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Sydney Kings Basketball Team Launches New Season In Style

October 14th, 2012


This was definately the one of the week… Perhaps the one of the month!

Sydney based basketball team, The Sydney Kings, threw a star‐studded cocktail event to celebrate the launch of their up‐coming season. My oh my, what an event it was!

‘The Night Parrot’ on William Street glowed to the passing traffic and pedestrians, as the exterior of the heritage‐listed building was lit with the Kings colours, purple and yellow with light installation projectors. As we came down William Street, we knew exactly where the party was at.

The path outside the building was lined with large white plinths, leading to the front gate and venue entry where the vibe was electric. Through the gate and down the ‘purple‐carpet’ we were greeted by a media pit that had every celeb, A-list to D-list getting interviewed.

As we left the purple‐carpet and moved inside, we were greeted by welcoming wait‐staff serving incredible hand crafted canapés and drinks. The large space was decorated with floating purple lights hanging from the rafters, elegant purple and gold tablecloths over high cocktail tables and music flowing from the resident Sydney Kings DJ, Jordan. The ambience was that of a sophisticated cocktail party, and every single one of us were immediately impressed.

The delightfully gorgeous NATARSHA BELLING greeted us as the official host, announcing the give‐away of two, business class return tickets to Los Angeles from UNITED AIRLINES. As soon as I found my spot with my friends, the gorgeous wife of LARRY EMDUR, SYLVIE, ran over to me asking what I was going to tweet for the chance to win the business class airfares. Why do I love The Sydney Kings and what I would do in LA, with the hashtag #UnitedHoops was all I had to do to enter! But sadly, I didn’t win. Natarsha announced the very lucky winner of the return tickets to Los Angles. Tweeting, ‘@TheSydneyKings Go shopping Julia­Roberts­Pretty­Woman style and see if they’d serve me in the Lion suit #UnitedHoops’, the lucky winner was Holly Kagis!

After the formalities were concluded, Natarsha announced the performance of COSIMA DEVITO, the first independent Australian artist in history to have a debut number one single, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Cosima put on an outstanding, rock-solid performance, proving she is going to be a come-back! Following Cosima was the new talent from Sony Music MIRACLE performing his new single ‘Party of the Year‘, and then finishing the night off with WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT performing ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Pay Phone’, contestants from the current season of the X FACTOR on Channel 7.

After an evening of great Alizè cocktails, champagne and delicious food, my group left very happy with a heavy gift bag containing a heap of treats to spoil myself with. You can never leave feeling empty when you’re leaving with a bag this full!

Other guests included the very sweet SKYE LECKIE, JOHNATHAN NOTLEY from Bliss n Eso, Editor ROS REINES, singer and dancer TIMOMATIC, ‘I Will Survive’ contestants TOM SHARAH and STEPHEN MAHY, Model and DJ ROCHELLE FOX, ‘The Morning Show’ on Seven co‐host LARRY EMDUR, DR NIKKI GOLDSTEIN, gorgeous SHELLEY HORTON, Home & Away star DAN EWING and his delightful fiancé MARNI LITTLE, Breakfast on Ten co‐host MAGDALENA ROZE, BARRY DU BOIS and my favourite Spaniard MIGUEL MAESTRE from Channel 10’s The Living Room, Home & Away stars LINCOLN YOUNES and NIC WESTAWAY, star of ‘Underground’ ALEX WILLIAMS, JORDAN FINLAYSON and JIMMY REILLY from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, actor and model JUSTIN MELVEY.

This was a star studded, food flooded, cocktail covered event which had the biggest and whitest smiles on everyone’s faces. A truly memorable time…

I must give a huge credit to the fantastic effort Running Romeo PR put in to make this event a success. It’s not often the people who actually organise and run these events on the night get a mention or credit, but these guys did an AMAZING job! Well done!!




June 20th, 2012

SUPER HOT Perth born concreter, R&B/ Pop singer, songwriter & dancer who placed third in Australian talent show THE X FACTOR in 2011, recently signed a recording contract with SONY Music and is currently working on an exciting debut single and album, in a busy 2012 was a supporting act for X FACTOR 2011 winner Reece Mastin’s first headlining national tour, a supporting act for the Australian leg of ONE DIRECTION’s “Up All Night” tour, came runner-up in CLEO magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year competition, was support act on the Australian leg of the NKOTBSB tour and sensational winner of the 12th season of popular Network Seven TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS… JOHNNY RUFFO!

FUN FACTS: Ruffo cites Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé Knowles and Lady Gaga as his musical influences, with their performance styles inspiring him to combine his love for singing and dance!



May 14th, 2012

Australia’s beloved “Daytime TV Queen”, popular, professional and personable host of GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA for 11 years, received 3 Gold LOGIE nominations for her work as compere of daytime-variety TV show MIDDAY, hilariously hosted MORNINGS WITH KERRI-ANNE with many memorable guests including an intoxicated John Stamos and famously enticed politician Peter Costello to do the Macarena, a talented Caberet singer and recording artist she was parodied by singer and comedian Gina Riley on the TV comedy show Fast Forward and has sensationally joined the cast in the 2012 season of Seven Network’s DANCING WITH THE STARS… KERRI-ANNE KENNERLY!

