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CARTOON ANZAC HOTTIE – Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith

April 28th, 2012

Australia’s most highly decorated currently serving member of the Australian Defence Force and any other Commonwealth army, a recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia (the highest award in the Australian honours system) in 2010, recipient of a Medal for Gallantry awarded during a tour of Afghanistan in 2006, devoted husband & father of twin daughters, and recently named the new number one ticket holder for the Fremantle DOCKERS AFL club… CORPORAL BEN ROBERTS-SMITH!

FUN FACTS: The incredibly muscular 2 Metre tall Aussie soldier appeared on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine and explained how his workouts are “built for battle” using combinations of exercises, weights and running that mimic combat demands, and that his favourite workout is the torturous boot camp burpee – a four-step full body exercise used in strength training… yikes!