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10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS – 1. The Philanthropic Foodie

December 14th, 2011

The first of my 10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS for 2011 is The Philanthropic Foodie.

The idea was conceived to create a unique Christmas gift, offering the ultimate snap shot of Sydney’s cult culinary elite. Most importantly, while devising something so innately opulent and indulgent, with all profits to be given to Sydney’s homeless charity, Youth Off The Streets.

The Philanthropic Foodie proudly introduces Love Sydney, an inspirational Christmas gift for Sydney-siders with a shared love of fine food, beautiful beverages and great living. Without doubt the coolest hamper this Summer, Love Sydney’s unique offering sources products from only award winning cult Sydney restaurants, delis and bakeries, not traditionally available in hamper format. These brands and personalities include Christine Manfield (Universal, Darlinghurst), Jarod Ingersoll (Danks Street Depot, Cotton Duck), Will Young (Campos), the Palumbo brothers (Gelato Messina), David Mcguinness (Bourke Street Bakery), Simon Johnson, the Harris family (Harris Farm Markets) and more..

Other highlights include “Bvlgari sparkles S.Pellegrino” limited edition mineral water, hand drawn Christmas Card by Sneaky Sound System’s Daimon Downey, and a freshly pressed CD album from über Sydney record label Future Classic.

With 36,000 Australian teenagers homeless this Christmas, The Philanthropic Foodie are hoping to raise $25,000 for Youth Off The Streets via the donation of all hamper profits.

I think this is an amazing gift to give or receive and all profit raised goes to a great cause at this time of the year.

The Philanthropic Foodie is available now, from $150-$250, while stocks last, exclusively from www.foodie.org.au, delivered Australia wide to your door.

Bulgari Rose Gold And Ceramic B.Zero Rings!

February 23rd, 2011

They have been out for a little while, but still worth a mention. Bulgari, one of my favourite jewelry and accessory brands now has an updated version of the B.Zero ring. Now available in black or white ceramic, with 18 carat rose gold, you can dress up a nice warm Autumn outfit, with a fabulous pair of gold framed and tortoise shell glasses (stay tuned for my pick of glasses!).

Now this isn’t just for girls… This is also for guys too! But guys, go for the black one. It’s tough, it’s beautiful and it’s a revised classic.

Get it at Bulgari stores around the country from $1,150.


December 24th, 2010

It’s after 5am on Christmas Eve as I write this, unable to sleep. At 1:30am my home was broken into by a burglar, who went through my entire apartment, sifting through everything I own – while I was sleeping.

I was woken up by a flashlight in my bedroom, while he was unplugging my iPhone from it’s charger that was on my bedside table about 30cm from my head.

It took a while to figure out what was stolen. My iPhone (my life), some white gold Bulgari rings and an amazing Swarovski crystal watch. Some of my most valuable and sentimental possessions.

As I woke up and chased the burglar out of my apartment, I saw him jump off my balcony (many floors up!).

Now whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you secure your property before going away on holidays, going out for NYE or even leaving the house on Christmas day – these pathetic excuses for human life do exist and will go to almost any length to get what they want.

I have 24 hour security, my apartment is secure and up high – but this doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you – so be aware.

As the event runs through my mind, I think about how I could have been seriously hurt, especially if he had a weapon. At the time, I had no issues confronting him because of my rage, but in a way, it’s lucky it wasn’t confrontational and only materials things were taken.

A message to the burglar: I know you will probably read this (if you can read) because my website and cartoon is on the iPhone cover and screen. You will be caught. You left prints on everything. Don’t try selling the jewelry either – you’ll also be caught as all the stores have the serial numbers of each item. I hope you broke a leg when you jumped. Merry Christmas.

Adrian Erdedi

PS – Thankyou JING tea, Café Del Mar and my Glasshouse Gold Frankincense and Myrrh candle for calming me down as I mend some very sore and bruised hands from banging down a door! How very dramatic!

The Best A Man Can Get – Bulgari Cufflinks

July 16th, 2010

What is the one accessory that a man can get away with wearing, to top off the sharp suit, shirt, tie and shoes he’s wearing?

