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The Jeep Kurri Burri Polo Classic – A Fresh Twist for Mother’s Day

May 13th, 2013


What a Mother’s Day I had… Without my mother. But my adorable mother for the day was great friend Dr Nikki Goldstein.

The Jeep Kurri Burri Polo Classic was the perfect match for mums from all walks of life. Sipping on Veuve Clicquot and taking in the fresh air and sunshine, friends and families enjoyed the charming country hospitality, gourmet food and live entertainment throughout the day.


The fifth annual charity event has become the premier family sport and lifestyle event in NSW, fermenting its reputation as a relaxed day for socials and locals to enjoy a competitive match of polo. But it’s not just for the adults; there were heaps of kids being kept entertained with the Reading Jets kids zone that included face painting, pony rides, Jack Russell Racing and the Kids’ Dash across the field. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to enter the dash. Thanks Nikki!


Host of The Voice Darren McMullen, joined in the frivolity and shared a classic picnic with his parents. Darren was reunited with former The Voice contestant, Prinnie Stevens, who later in the day performed her latest hit, Don’t Wake Me Up, calling on the kids to dance live on stage with her which was very cute!

Pimms, Punch or Peroni? The Polo Bar & Lawn, was a vibrant addition with everybody enjoying the country chic vibe as polo players mingled with guests. Daimon Downey set the tunes with a selection of tracks to keep guests including, Pip Edwards and Kristy-Lee Allan loving life and dancing on the side lines.


The Jeep marquee was full of fabulous people, who shared the day with their children. Celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue cooked up a storm on the Jeep Grill for us. The food was absolutely delicious! Some of the fab people included Jesinta Campbell, Deborah Knight, Holy Bristly, Ed Phillips, Cameron Williams, David Campbell, David Whitehill, Sam Armytage, the adorable Benji and Zoe Marshall, plus MKR’s Luke Hines and Scott Gooding.


Plenty of money was raised and went towards the charity Inala – a Rudolf Steiner organisation supporting individuals with disabilities. Proceeds raised from this year’s event go towards the development of a New Day Service Facility for clients with high support needs, $145k has been raised to date. Amazing work!

I can’t wait for next year, I had such an enjoyable time. Perhaps next year, I’ll take my mummy :)

www.kurriburri.com.au  ::  facebook.com/kurriburri  ::  @KurriBurriPolo



Downtown Drive-In At Carriageworks with Audi as Major Sponsor

October 28th, 2012

The team behind the much-anticipated event Downtown Drive-In, driven by Audi, has announced Carriageworks in Sydney’s Eveleigh, just three kilometres from the Sydney CBD, as the location for its three-night season, which will run from 29 November to 1 December 2012.

A seldom-used section of the 120-year-old heritage listed building will form the perfect backdrop for the simultaneously announced ‘Back Roads USA’ season of films. Tickets will go on sale today, Wednesday, 31 October and can be purchased at www.downtowndrive.in

The program is as follows:

New release (Thurs, 29 Nov): On The Road

Sentimental Favourite (Fri, 30 Nov): Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Lost classic (Sat, 1 Dec): Vanishing Point

Downtown Drive-In will also feature a custom menu with individual items designed by The Dip, Sydney’s favourite American-style diner, playfully paying tribute to the films and shared Americana settings and atmosphere.

The lost world of the drive-in theatre will be reinvented with genuine enthusiasts in mind, with the aim of opening up interesting corners of film in an interesting corner of Sydney. Downtown Drive-In will feature cinema-quality digital projection in an under-cover industrial venue suitable for all conditions.

Major sponsor Audi, a strong supporter of film festivals in Australia, will supply a range of luxury cars for the ultimate drive-in experience. The cars will also feature razor-sharp sound from audio partner Bang & Olufsen.

Entry into Downtown Drive-In will cost $50 for vehicles of up to four people. ‘Walk-in’ deckchair seating is also available near the screen, at $25 per person.

Downtown Drive-In is a project from a local Sydney team experienced in bringing challenging creative concepts to life. The team’s ambition is to re-imagine a lost film experience with a confident, contemporary twist.

For more information on the film schedule, drive-in experience and participating partners, visit www.downtowndrive.in

I’ll see you down there in my convertible, roof down with my friends watching one of the movies! I can’t wait!

