’s definitely not the prettiest thing I have set eyes on, so after juicing you’ll probably want to hide it to prevent visually offending your guests.

Once the juicing began I was slightly underwhelmed as it didn’t receive the fruit and vegetables as easily as its counterparts. I found the OscarNeo to be an extremely heavy juicer, making it quite difficult to move or to store away. The juicing process is also quite tedious as the shoot is fairly small, so a fair amount of time needs to be invested in cutting up your fruit and vegetables into bite size pieces. Like juicing wasn’t difficult to begin with!

The juicer also tends to get clogged up quite quickly, so you’ll have to pull it apart and give it a clean before commencing to juice again.

The final product wasn’t too bad if you like pulp in your juice, if not, this is not the juicer for you. I do have to admit though, the best part is the vibration it releases – so hold on to your juicer for an overall body vibration exercise!

So there you have it people, my pick would either be Sunbeam or the

Pro Appliance JuicePro. Both extremely easy to use, light weight and fairly compact whilst delivering great results. This is a perfect example that a hefty price tag doesn’t always mean better quality.


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