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Nomiki Glynatsis Couture – Romance of the Flowers

July 19th, 2011

I don’t normally approach and speak to random people when I’m walking down the street, but this one time I did.

A gorgeous petite girl, with brown ringlets, an elegant couture outfit and shiny black shoes – looking somewhat regal, with a likeness to Josephine Baker, a 1920′s style icon. But it wasn’t the outfit that caught my eye. It was her accessories sparkling at me from meters away.

I said “excuse me, I don’t mean to startle you, but you look absolutely amazing. You look so gracious and just… Just amazing”.

Her name is Nomiki Glynatsis, of Nomiki Glynatsis Couture.

Conceptually born from the extravagant style of the 1920′s, the newest jewellery collection from Nomiki Glynatsis Couture falls nothing short of ultimate decadence.

Elaborately embellished and reminiscent of an Art Deco opulence; each piece has been hand-crafted to perfection and lavishly adorned with jewels.

This collection is called “Romance of the Flowers”, which touches on the essence of romance and femininity spiced with a sence of ethereal charm and beauty. Words really can’t describe how absolutely spectacular this collection is.

Each of the hand-crafted pieces are intricate and delicate in every sense. Nomiki uses a luxurious combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls, using shades of gold, cream and bronze with undertones of silver and antique charcoal. It’s simply a range of sumptuous shades, which are rich, warm and just divine.

A really comforting feature of the collection is the use of vintage beads, sequins and laces sourced both locally in Australia and internationally in Paris.

In 2009, Nomiki took courses at ‘Ecole Lesage’ and also participated in the ‘Paris American Academy’ Couture Intensive Workshop. In 2009 her graduate collection was also featured in the nationally broadcasted NRA Fashion Awards in the Student category. So not only is there love and passion behind each piece, there is skill and experience.

Nomiki’s philosiphy is: ‘Beauty, elegance and perfection, the distinction of fine couture creations’…

The pictures really speak for themselves – I could continue to use words to describe the collection, but they simply dont do it justice.

I urge you to visit the website: www.nomikiglynatsiscouture.com.au

St-Germain Elderflow Liqueur – A Summer MUST HAVE!

December 13th, 2010

A drink that I simply can’t get enough of is St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur.

This is honestly one of the most deliciously luxurious beverages I have ever used to mix, or drink purely on ice. First thing you will notice is the opulent glass bottle with Art-Deco/Gothic-esque lid and labeling. But there it alot more to this drink then just the bottle.

St-Germain is the creation of Robert J Cooper, founder of Cooper Spirits International - the same company that brought one of the other fabulous alcoholic beverages, Chambord.

Made with the very fragile and beautifully scented European Elderflowers, it is the first liqueur in the World to use Elderflowers in this capacity. Many of us have had Elderflower cordial, but St-Germain cannot be compared to it. St-Germain is smooth, clean and defined. St-Germain is unique in every sense of the word.

When you open the bottle, the aroma is simply irresistible. Lychees, musk and honeydew melon is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

One of the delicious concoctions I use St-Germain is:

- 2 Shots of Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Sauvignon Blanc,

- 1 Shot St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

- Top up with 2 shots of soda or sparkling water

- Mix in a tall ice filled glass, and garnish with a lemon twist

I also love to put a shot of it on it’s own to a glass of Champagne. It’s so delicious!

Don’t just take it from me, try it for yourself and I guarantee you will fall in love with this French beauty.

Available to purchase from the website: www.vanguardluxurybrands.com

Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney

March 22nd, 2010

I’d never been to Rockpool Bar and Grill in Sydney, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but my expectations were high considering the head chef is Neil Perry.

As we walked up the stairs of the American inspired art deco 1930′s skyscraper, the doors opened and we were greeted by the door man who escorted myself and and my 4 guests to the front desk where the maître d’ took us to to our table upstairs which was booked prior. When we sat, it was decided that upstairs wasn’t suitable, as the ambiance was very different to that of the ambiance downstairs where there are more people, more to look at, more hustle and bustle which adds to the experience. So we requested we be moved to the lower level. They moved us immediately to a table in the middle against the wall, which was perfect.