Adrian Erdedi

Test Driving The High End Of The Low End Nissan Murano

October 15th, 2010

The somewhat robotic looking Nissan Ti sits with each if it’s corners perched out over it’s wheels in a chunky, but smoothly defined stance in the Nissan showroom.

The beautiful pearlescent exterior and stunning tan interior lured me in, a very inviting 4WD with a very warm presence.

Opening the door, you are hit with the beautiful interior which has a red carpet rolling out taking you into a seductive embrace.

The Murano has everything you’d expect from a $150,000 luxury European 4WD, yet it’s less than half the price.


Apart from looking great and having a defined presence on the road, it’s actually a tough and robust vehicle with some serious off-road capabilities. A real 4WD with buttons inside to alter your off-road experience. Because it is a test drive, I am unable to take it off-road, but having owned a Nissan X-Trail Ti myself, it’s off-road capabilities are outstanding. It does and goes where you want it to… And you worry less about damaging it because it’s cheaper!

The dual tail pipes, 18″ wheels and rear spoiler make it look more aggressive. Features like rain-sensing wipers and auto-sensing headlights help with the elements.

You either love it or you hate it – the exterior styling isn’t for everyone. This new refined model is definately more beautiful then the last model.


This car does everything plus a little more. Extra little refinements you wouldn’t expect for a Japanese brand that makes cars which are also affordable.

It’s the little buttons from the driver seat which I liked playing with. The electronically adjustable steering column, the electronic folding rear 2nd row seats, the keyless start/stop button, dual moonroof with electronic blinds, electronic tailgate, rear air-conditioning in the pillars between front and rear doors, satellite navigation, rear parking camera and many other small luxuries which make life that little bit easier and add a little bit of fun in the mix. The Bose sound system is wicked – 11 speakers plus 2 subwoofers! It’s crazy! Although – when it’s up loud… there are little rattles here and there which are annoying.

There is plenty of space for all passengers. The boot space is good, although the boot floor is a little high which limits the cargo area.

Driver comfort is almost flawless. Footwell is spacious, although I really don’t like the foot activated parking brake. I feel it should have been an electronic push button brake. The driver seat is electric and has 3 memory function. Satellite Navigation is easy to use, as well as all the other controls on the dash. I found everything to be in easy reach and the dash is attractive to look at.


Using the same 3.5 litre V6, 191kW engine as the Nissan Maxima, the Murano has a good amount of power behind it, even being such a large car.

If you’re after quick acceleration, top speeds and a fun quick shift engine,  maybe try elsewhere. The tiptronic works well, but just didn’t do it for me…  Just keep it in auto and enjoy the smooth ride.

The thing I didn’t like (well… miss rather) is the sound of the engine. When  I drive a big chunky 4×4, I want to hear the high pitch ringing noise that  European luxury 4×4′s have under heavy acceleration. I think it’s a Euro  thing – like the heavy thud of the solid doors. I guess the Japanese will catch  up one day.


Outside safety includes the sharp white Xenon headlights and rear LED lights which are bright and quick.

Again this car has all the European car safety features, 2 front, 2 side and 2 curtain airbags, traction control, electronic brake distribution (EBD), ABS and all the other features that make this car super safe and perfect for the young family.

Braking is good, but doesn’t have that strong solid feel as the Audi Q5 I test drove recently. It has a very Japanese feeling once again… Slightly tinny.

Likes: I love the little touches here and there – like the electronic folding rear seats, moonroof blind and start button for the price range. Also Nissan finally make a good looking key!

Dislikes: The typical Japanese feel – not the solid ‘real’ thud of the door feeling. It has the fake solid thud by adding extra rubber seals.

Would I buy it: Absolutely! Well… yes and no. If I wanted a real luxury car, but didn’t quite have the cash to purchase a European one, I would buy it. If I wasn’t fussy about brands, I’d definately would. A Nissan wouldn’t ever be on my consideration list otherwise.

Price: $62,000 driveaway! This is for the top of the range Murano Ti.

Final say: Great car, great package, luxurious, comfortable, intelligent, stylish, alot of fun with strong presence on the roads. BUT as I’ve said many times about other cars, it depends on the colour combination. If you get a dull colour, you’ll have a dull car! Spec up and choose your colours wisely.

