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I Can Feel It In My Bones – Dinosaur Designs by Tegan Brideson

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

By Tegan Brideson for

I Can Feel It In My Bones
Dinosaur Designs is an iconic Australian brand with a new collection as Tegan Brideson reports.

Archaeological references between Dinosaur Designs and the meaning of bones aside, the new season is approaching and anticipation is high.

From Sydney to Melbourne and as recently witnessed in New York, Dinosaur Designs have a uniquely distinct appeal. Their jewellery and home-wares are immediately identifiable for their shape, colour and texture and there’s certain ease in their style that will ensure it’s future success.

Bones Spring/Summer 2010 can be added to that identifiable list, as inspiration was taken from artists such as Jean Arp, Constantin Brancusi and Barbara Hepworth.

A spokesperson for Dinosaur Designs says “the shape and movement of bones has always inspired sculptors and artists for thousands of years.” The aforementioned artists’ interpretation of the human frame has assisted in shaping the stunning collection.

“The predominant influence on the range was the work of sculptor Henry Moore. The home-wares from the Bones range have been photographed [by Luke Irons] to reflect the size and scale of a Moore’s sculpture,” the spokesperson says.

Jill Davison styled the Bones range to capture the neutral tones with a sculptural feel to beautiful effect, noting that the collection will be available in stores across Australia and the USA from mid October 2010 or on their website at

It’s safe to say these collectable relics could become extinct anytime soon, stock up.

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