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Concrete Is The Way To Go With Concreate

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

After looking at so many different options for my parents new house, I have come across some pretty amazing things.

It’s not a brand new product and it’s not a revolutionary material, but it’s how it’s treated and where it’s used that is making it a popular and very attractive option in so many homes!

CONCRETE. Yep… Concrete.

I’ve had a look into and found that a Sydney based company called Concreate specialise in custom concrete creations for the

kitchen, bathroom and outdoor living area – from benchtops to bespoke tables, bathtubs, sills and steps to sinks and fireplaces.

Versatile and durable, concrete is a perfect partner to timber, brick, glass and stainless steel. It melds a rugged raw urban edge with a softer warm and sleek appeal.

Concreate design and build to the size and aesthetic each customer desires, so the concept of each piece is unique.

Whilst benchtops are at the core of what the company does, they love to innovate and can replicate almost anything in concrete.

They have combined concrete benchtops with bases of dramatic fabricated steel and timber designer replicas, and their latest work sees an entire table made of concrete.

At Grand Designs Live Sydney (October 2012), they showcased a design savvy way of bringing the outdoors in with the Concreate Harvest Table… A chunky, tactile concrete table in ‘Raw’ with a live wheatgrass centrepiece, a replica of the Emily Wettstein timber table.

Another recent addition to the range combines concrete benchtop with built-in sink, drainer and compost chute, resulting in a beautifully seamless product offering practicality and functionality.

Their new rubber mould system enables Concreate to replicate just about any shaped Concreation you conceptualise.

Choose from eleven colours such as the popular ‘Wild Rice’ or ‘Oyster’, or perhaps the green ‘Herb’ offers the pop of colour you are looking for. Alternatively specify your own custom colour.

Options such as a new rustic marble-effect or built-in lights also add your own personal stamp on these unique concrete creations.

Seriously check it out, I am absolutely loving this and making sure it’s something we use in the new house. It will look amazing!