Like A Shotgun Off The Lights – The Audi Q5

September 28th, 2010

I was handed over the key to my black Audi Q5, with the disclaiming words… “Becareful, it’s fast.”

I thought to myself… “Thankyou. A) I know how to drive a fast car and B) I’ve driven cars like the Jaguar XKR and Mercedes C63, so don’t tell me how to drive!”

As I left the car park, I drove slowly out to the street, till I got to the lights. They turned green and the roads were clear. I floored it expecting nothing too exciting. Then BANG! after a 1 second delay (the car goes into neutral when you are stopped and apply the brake), the car shot like a gun, hitting 60 before I could even look down. My head was literally thrown back into the black leather headrest.

Ok… I should rewind back to the beginning. When I first saw the Audi Q5, I thought it was boring, drab and about as exciting to look at as the new Nissan Dualis. But then I saw one on the road which I hadn’t seen before. Black metallic paint, dark tinted windows, polished chrome trimmings, chrome side steps and enormous 22″ wheels. I did the double take. Then a squint of my eyes to see what it was – it was the Q5 to my suprise.

Off to Audi I went, with the expectation of being disappointed because the S5 Cabriolet disappointed me so much. But I test drove the Q5 and boy I was hooked.

So let’s fast forward back to where I was. This car has balls! Massive ones at that. For a 2.0 litre SUV, it has get up and go! The gearbox works away at ease, with the 7 speed steptronic transmission making gear changing, whether you’re in automatic or manual a silky ride. There are paddles behind the steering wheel if you choose not to change the gears at the centre console.


Bold, agile and charismatic. If this car were a person, it would be Daniel Craig as James Bond. Smooth and fast. Functional and easy. Fun but also sensible. Beautiful lines. A toned body. And a big wide…. grille.

But it just depends on the model you get and how you customise it. Most of the Q5′s I’ve seen on the road look terrible. They have small wheels, terrible colour combinations and are the basic model, which looks like some sort of basic model Honda.

To make this car stand out – it needs to have a little more cash thrown at it and customised to make it look rough and sexy.


Opening the door, the height is perfect for me to glide in and out of, but with the feeling of sitting a little bit over everyone else. The leather seats are comfortable for short and long periods of driving whether it be traffic or freeway. My arms always have a place to rest with the adjustable sliding middle armrest, which is the lid to the centre console.

Infront of the centre console is a little feature I quite admire – the cooling and heating cup holders. Unlike you’re regular cooling or heating cup holders which just have a vent from the airconditioning, these ones actually have a heating element, and a refrigeration system in them, which gets super hot, and really cold!

The gears are easy to change if you are keeping it in automatic, but if you change it to steptronic and change the gears manually, it can get confusing as you naturally expect pushing the gear towards the dashboard would go up a gear, infact it goes down.

I found this same issue being on the infotainment system built into the dashboard with the large LCD screen. When you are selecting anything from radio, to iPod, the air conditioning or the telephone, the knob works the opposite way. This could have something to do with the changing of driving side perhaps for Australian roads. You’d expect to turn things down by turning the knob to the left, infact, it also works the opposite way. The steering wheel controls are very simple and clear to use, although anything on the steering wheel is to be viewed on the small screen between the speedo and tacho. So I sometimes forget which screen to look at.

Using the iPod/iPhone docking station in the glove compartment is a little stressful – you simply plug it in, that’s the easy part.You then control your music from the main LCD screen on the dash. As much as I loved this feature, that’s the hard part. The standard sound system is phenomenal! But if you opt for the Bang & Olufsen premium system, you are in for a special treat. This is one monster sound system. When you hear your favourite songs, it’s like hearing them brand new all over again. Amazing.

The airconditioning is easy to use, once you get used to it. Instead of just pressing one button to change fan speed or temperature, you need to select what you’d like to change, then change with the knob. So there’s 2 steps to doing a simple task – making you take your eyes off the road.

Rear seating is a little cramped, but is sufficient for a vehicle of it’s size. There is a fold down armrest with pop out cup holders which actually work!


Braking in this car is excellent. It’s stops as quickly as it took to take off. Airbags everywhere, warning lights and chimes to tell you to put your seatbelt on, service the car, and do all the bits and pieces most other cars tell you to do.

