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Montez the Chihuahua

December 27th, 2012


Hanging around my parents house for a few days over Christmas drives me a little crazy. So a little boredom got me doing my own version of Anne Geddes, with Montez the chihuahua.

Femininity Takes a Bold Stance with Basil Soda at Paris Fashion Week

October 2nd, 2012


A brand I have been watching closely for a while is the strikingly beautiful, Lebanese designer, Basil Soda. Strange name yes, but slender, ultra-feminine silhouettes with patterns, graphics and textures of the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection are calling women to order!

Whether short or long, geometry stands out with open skirts, fluidity is conveyed through soft, supple materials, and the body is revealed in cuts that emphasise the shoulders, the carriage of the head and endlessly long legs.

The collection spotlights an obvious intention to work the garment on a body that is now modelled and sculpted, constantly expressing volume and movement. Dresses glide, sensual and conquering; flounces make a startling appearance; colours create a dazzling look with reflecting silver, sky blue and deep black… Dresses are dotted with prints and embroideries that structure their form and delineate the central axis of balance. With cut-outs, transparencies and a mix of lengths, feminine daring equals elegance and no mistake!

I’m in love with every one of these pieces from Paris Fashion Week. The models are divine, with a healthy figure and perfectly poised. The collection is completely wearable and totally outstanding. I want to see more of Basil Soda, and I want to see it come to Australia so that our very own beautiful women can indulge their bodies in this fine couture.


Adrian Erdedi

Nomiki Glynatsis Works With Kimbra

May 28th, 2012

Kimbra is currently on tour in Australia during her worldwide sensation after number one hit with Gotye “Someone That I Used to Know”. The hit that put Kimbra on the international radar, she has also enjoyed success with her own tracks ‘Settle Down’ and ‘Cameo Lover’ and ‘Two Way Street’.

Kimbra’s music and fashion style are both inspirational and beautiful. She is not your average pop princess – but an amazing talented musician, song writer and singer, with style.

A short and sweet trip to The Tivoli for her concert, she met with one of my favourite Australian designers, Brisbane based Nomiki Glynatsis.

Nomiki met with Kimbra backstage before the concert, gifting her with a couture necklace and bracelet  from her new “Essence of an Enchantress” range.

Nomiki recently launched her latest collection of  jewellery and gowns at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week 2012. Each jewellery piece is handcrafted and custom designed for the wearer making it perfect for special occasion and red carpet.

An admirer of Kimbra’s music and style, she wanted to team up for her recent tour,
“Meeting Kimbra for the first time we got along instantly and she was so lovely to talk to. I was able to spend some time with her backstage before her concert in Brisbane about my collections and creating a signature jewellery tame to match with her style.

From our conversation it was great to hear her enthusiasm in collaborating together to make a range especially for her. Kimbra loved the detail and craftsmanship in my unique jewellery pieces and I’m delighted to work together for future performances, shows and events.”

Kimbra and Nomiki are both two absolutely stunning and talented girls, both deserving of this perfect collaboration. It is a match made in heaven really!