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The Wusthof Creme Ikon Collection – A Designer Touch

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Made in Solingen, Germany Wüsthof have set the standard for designing and manufacturing precision knives since 1814. Renowned all over the world for their uncompromising quality in the art of knife making, each Wüshtof knife is precision forged from a single piece of specially tempered, high carbon, stain resistant steel.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Well it is! But for me, it isn’t just about the construction. It’s actually beautiful to look at. It’s elegant and has an old world bone China charm to it – don’t you think?

Beyond its beauty, each knife is engineered to provide the perfect balance and weight required for effortless handling. This unique creme handle design will harmonize with the modern homes of white, beige or taupe. Fresh and clean… The way I like it! – (08) 9353 7819

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Raffles

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Raffles show a great success” tweeted Glynis Traill-Nash, one of Australia’s most prominent fashion editors, from her front row seat. Raffles College of Design and Commerce made a triumphant debut on the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week runway.  Showcasing a selection of talented past students from Raffles colleges both here and abroad, Raffles came to the fore as a prominent leader in fashion education.

The Raffles RAFW International Showcase featured three Sydney Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) graduates who were recently awarded the opportunity to showcase their work to fashion’s most respected and renowned critics from both Australia and abroad, by a panel of industry experts who included:  Dan Single (Ksubi), Nicola Finetti and Akira Isogawa.  Joining the home grown talent were two international graduates from the Raffles Shanghai and Singapore campus’.

The Raffles RAFW International Showcase featured:

• Byron McGilvray (Byron Bay, Australia);

• Peggy Hartanto (Sydney, Australia);

• Winson Tan (Sydney, Australia);

• Crystal Tsoi (Sydney, Australia);

• Erin Loh (Singapore);

• Zhigang ‘Del’ Chen (Shanghai, China).

With designs that demonstrated innovative thinking, commercial appeal and the exploration of trends, the showcase certainly impressed me, with positive feedback flowing in from all directions post show.

“Participating in RAFW will forever be a shimmering moment in my career,” explains Australian designer Peggy Hartanto of her RAFW experience. “The show went really well, even beyond my expectation.  To be involved in RAFW was really meaningful to me especially as a new, young designer. It is a big stepping stone into the industry for me.”

“Having designers from Shanghai and Singapore as part of the mix of our spring summer 2011 collection really defines the meaning of an Australia-Pacific fashion week,” explains Robert de Giovanni, Raffles Program Director, Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing.  “As the only private education provider participating in RAFW, Raffles fashion program is the only program of its kind in Australia that can really lay claim to be interacting with global markets to which our students now have direct access. Our course feeds directly into both established and emerging markets throughout the region in a way which is unique.”

A clean cut, smooth running and entertaining show… I thoroughly enjoyed myself. These guys really know how to put on a stylish show.

Antonia Paris Fashion Influenced By European Style

Friday, April 8th, 2011

ANTONIA PARIS is a Sydney-based fashion designer who, since graduating from the Fashion Business Intelligence Private College and attending ESMOD (Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode) in Sydney, has developed a growing label that continues to revamp itself.

ANTONIA PARIS has a love of great design and has always designed for the confident, nonchalant woman. The inspiration from this ANTONIA PARIS woman led to her first collection, which was shown in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2008, Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival 2008, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008 and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2009.

This year ANTONIA PARIS returns to the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week with vigor, showcasing her 2011/2012 Spring Summer collection.

Her passion for design and her love of travelling enabled her to expand her fashion vision. She has travelled through China, South Africa, Dubai, New-York, Los Angeles, Italy and France just to name a few.

Her first collection was influenced by European style, which was again a key theme for her follow up collection focusing on timeless Parisian style. Her eye for quality fabric and upcoming trends from the international runway has helped her develop the ANTONIA PARIS label into what it is today.

Previously the collections were available only on a made-to-order basis. However, ANTONIA PARIS is expanding her brand with the upcoming collection to be stocked in stores and available through her online store, accessible at

JING Tea – The Definitive Tea Experience – Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Written by Adrian Erdedi for

Herbal teas are my absolute favourite little luxury, something that I can just relax with at time poor moments.

Getting the right tea is important. Buying quality makes the biggest difference and since buying JING Tea from the UK, it really is a different tea drinking experience for me.

A couple of months back, I was at The Westin in Sydney and the teas they serve are all supplied by JING. I was so impressed by everything about JING from the packaging to the high quality tea bag, the tea leaves to the taste. A perfect tea experience.

I went to the website and discovered an entire tea drinking culture which is accessible to the World.

Everything on the website is available to purchase, and they deliver all over the World. Delivery has always been fast, safe and reliable.

Recently I purchased the beautifully simple JING glass one cup teapot set for myself, which I love because it’s completely made of hand blown glass and is of great quality. It looks great, it’s strong and keeps my tea hot!

I also purchased a range of teas, my favourite is the popular Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. With that, I also get Moroccan Mint and Peppermint, Genmaicha Green Tea and Blackcurrant and Hibiscus. I will eventually get through their enormous range of teas!

The amazing thing about the JING loose leaf tea is that on the packaging of each tea, it has the exact date and city of where each of the leaves were hand picked. It’s amazing to think that the tea you are drinking was only picked and packaged 3 or so week earlier in the Fujian Provence in China – or anywhere else in the world depending on which tea.

The teabags are also something to make particular mention of, and was one of the biggest selling points for me when I first saw the brand at The Westin. They are not made of the typical filthy paper, they are made of a biodegradable nylon mesh which perfectly infuses your tea. Also being a pyramid bag, it allows the tea leaves to move around freely in the bag.

All I can suggest is going to the website and checking out their amazing and enormous range of tea and teaware. The website is easy, informative and you can change it to your currency to tell you the costs of each product.

If you weren’t too sure of what to get someone for Christmas, this is definately the answer – you can never go wrong with a perfectly presented tea.