FUN FACTS: Partnered by HOT professional dancer Carmelo Pizzino, Kerri-Anne is dancing for LOOK GOOD…FEEL BETTER for which she is patron. The charity conducts workshops for women suffering from cancer to help disguise some of the ill effects of treatment.

CALL 1902 55 77 10 or
SMS KERRI-ANNE to 191 1777



February 23rd, 2012

SUPER BUFF 23 year old Melbourne based Promotional Model, Topless Waiter, Male Stripper, ex footballer for Seaford TIGERS & East Brighton VAMPIRES and founder of popular Topless Waiter & stripper Agency “Men in Action”… ANDREW MARGLIANI!

FUN FACTS: Andrew sensationally appeared as a male stripper on Network 7′s hit TV show WINNERS & LOSERS and is a big fan of Hardcore Screamo metal music!




May 16th, 2011


Pin-up son of former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, young entrepreneur, buff catwalk model at the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, underwear model for American Crew, Bonds & Renegade, 2011 Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist, controversially appearing bare chested and gagged in the raunchy music clip for “The Things” by Shara Jey Ft Tommie Sunshine and currently a hot contestant on the 2011 season of Channel 7′s Dancing with the Stars raising money for the charity beyondblue… NICK BRACKS!

FUN FACTS: Help raise support and awareness about depression and beyondblue by voting for NICK BRACKS on Dancing with the Stars …Call 1902 55 77 17 or Message Nick to 191 777 as many times as possible over the next week!


Brooke Fraser’s SUPERB New Video Clip For “Betty”

December 22nd, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

If you read my site often, you’d know I’m a big fan of Brooke Fraser. But the new video clip “Betty” has got me in love with her even more.

It’s perfectly styled, it’s perfectly set, perfectly filmed. Brooke is funny, sarcastic and acting the way we would if we were singing to our favourite songs in the car, thinking we were the star. She is fabulous, I can’t say much more.

Check out the review on her current album Flags HERE.


Music Review: Brooke Fraser – Flags – “This is what making music from soul, heart and experience is all about”

October 29th, 2010

Review by Adrian Erdedi and images by Nirrimi Hakanson

Today my family and I will be laying my Grandfather to rest. A tough time for all of us and a time that not much can make better. But to me, a death is a time of rejoicing someone’s life; celebrating their achievements and the love they have brought to your lives.

A strange way to open a music review I know, but the one album I have been listening to non-stop for the past week is by one of my top 5 favorite artists of all time – Brooke Fraser. Brooke has just released her third highly anticipated album called Flags.

Flags makes me happy.

It’s an album of positivity, good feeling, rejoice and survival. I’m smiling. All the tracks on Flags are sung by Brooke, but don’t come from Brooke. She has written them, from the stories of others. From their experiences, their love, their loss.  They still come from her heart. Simply sensational.

New Zealand born Brooke is a gorgeous tall, dark haired girl. From a religious family, her music is deep and touching. In 2003 What To Do With Daylight was her first album – great songs that you can sing to over and over again, in a way that Brooke Fraser makes her own. Her second album came in 2005, Albertine. This one of the most inspiring creations I’ve ever heard in my life. Brooke tells the story of her travels to Rwanda, the people she meets, the people who touched her life and the sadness and trauma that these people go through everyday – one of these people being Albertine. If there is ever an album I highly recommend you listen to, it will be Albertine. You are guaranteed to be emotional.

Starting off the album is the wonderful cloud clearing and joyous track, Something In The Water, which has just been used to promote channel 7‘s Home & Away. You’ll start bopping away to the catchy melody; I guarantee you’ll have this track on repeat. “There’s something in the water that makes me love you like I do” is the main line in the chorus; I would assume it’s about her marriage to her husband between albums.

The next song on the album, which I absolutely love, is Betty. A song about an unapproachable, but cool girl, who hides her Canadian-shaped birthmark. Yes, a metaphor for all the other things she is afraid to show people – herself. Again, another song, which is lively, and oozes with Brooke Fraser’s style – a pop-alternative approach with big band style.

A Brooke Fraser album wouldn’t be a Brooke Fraser album unless there was a beautiful ballad, which she is so magical at. For Who Are We Fooling she is completely flawless. This is a powerful duet with the awesome Matt Hales from Aqualung. Absolutely heart stopping.

Ice On Her Lashes – a track about the cycle of grief. A cycle for the first time in my life have experienced.

“There’s that moment when you get a phone call and find out that something life-shattering has happened and you look around and wonder how other people are still going about their daily lives, sitting in traffic or buying milk, when yours has just been changed forever,” Brooke says.

“The song is about how most of us will at some point be somewhere in that cycle. Life goes on and the pain doesn’t go away, but it becomes livable.”

I understand exactly what she is singing – I’m glad what I feel is normal. It’s human.

