Sydney’s Best Artisan Bakery – St. Malo Bakery

April 21st, 2010

I’m doing something a little different. This week I’m trading the high-end, chef’s hatted restaurants for a bakery. An Artisan bakery.

Now I normally wouldn’t rave on and on about a bakery, but this one is a MUST.

Only a few weeks old, St. Malo Bakery has proven to be an enormous hit within the local community of Crows Nest. A busy business district and suburban suburb located on the North Shore, everyone you speak to raves on about it.

The French farmhouse inspired décor comes from owner Anthony Marquette’s heritage, a small tourist town called St. Malo.

It’s cobbled stone streets, deli’s, grocery stores and bakeries add to the charm of the town. So Anthony decided to pick it up and bring it here.

Creating a beautiful space, with delicate farmhouse styled furniture, wallpaper and materials – this is definately the place to eat and drink.

So you’re thinking it’s just a bakery? Well it’s definately not just a bakery. It’s a trendy café, serving everything from quiches, to delicious gourmet sandwiches and aromatic fresh coffee.

Name a bread and St. Malo Bakery have probably just made it fresh for you. From rye, light rye, white and multi grain Sourdough breads, Kalamata Olive Bread and traditional French L’ancienne bread sticks and rolls. Weighty German Vollkorn Saaten loaf, to gluten free loaves and spelt breads, bagels and scones. People with intolerance’s and special dietary needs shouldn’t worry either – there is something here to suit everybody.

The mouth-watering brownies (my personal favourite) and the tarts are just the best going around. The cupcakes, banana bread and croissants are heavenly. My other personal favourtie is the focaccia scroll which needs to be tasted to be believed.

So why am I focusing so much attention on St. Malo Bakery? I’m sure there are other bakeries that are just as good right?

Well wrong.

The difference is EVERYTHING is made fresh in the morning, then throughout the day as required. Unlike other bakeries who bake everything in the morning to last the day, St. Malo Bakery bake throughout the day so it’s always fresh. All ingredients are organic and the age old Artisan method is used to bake the bread.

They also use techniques such as injecting steam rather then air into the bread. Steam is the superior way of making bread.

Their bakery and preparation area is huge, and you can watch the bakers and pastry chefs through the large glass wall from the quaint courtyard.

I have tried pretty much everything in this bakery and not one thing has failed to please me. I will recommend this place till the cows come home.

Over the coming weeks, I will be showcasing different breads from the bakery, and have the very enthusiastic Anthony Marquette give information on the particular bread – from it’s origin to it’s dietary benefits and best uses. Have a look at the amazing images of St Malo Bakery.

St Malo Bakery - 83 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest – (02) 9906 6256

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

One Response to “Sydney’s Best Artisan Bakery – St. Malo Bakery”

  1. Ellie says:

    I totally agree with you about the St Malo Bakery. It is heavenly- in the traditional sense of the word.
    The goods are NOT white and fluffy, made from cheap, bleached flour, whipped margarine, and loads of white sugar.
    They are authentic, exceptional quality, old fashioned healthy, country style cakes and breads. A slice of bread IS a slice of bread- a healthy meal which makes you feel full and satisfied.
    I grew up on white bread and now adore going to St Malo to try their wonderful varieties of bread. The best thing is that they are not full of preservatives, or bleached flours. Everything is genuine and as pure as possible.
    Vivre La France, Vivre La Pain, Vivre Les Wonderful baguettes……

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