Front and rear parking sensors (optional), great internal and external lighting and a strong push button electronic parking brake, this car has the features most of it’s dearer contenders carry.

On and off road

On road it’s smooth and carries itself well. In a straight line.

But in an emergency where you may need to do tricky maneuvering with the steering wheel – goodluck. It lacks response and the “you point it and it will go” feeling. Over steer and unbalanced traction when accelerating heavily makes it feel a little unstable.

Off road, it’s simply not high enough to clear rough terrain. The simple gravel driveways, corrugated dirt roads and paddocks will be tackled easily, but anything more, and it will struggle.

Likes: It’s very pleasing to look at, if you have spent extra to customise it. The heated/cooled cupholders. The sound system. The looks you get once you’ve spent that extra money to make it look amazing – you get that look from people who are puzzled, it looks amazing, but what is it?

It’s very fuel economical. It’s only a 2.0 litre and the tank goes on and on. The sound of the engine when revved.

Great visibility from all angles. Comfortable steering wheel.

Dislikes: To do simple things like change the radio, temperature, fan, choose music – it takes several steps and takes your eyes off the road too much. The over-steer/under-steer and strange under/over traction.

Would I buy it? Of course! I love it. Make sure you get it with the panoramic glass roof, huge wheels and a gorgeous colour combination, and you will have a couple of years looking at it and still appreciating it’s sexiness.

Price: My one was Audi Q5 2.0L TFSI Quattro which was $71,500 after addition of wheels and a few extras.

Final say: I’m an Audi convert. I’m also an SUV convert. Being a convertible guy, I’ve easily slipped into the SUV club and I like it. You get just as many envious looks as you would in a convertible.

Passat CC – The Under $100,000′s Have A Strong Contender

April 14th, 2010

I’m not the biggest fan of the current range of Volkswagens, especially that hideous Tiguan. The range of cars seem to lack any form of classic styling, and don’t seem to step ahead in technology for other cars in the same price range.

With all of this in the back of my head, I felt obliged to accept the invitation by VW to come in and test drive the new Passat CC.

I had seen the Passat CC many times on the road, and thought it was just a copy of the Mercedes CLS (still remains one of the most attractive Mercs ever made), but cheaper. I thought VW was jumping on the 4 door, 4 seater saloon bandwagon. But how could a VW Passat CC possibly compare to that of the CLS, Audi S5 Sportsback and Porsche Panamera? Well they can’t, considering the Passat CC is under $100,000, and the others are over. But does price matter?

As I approached the Passat CC, it gave me special tingles. There was something about it that just gave me an urge. Sitting in the showroom, in silver, black tinted windows, black interior and huge wheels, it sat there like a coporate fat cat leaning back in his leather office chair with a cigar. It made all the other little cars around it quiver in their boots.

It’s big. It’s wide. It’s long. It’s chunky. It’s beautiful.

I opened the door, and the window electronically dropped down, which is what most convertibles and the Mercedes CLS do. First sign that they aren’t just pretending to be part of the 4 door, 4 seater Saloon pack. The sexy thin and small windows make this look like a performance vehicle – very similar to the CLS and the Chrysler 300c.

I climbed in, slammed the door shut and instantly felt at ease. The first 5 seconds of sitting in the car, I said I loved it. I hadn’t even turned it on yet. I felt safe, snug, secure. The dash was attractive, somehow looking nothing like the Passat sedan. It didn’t resemble a Golf, Polo, Tiguan or Touareg. It sat in a styling class of its own. Was I impressed? I sure was.

Turning on the largest engine in the range of VW vehicles, the V6, 220kW petrol engine felt liberting. Like I just threw my bra on a fire. (Or not?!) There is a diesel option available too, with 125kW of power and alot more fuel efficiency. The diesel lags abit for it’s size and weight.

It did a quick roar, then quietened down to a purr. All the pretty lights, screens and buttons illuminated. I had a play with my 12-way electrically adjustable seat functions. The sumptuous leather seats are heated and also ventilated, which I liked. The rear seats are also heated with dials in the back for the passengers. The giant glass roof slid open and I put down electric sunblind in the rear window, letting the Autumn sun soak the interior.