I sat in my big sumptuous seat and began to read the 59 page white wine menu. The French Pol Roger Brut for me, a bottle of the 2004 Tolbreck ‘The Steading’ from the Barossa Valley and a bottle of the 2008 Gembrook Hill from the Yarra Valley, all served in ‘Grape’ glasses by Riedel.

It took a while for our orders to be taken from the extensive menu, so we politely said we were ready to order.

For me, I had to start from the Cold Bar, ordering the Joselito Iberico Jamon, Trevelez Serrano Jamon, Jamondul Serrano Jamon Reserva, Fratelli Galloni Parma Prosciutto with pickles. Being Spanish and living in Spain, I had very high expectations that this quarto of Jamon and Proscuitto. It arrived presented beautifully. Perfect. Simply perfect. The distinct tastes and textures of each were on par with those of what I enjoyed in Spain. I consumed it teamed with the crusty bread served for all on the table. The guests I was with loved what they ordered too, the wood fire grilled baby octopus with Tarrator dressing and marinated radicchio and the charcoal roast king prawns, split and marinated.

Looking around the restaurant, you will notice it looks quite busy, people rushing around and lots of movement. At closer observation, you will notice all this rushing is the staff. There are so many people on the floor working, tending to every single need of the guest, which really showed me how individual the service was.

In good time between courses came our mains. I get the crispy leatherjacket fillets with “Crazy Water”. Everyone else at my table got rib-eye o the bone and T-bone. We also ordered the hand cut fat chips, a Radicchio, Cos and Endive Salad and the charcoal oven roast pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic yoghurt and burnt butter.

As I dropped my knife onto the fillet of the Leatherjacket, it literally just fell through the batter and fish. First bite I took was a medley of tastes and textures. Crispy batter, but the fish just melted away, with the “Crazy Water” which is chopped tomato, garlic and basil. Three different tastes work in unison to create perfection, yet again. The hand cut fat chips are just that – fat. They are delicious and have just the right amount of rock salt. The pumpkin and sweet potato is definately something you must get. Delectable.

My guests thoroughly enjoyed their meats, with a large range of condiments to accompany. One guest Steve, got his medium-rare rib-eye which arrived still moving, it was too under cooked. We requested it be medium-rare as originally stated. It was taken away and sorted out immediately. He only waited 5 or so minutes to have it rectified.

After letting our meals process, and a few more glasses of wine, we were full. There was just no space for dessert. Or was there?

I looked over the delicious dessert menu. The chocolate Jaffa mousse cake? The prune and Armagnac créme brulee? Or how about the passionfruit pavlova? I just couldn’t. I honestly could not fit in another thing. So the table ordered coffees. The waiter did give another option for desserts in an up-sell bid, the pieces of broken chocolate with cashews and sesame seeds. So we gave in to his up-sell and got that. I wasn’t expecting much, but it came and again I was pleasantly suprised. It looked good and was delicious! I grazed over that for the next 45 minutes we were there, enjoying my wine while the others had their coffees.

Will I go back? I would definately go back without a doubt.

Pros: Stunning building, luxurious décor, attentive service and incredible menus, food and drinks.

Cons: Staff could be more polite and adaptable to each table. There could have been some sort of soft music, it doesn’t have to be loud, but it was missing audible ambiance.

Pricing: Cold Bar from $25 to $20 (or $625 for the Caviar toast). Salads from $14 to $35. Hot Starters from $18 to $30. Pastas from $19 to $30. Seafood from $45 to $160. Mains from $21 to $160. Rotisserie from $39 to $49. Beef from $39 to $110. Sides from $9 to $25. Wines from just under $50 to $86,000.

Final Say: Fine dining at it’s best. Overall, it’s almost perfect package.

66 Hunter Street, Sydney – (02) 8078 1900

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