From a deeply emotive track, to Coachella. Bright, uplifting and a song, which you feel the smile, happiness and glee sung straight from Brooke’s mouth. The feeling this song gives you is so pleasing. You feel like just being around your best mates, having a BBQ or lunch at the beach, just appreciating life and what you have. The song reminds me of Sandi Thom‘s song, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker.

“Jack Jack Kerouac, Jack Jack Kerouac” Brooke sings in a real slap-stick folk style. But who is Jack Kerouac? Jack Kerouac is a French-Canadian novelist, poet and artist. The song is called… You guessed it! Jack Kerouac. If this song were a car, it would be an old daggy rusted blue early 80’s Cadillac convertible, with 4 best friends on a roadtrip through the desert in the US somewhere…

Sailboats and Crows & Locusts are two more stunning ballads, with strong emotionally resonant vocals and stunning instrumental. Just two more examples to prove that Brooke is a pure genius.

Crows & Locusts, a story of a farming family helplessly witnessing the decimation of their crops through various forms of pestilence, told through the eyes of the young daughter.

To finish off this album of survival, healing, loving and renewal, Flags kindly polishes the Brooke Fraser experience. A few moments to reflect and appreciate. Not just everything you have, but appreciate the phenomenal and consistently divine voice of a true musician. This is what making music from soul, heart and experience is all about.

I give this album a 9.5 out of 10. Amazing.

Brooke Fraser’s music has an ability to clear and cleanse. I’m not a spiritual or religious person, but the power of music is extraordinary.

If you have never heard her, please just have a quick listen to her – www.BrookeFraser.com

I write this review in loving memory of my Grandfather.

Adrian Erdedi


October 18th, 2010


Crack up comedian Co-Host of Australia’s Number One drive time radio show Hamish & Andy on the Today Network, named the Australian Comercial Radio Awards prestigious “Best on Air Team” for a third year in a row, co-host of the channel 7 variety TV show The Hamish & Andy Show and the hilarious TV Specials Caravan Of Courage: UK & Ireland, Caravan of Courage: USA and Learn India with Hamish & Andy (leading up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games), plus guest star appearances on TV shows Rove LiveSpicks & Specks and Thank God You’re Here… HAMISH BLAKE!

FUN FACTS: Hamish & Andy’s American Caravan of Courage saw the radio comedy duo travel 5,000 km from Miami to Los Angeles in a 2 week wacky adventure road trip and saw Hamish undertake a variety of dares and stunts including partying with cowboys in New Mexico and training to become a cheerleader in Texas!


The Specials – A Very Special Series Of Very Special People

September 24th, 2010

As most of you would know, Vimeo is another video search engine, like YouTube. Vimeo currently has a range of videos which are finalists in a few different genres, one of them being ‘Series’.

The finalist for this is “The Specials”, a reality video series of life inside a special needs home in the UK. There is a big house in Brighton, with 5 Down Syndrome adults living together with the cameras following them around capturing everything on their day to day life including love, heartache, new flatmates, dealing with all the things “normal” people deal with.

I have now become addicted to this series, I think it’s absolutely remarkable and these guys just constantly make me laugh. They are funny, sweet, cute and so kind to each other (sometimes!).

Please check out the video below, these are episodes 1 – 3.

Be sure to check out the rest www.the-specials.com

I’m Proud Of My Down Syndrome Sister…

April 28th, 2010

My sister Simone with her idols from Home & Away

On Anzac Day, my little Down Syndrome sister Simone turned 23 years old.

One of her presents from a relative was a brand new mobile phone – her first one ever.

I’m so proud of her because she has learnt to use this phone, learnt on her own or with little instruction how to type messages, call, lock and unlock and play games.

Something like that is simple and easy to people like us, who don’t have a disability – but for kids with disabilities, something as simple as turning on a mobile phone can be almost or completely impossible.

She is such a smart, clever girl, who has done me and my family so proud – especially over the past year after she went through radiation therapy numerous times and an operation. She is strong and still remains a happy girl every single day.

I love the fact I can now SMS her and it completely brightens up her day.

Down Syndrome people are the kindest and most gentle lovable people. You will see them cleaning up your tables at McDonald’s, or looking after the floor at the gym or working in somewhere like Lowes or another department store. Do them a favour and say thank you, or hello – you have no idea how much one simple word means to them. Alot of people are frightened to speak to these people, but they understand everything you are saying and would love nothing more then to interact with you. So say hello!

Simone – you make us all proud. Happy Birthday!


Visit www.dsansw.org.au for more of an understanding on Down Syndrome or to volunteer and donate to creating a better and more tolerant life for these amazing people!

Molly Meldrum – An Icon With Australia’s Most Famous Hat

March 15th, 2010

Hat wearing music producer, Host of the iconic ABC TV pop music show COUNTDOWN, contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS, music reporter for channel 7 and described as ”The single most important person in the Australian pop industry for forty years”… IAN “MOLLY” MELDRUM!

FUN FACT: A huge footy fan, Molly is the Number One ticket holder for his favourite AFL team The St Kilda SAINTS and NRL team The Melbourne Storm!