Cufflinks of course!

My favourite cufflinks are by Bulgari, especially the B.Zero cufflinks which are pictured above. They are made of sterling silver and around $440, but they are the ultimate piece that caps off the perfect tailored outfit. Feeling and looking confident for a meeting, interview or presentation is important, suprisingly a small touch like cufflinks can polish off that look.

I love the B.Zero cufflinks because I have the matching B.Zero white gold ring, so that’s a personal preference of mine. There are so many cufflinks available, in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and with diamonds. I also love the diamond cufflinks.

Check them out on the website – www.bulgari.com

Remember when it comes to cufflinks, too much is never too much. It’s all about excess.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Party – Sydney Opera House

July 15th, 2010

Weddings are one of the biggest events couples will have in their lives. They will also be the most expensive and most elaborate.

So when planning your wedding, where do you start when you want only the best? You can only start from one spot. Sydney Harbour.

On Wednesday 15th September, the Opera Point Marquee will turn into a fairytale playground for soon to be brides and grooms at the third annual Ultimate Wedding Planning Party. Sydney’s premiere wedding venue at the Sydney Opera House will hold 2 sessions this year: Lunchtime from 12:00pm – 2:00pm and a Gala Evening Session from 6:00pm.

The event is all about brides and grooms mingling with Sydney’s elite in the wedding industry, and taking their advice and suggestions on everything to make your day memorable.

You’ll be treated like stars, with champagne and canapés upon arrival. You will be able to pick up insider tricks of the trade as you chat one on one about your upcoming nuptials while strolling through the interactive and visually stunning booths.

What exactly can you expect in the lunchtime and evening sessions?

Steven Khalil, Rhonda Hemmingway and Amsale for Angela Wilson take us through the latest in bridal couture.
• Reception styling ideas by fabulous celebrity wedding planner Anthony Del Col from Staging Connections.
• A live cake decorating demonstration from the elite Planet Cake, the ‘celebrity’s choice’ wedding cake designers.
• Stunning Floral displays by celebrity wedding florist, Mandalay Flowers.
• How to look fabulous in your wedding photos by celebrity photographer, gm photographics.
Peter’s Of Kensington and Riedel glassware showcases wedding gifts and gift registry trends.
• Couture wedding stationery by Letter Bird Lane.
• Make-up and skincare workshops from the talented artists at Bobbi Brown and Amy Erbacher beauty.
• A unique venue and catering experience provided by ’Opera Point Events at Sydney Opera House’.

My fav part is the goodie bag! You’ll leave the event with a gift bag worth over $500 featuring gifts from Jo Malone, Riedel, and Bobbi Brown cosmetics, Bvlgari and many more!

Too bad for me… I’m single and am not planing to get married – I’d love to attend!

Limited tickets available, Lunch session: $50.00, Evening Gala: $80.00 and can be purchased from www.moshtix.com.au

For more information visit www.ultimateweddingplanningparty.com.

The House of Boucheron Creates Perfection

March 18th, 2010

If you know me well, you will know I love my jewelry – especially rings. There’s nothing more luxurious then wearing an outstanding ring made of gold, rather large in size and striking. For men, just one signature ring, women can get away with more.

I have a Bulgari 5-band B-Zero white gold ring, which I am starting to get over now. So I am on the search for a new piece which is something special. As I’ve got older, I’ve thought I could start to drift into the yellow and white gold combination.

I can stop the search. I have found exactly what I want.

This is the Quatre Ring Diamonds made by the French jewelry makers, Boucheron. This ring is actually made of white, yellow rose and chocolate gold. I didn’t even know chocolate gold existed! The exquisite effects used on this ring make it one dramatic piece. It has an embossed rose gold, a white gold with a row of diamonds, a chocolate embossed diamond point and a yellow godron motif. Priced at $12,100 with diamonds. There is an option without diamonds, $5950.

If this is not one of the most beautiful men’s rings you have ever seen, I’m not too sure what is?

Available at 178 Jersey Rd, Woollahra – (02) 9007 5330