Lots of little touch compartments pop open, with storage for silly things. The dual climate controlled air conditioning is easy to use, and looks good. It doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap, like a Golf. The steering wheel needs a little bit of refining, but I couldn’t complain for the price. It is still functional and feels good.

The center console is also good looking, the gear shifter is odd looking, but not hard on the eyes. The center console is a little boring, with just a big box. There is a slide open compartment infront of the console, which is fairly basic too. The glove box is chilled when the air con is on. The sales person thought that feature would impress me – if that’s all he had to impress me, was it all down hill from there?

Driving out of the show room, I loved the feeling of the large engine as I accelerated. It sounded a little like a Donzi. It was asking me to push it hard. I pushed it hard and it packed a good punch. It’s not afraid to go when you want it to. It’s loved stopping too. One thing I will give VW, 9/10 on braking.

The ride was gentle, smooth and refined. Suspension is soft and supple.

It has all the comforts of a decent luxury car; optical parking system, satellite navigation, reverse camera, bluetooth and so on…

I like the car very much, and really enjoyed my test drive.

Likes: Seating comfort, glass roof, high specification for price, neat and tidy boot mechanism, tan leather option, diesel option is $10,000 cheaper then the petrol. Petrol is all wheel drive.

Dislikes: Rear centre console should be appointed differently – perhaps add something electrical. It looks bare and empty. You may as well put another seat in it’s place. Steering wheel could be a little more refined. Diesel engine is a little small for a car of it’s size and weight. The car only seems to look beautiful, depending on the colour combination you get. I have seen some on the road that look boring, but only because of the colour combinations. The two-tone leather interior option is not available in Australia.

Would I buy it? Thats hard to answer. If I was going to spend around $75,000 on a four door car, I’d be looking elsewhere. The reason you’d buy this car is for the seating configuration. If I wanted a four seater, with the comfort of four doors, then yes. But if I was prepared to pay more for the same style, I would definately go for the Mercedes CLS.

Price: Petrol engine – $71,000 on road. Diesel engine – $61,000 on road. The car I test drove was the diesel with the glass roof and satellite navigation package, on road cost is $76,000.


Kings Lane Sandwiches – The Kings of Sandwiches!

March 18th, 2010

Tucked away in a cute little Darlinghurst lane is Aaron and Agata’s sandwicharia called Kings Lane Sandwiches.

It’s included as part of the small food precinct below the Republic Apartments.

When you walk into Kings Lane Sandwiches, you are greeted by the young attractive owners, their big smiles and glistening white teeth (for some reason I noticed their really white teeth!). They are laughing, having fun with the other customers and enjoying what they do. You instantly feel warmed by them.

You’ll notice on the left hand side, around the huge mirror, there is graffiti all over the wall. It’s actually autographs and testimonials from their famous clientele who swear they have the best sandwiches in Sydney.

So it’s my turn to try a sandwich and see what Alex Demidriades, Fuzzy and Kate Fischer are on about. Reading through the graffiti on the wall, there are many comments about the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, so that made my decision very easy – “Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich please Aaron”.

I went to the cute and cosy courtyard at the back of the store and read the paper while I wait for my sandwich. I was super excited and super hungry!

Out came Aaron with the BIGGEST sandwich I have EVER seen in my life. At first I thought, ‘Is this a joke?’

No, it wasn’t a joke – these guys are for real. The gorgeous soft brown bread, hand cut to about 2″ per slice (no joke!) the abundance of crispy brown chicken schnitzel, the herb mayo and lettuce.

I attempt to wrap my mouth around this huge sandwich! First bite was heaven! The schnitzel reminded me of my Mum’s schnitzel, and the herb mayo is simply perfect. I completely demolished the sandwich like a pig, and was very full by the end. I loved it.

They make all their own ingredients on the premises daily.

Kings Lane Sandwiches also cater for functions, events, businesses etc. They have repeat clients such as Audi, Lotus, MTV, Government  Departments, Luxe Studios, the list goes on.

Other celebrity regulars include Jason Coleman, Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes.

I thoroughly recommend you visit Kings Lane Sandwiches, my experience was more then pleasant and can’t wait to get back there for another chicken schnitzel hit!

As Kate Fisher said “I will never suffer bulemia again!”

Check out their website for the menu and catering information.


1/28 Kings Lane, Darlinghurst – (02) 9360 8007

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