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My Top 5 Favourite Songs Of ALL TIME. Song 2…

March 30th, 2011

My 2nd favourite song of all time comes from an Adelaide born Australian. She is beautiful and very talented, has achieved great international success and has made me cry. It could only be the unmistakeable crisp and heart stopping voice of Sia with the song Breathe Me.

Story goes… When Sia first recorded the song, she left the studio and just broke down in tears. As she was, in a raw and emotional state, she walked back into the studio and re-recorded it in her state and that is why you hear her voice crackling and her deep breaths and tears. Now that’s an artist.

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Noble Wine Of The Week – One Planet Wine

September 6th, 2010

Reviewed by Stewart Noble for AdrianErdedi.com

One Planet wine was launched in May 2010 with the aim of providing its customers with a ‘Green Alternative’ to the traditional wine packaging i.e glass bottles. After two years of research they found that Tetra Pak gave them the best results. One Planet then co-brands their wine with individual wine makers and the current release wines are the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Sarah Fletcher (Wine maker of Alta Vineyards in the Adelaide Hills) and the 2008 McLaren Vale Shiraz from Tim Burvill (Founder and wine maker of RockBare and Mojo).

One Planet’s media release states that throughout the entire winemaking process greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 80% and that a saving of approx 6-9 kilos per dozen dramatically reduces freight related carbon emissions!

So this wine is good for the environment… but is it good wine? The short answer is yes and my comments on each wine is below

2010 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc – A vast improvement over the 2009 release, this Sauvignon Blanc has all the basics covered. Almost completely clear in the glass, it has passionfruit coming through in its aroma that follows through to a flavour of both passionfruit and lime/citrus.

2008 McLaren Value Shiraz – For anyone not convinced that Tetra packaging can house a top drop you need to try this Shiraz. For $15 this is really great value and would get a place on my top drops for $15 or under any day! Lovely colour and aromas with a delicious flavour of rich fruit and chocolate.

Consumer sentiment is still the key issue for large scale acceptance of wines packaged in this way. One consumer I spoke to said “I almost brought a pack the other day… but something stopped me. I thought of what ‘traditional’ box wine tastes like’. The main point I hope to convey is that these wines are quality wines in alternative packaging, not cask wine dressed up a little. Purists hardly need to be concerned as I cannot envisage the day that your sommelier will be bringing to your table that $50+ bottle of wine you ordered in Tetra Pak.

In fact direct to consumer sales are not even One Planet’s target market as such with the size and weight benefits of the packaging having far greater impact to specialised markets like boating, sporting and outdoor events, airlines, rail companies and even cruise ships and ferries. You may have already enjoyed a Tetra Pak wine and were not even aware of it!

One Planet Wine – 2010 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc and 2008 McLaren Vale Shiraz
Price - $14.95 each and available at 1st Choice liquor stores.
Region - Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, South Australia
Recommended - I’d be almost irresponsible not to recommend a wine that tastes great and is good for the planet. I am no greenie, to be honest, and all I was concerned about was the quality of the wine. Now that I know that these great value wines taste in no way inferior to their glass bottled equivalents I’d gladly welcome drinking them again and am grateful to have been shown the light as for recreation activities where bottled wine is a nuisance to bring along I have just found the perfect solution!

For more information check out the One Planet Wine website at www.oneplanetwine.com