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CARTOON GO-GO HOTTIE – Tristan Hamilton

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012



SUPER buff Go-Go Dancer, physique/ underwear/ swimwear Model, Fitness Instructor and unique Film Maker whose film career began with the short film DISCOBALLS (2000), followed by Nicholas Verso’s feature film MAX A CAUTIONARY TALE (2003), and popular queer short film DADDY’S BOY (2006) as well as various roles in low budget films, made controversial television appearances on Channel 7’s AUSTRALIAN TEMPTATION ISLAND & SUPRISE SUPRISE, has modelled for ANSEL condom packets and COCKSOX underwear, appeared in many magazine editorials and dance party posters, and continues to pay the bills by exploiting his assets… TRISTAN HAMILTON!

FUN FACTS: A talented performer, Tristan won the 2004 Melbourne Midsumma Festival Opening Night Talent Quest miming to Kelis’s MILKSHAKE song, and is currently working on his follow up short film which he describes as a John Waters / Wes Craven mash up horror / comedy romp!

TRISTAN HAMILTON is featured in TOONARAMA -The Exhibition @ ArtBoy gallery as part of the Melbourne Midsumma festival 2012!