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Love LiLo and Uber

May 19th, 2014


I love how the tumultuous life of Lindsay has come-good and she’s now a fabulously chic icon…

Lindsay used the UberJET app on her phone to order a private jet from London to Cannes. As you do.

Staying at the Four Seasons, Lindsay ordered an UberJET on her smartphone to fly out to the Cannes film festival on Sunday (18/05).

After ordering the luxury Cessna Citation 2, provided by private jet and yacht firm Goodwill, which costs €6490, she was picked up at the Four Seasons, in London’s Mayfair district.

She had so much luggage she needed two extra UberLux cars (both BMW 7 Series) to take her to Luton airport where her plane took off at 11am flying to Cannes Mandelieu airport with fashion blogger Vas Morgan and her stylist Manny.

The plane she was in had cream leather seats and mahogany tables. There was an open bar filled with champagne. Hmmm… That could be dangerous for poor old LiLo. (See picture below that she took on the flight for Instagram)

After getting off the jet Lindsay was later seen wearing a glam gold dress (pictured) Participant Media’s tenth anniversary bash aboard thee stunning multimillion dollar superyacht Oasis.

Tough for some isn’t it.


Guiseppe Zanotti’s Embellished Shoes And Clutch

June 21st, 2010

Luxuriously embellished with bilberry crystals, this stunning Giuseppe Zanotti black suede peep-toe shoes and clutch look so unbelievably perfect together, with a stunning black dress, natural make-up and little or no jewellery.

Both classically styled, they shoot up to a different level with the sparkling electric cobalt-blue crystals, which add abit of rock-star glamour. Guiseppe Zanotti is hands down one of the worlds most creative, cutting edge designers, creating shoes which are more like artworks which should be admired on a pedestal. Worn by the world’s biggest celebrities, you too can wear them!

Not much needs to be said, the pictures say everything. Sexy. Classy. Glamourous.

Around $825 for the shoes and $1230 for the clutch.

Available to purchase on www.GuiseppeZanottiDesign.com