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FSP Collections Springbok Cushions – The Wild Addition To Your Home

May 20th, 2010

Earlier this week I wrote about FSP Collection bags for men and women (click HERE to see), made of beautiful and luxurious Springbok from South Africa. But FSP Collection have also got cushions made of the divine Springbok hide, distributed by Djaafar.

The leather used to manufacture this Collection is environmentally friendly. All hides are obtained through South African Government approved animal herd reduction programs.

The springbok skin cushions are a distinctive accessory for the home – exquisitely tactile, resilient and  unique. They would suit most styles of décor – eclectic, modern, African, Tribal, Asian inspired. It could even be stretched out to being a real point of difference in a federation or Rococo style (which a black one would look great in my place!). It’s suitability is quite limitless.

To see the full range, please click HERE or visit www.djaafar.com

Amazing Leather Women’s & Unisex Bags By FSP Collection

May 19th, 2010

For those who believe life should be stylish and unique, I’ve found a range of women’s and unisex leather (Springbok) bags, which will set you apart from anyone else.

Originating from South Africa, the FSP Collection expresses both the vibrant colors inherent to African culture and the appreciation of natural environments.

I got an up-close and personal viewing of the collection, which showcases a variety of hides, used to create these stunning bags. FSP use hair-on hides, which retain a natural look of the skin. Springbok bags, also from FSP are made to be durable, but they are also one-of-a-kind. For those of you that don’t know what a Springbok is, it’s an Antelope.

In either the women’s handbag or the unisex satchel, there is a style or colour to suit you and your lifestyle. For me, it’s the tan and white hide bag. Natural, but absolutely striking!

I asked exclusive distributor Djaafar what the inspiration behind the FSP Collection was, “Inspired by the need to create striking yet functional handbags, the leather used to manufacture this Collection is not only environmentally friendly but ages beautifully with wear. The leather is tanned with the natural extracts from the bark of Wattle and Mimosa trees, using 100% natural translucent dyes to achieve its unique finish. The result is cheerful, lively colors with fruit as a central theme.”

All of the bags are available in a range of stunning colours. I urge you to consider one of these bags, you will have people stopping you in the street!

Immerse yourself in the pride and beauty of Africa.

For full range of colours, styles and more information visit the website for Australia and New Zealand:  www.djaafar.com.

FEDABOA Unisex Belts In 121 Colour Combinations

March 31st, 2010

When I first set my eyes on the image above. I looked at two things. What the girl is wearing and how stunning the girl is.

I immediately wanted to find out more on what she was wearing – because it is an amazing image! I went to the site and they described it perfectly – “Luxurious yet not flamboyant. Trendy and high quality”. She is wearing a range of belts by FEDABOA.

As I like to research everything I post on AdrianErdedi.com, I got in contact with FEDABOA so I could physically check out the range. When I saw the smorgasbord of colours to choose from, I was put under pressure – which colour do I like most?

I picked a vibrant red FEDABOA belt and tried it on. It look so great with the outfit I was wearing. Bright and cheery, yet definately not flamboyant or camp. I played with it and looked over the whole package. It’s strong, durable, fuctional, easy to adjust and easy to use. It is versatile and practical. They are made of 100% recyclable rubber and durable plastic, therefore making them waterproof – so they are great for skiers and divers and anything else that involes water really.

With 11 colours to choose from, including the choice to also purchase different coloured buckles which are easily removeable, you can make up to 121 colour combinations! The belts are also reversable… It’s crazy how cool these belts are!

After trying it on, I knew I had to purchase it. So the red FEDABOA waist belt came home with me. Once I got home, I opened up it’s über chic and dramatically packaged case and trimmed my belt to the perfect size. Simple.

Have a look at the website for more details of where to purchase and see these fantastic European big sellers!


Djaafar Necklace And Pendants – Fertility and Growth

March 24th, 2010

When I first met the striking owner and designer of Djaafar, Djaafar El Ghazi, I immediately became a fan of his brand.

His mildly mixed (Half German half Algerian) accent spoke about the products, telling me how he came about the designs, materials and how I would be able to wear it. The first thing that stood out to me were his necklace and pendants. Both pendant and necklace are made of sterling silver. The pendant is his logo, which symbolises fertility and growth in Arabic calligraphy. The name is represented four times in rotation, melding the four corners of the world to blend into one single element. This  is sealed with a circle representing the world to emphasise the global aspect of the brand. There is engraving all around the edges of the pendant with DJAAFAR in it several times. The detail is quite comprehensive.

It is all handcrafted and you have a choice of the collar bone or chest length necklace.

Djaafar is based in both Sydney and Berlin, therefore, the pendant is affectionately named Berlin. You can find this necklace and pendant exclusively stocked in stores around Sydney like SPACE Furniture and ATTIC Shop in Woollahra. See his website for full pricing, options and stockist details.

I loved the necklace and pendant so much, I bought one for myself. Having traveled much of the world, this pendant signifies for me the corners of the globe I have seen.