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Maja Hoffman Custom Mercedes Benz

July 23rd, 2013

Fancy a custom designed Maja Hoffman Mercedes Benz? ‪#‎mbfwswim‬ — at The Raleigh Mercedes-Benz Swim Week.


One Of The Best Coupés On Our Roads – Mercedes E-Class Coupé

April 21st, 2010

Seeing quite a few of them on the roads, I had to take a closer look.

The Mercedes E-Class Coupé. The epitome of style. Class. Sophistication.

Approaching the monumental Coupé which sits big and proud, I felt a sense of urgency. Urgency to get in the car and turn it on.

It’s been a long time coming. It’s rigid and squared body, strong bold lines and enormous louvered grille.

I opened the heavy door, and sat easily into the Coupé. Infront of me was a creation of excellence in engineering and cutting edge design and technology. A powerhouse of beauty. I am instantly in love with this car. The sense of urgency is immediately diminished. It is now pleasure.

The seats are simply stunning, looking very much like the seats in a Bentley, the Coupé has created a refined seating sensation. They look great, feel great and power adjustable to suit you. They also have air chambers inside, which can be changed to suit your driving or passenger experience. The option of heating and ventilation is available.

The intelligence of this car is astounding. A car that can sensor sunlight, air quality and humidity externally to keep the cabin at a constant temperature? A multimedia system with CD and DVD, navigation, audio and telephone functions – all voice activated? A car that has ultrasonic sensors which evaluate how you should park it – giving you directions on where to turn, reverse and go forward? A gearbox that can skip gears? These are only a minuscule of the features this car has.

Right, it’s time for my favourite part. Turning it on and getting it on the road! The petrol V6 with 215kW of power was an arousing moment. I felt like I needed a moment to myself, to hear, see and feel everything unfold around me. Out onto the road, where I could have a play with this baby! Oh boy, did this baby want to play. The effortless power that comes from the huge engine upfront is breathtaking. Being able to hear the engine through the wide open panoramic glass roof was just irresistible. This car just gets better and better.

Handling, superb!

Braking, superb!

Acceleration, remarkably superb!

Ride, superb!

Overall? SUPERB.

Such a small touch, but something that was obviously thought about, the rear quarter window. The back seat occupant have one large window that opens, but they also have one very small one tucked in the corner, which suprisingly adds so much character and style to the car. Who would have thought a small window could further excite me?

Another exterior feature that send me a little wild, the LED daytime driving lights which are one of the first things you’ll notice as an unfortunate bystander. They are shaped like a hockey stick. I love that they have strayed away from the straight lines Audi and Holden have used with their daytime LED’s.

This car is just pure exhileration. Pleasure and oozes sex appeal. With elements of Bentley and Maybach, this car is almost Mercedes perfection.

Likes: Standard seating comfort and aesthetics, panoramic glass roof and extra glass panel for rear occupants, small rear glass panel, raised centre console, extensive colour and combination options, looks big – drives small, the way it makes me feel.

Dislikes: The rear centre console is a little uneventful. There should be buttons for something – it needs something to play with.  Not much else… this car is almost perfect.

Would I buy it? Hell yes! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a convertible person. I had peek at the convertible and it didn’t excite me as much as the Coupé did – suprisingly! If I were going to buy it, I’d go for the E500, it has every option and is like looking at Jennifer Hawkins – AMAZING.

Price: For the smallest and most standard model in the range, the E 250 CGI, you’re looking at around $103,000. For the top of the range E500, expect to fork out $187,000. It is worth it.

Just to re-cap, what are my overall thoughts? SUPERB.