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June 10th, 2013


MAGNIFICENT Monarch of the Commonwealth realms, Queen of the United Kingdom, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, sensationally celebrating 60 years since her Coronation on the 2nd of June 1953 with 2012 marking her Diamond Jubilee as queen, married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, since 1947 and mother of Heir apparent Charles, Prince of Wales, grandmother to Prince William and (His Royal Hotness) Prince Harry… QUEEN ELIZABETH II!

FUN FACTS: The Queen opened the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Paralympics in London making her the first head of state to open two Olympic Games in two different countries!


Palm Beach Collection – The New Luxury Scented Experience

October 4th, 2012

Any reader of my blog, or anyone they knows me personally will know there is one luxury that I don’t mind spending money on… Candles.

If I could, I would have scented candles burning around me 24/7. I love them. They make me feel different and special things, they transport me and they smell absolutely divine!

But they only smell divine if you find the right ones… And as I’m always searching high and low for great candles, I have once again hit the big time on these ones. Palm Beach Collection.

Palm Beach Collection is an exquisite new eco-friendly Australian lifestyle product range for true lovers of contemporary style, with a feeling of indulgence.

The all-natural Palm Beach Collection range is luxurious yet affordable and consists of beautiful hand-poured scented candles and reed diffusers in an extensive array of delicious scents including Vintage Gardenia (my fave), Coconut & Lime, Pear & Cinnamon, Honey & Peach Blossom and Mint Leaf & Avocado.

I did my research and discovered what Palm Beach Collection was all about and who was behind it.  Brother and sister duo, Kirsten Walkerand Mike Grey developed this incredible collection of eco-friendly soy wax and essential oil candles with the landscapes of Sydney in mind.

Kirsten and Mike’s childhood was spent in the beachside surrounds of Avalon, Clareville and Palm Beach in Sydney, where their parents still reside. Palm Beach Collection is very proudly a family owned and run Australian business. The team are passionate about ensuring their product remains Australian made close to the shores of their beloved home in Sydney.

The clever pair have travelled the globe extensively over a number of years to research and develop what they believe to be the finest fragrance creations from leading international experts in the art of perfume. From humble beginnings as a start-up business less than three years ago, Palm Beach Collection is now recognised amongst the best Australian made and owned candle collections, with more than 400 stockists Australia wide.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Grey about Palm Beach Collection.

1. There are many candle collections out there, what makes your product different?

This is a very good question. I believe the story behind Palm Beach Collection and how we came about as a brand has a lot to do with creating our originality. Palm Beach Collection is not just a substandard product with a label slapped on its jar or bottle, we have created this collection with love- the love of family. The entire Palm Beach Collection team are family and we have created this together-family made and owned, it is truly a heart-warming story and I feel like this translates in our brand and product. We are an eco-friendly collection and use renewable supplies such as soy which is a big point of difference.

2. There is a luxurious beach Hamptons style feeling around the collection, have you purposely gone for this style? Is it one you live in your own life?

We love everything about the area we live in and we wanted to create a Palm Beach experience in every product we have. Our packaging and fragrances reflect our lifestyle and surroundings, being both beach and sophistication. I think this has caught the eye of Hampton enthusiasts but personally you can’t beat Palm Beach Sydney!

3. Scents trigger memories, especially candles for me. Do any of your candles bring back special memories?

Absolutely! I love how quickly I can be transported back to a time in the past just by scent. White Rose & Jasmine reminds me of our family garden where I grew up. The Jasmine is such a strong trigger that I literally visualise a certain day, just amazing. Mint Leaf & Avocado brings back Christmas for me as a small boy. I can remember the holidays and the excitement of the beach bringing back so many memories. Our scents have been created with this in mind, everyone has a history making each favourite so personal.

4. What is your inspiration behind each of the candle and diffuser concoctions?

We have been inspired by our surroundings here on the Australian Northern Beaches. Many native flower oils and beautiful citrus extracts accompanied by wooden base notes have helped create this. Mood plays a big part in the creation of a fragrance, like mentioned above scent does entice feelings through the senses. This is why I love this range, I can use a fragrance to create mood or to alter it. We have also travelled extensively and taken ideas from European inspiration, some of the fragrances being developed in Europe are just superb. We like to look for points of difference to inspire us as well.

5. It’s hard to ask a mother or father which one of their kids is their favourite – but let’s be honest, they all do! Which is your favourite candle and diffuser?

Ha ha I love it, and may I say quite the fitting question as we are brother and sister! We all have our favourites and mine is White Rose & Jasmine in both the candle and the diffuser, I generally am not a floral lover but this fragrance I just can’t get enough of!

6. What is the most common piece of feedback you get about your collection?

Love the name, love the scents and love the packaging. Also what ideas have you got for the next candle fragrance?

7. Do you know of any celebrities/high profile people that use your products? If so who and is there a story behind that?

Nicole and Lionel Richie loved the candles while they were in Australia and took some back to the US with them, Australian Olympian Leisel Jones is a huge fan and Lara Bingle and her mum also love the brand!

8. What is next for Palm Beach Collection?

We are still growing as a business and we have started to export to Europe and the UK. Along with the launch of our E boutique just last month we have a some exciting things in the pipeline.

It is important to remain dynamic in this market so without giving to much away you can expect to see some amazing newness happen to the range in the next few months.

Expanding out into new countries and representing quality Australian made products in various markets is next. We want to be the best ambassadors for Australian made home fragrance products both at home and off shore.

The Palm Beach Collection prices range from $37.95 for the Candle Collection and Diffuser Collection through $109.95 for theDeluxe Candle range. With a growing selection of more than 20 divine fragrances such as Coconut & Lime, Tahitian Mango, French Vanilla and Sweet Basil & Citrus, Palm Beach Collection continues its rapid expansion with the launch of their first e-commerce store as well as more product lines currently under development and due for release soon.

Do yourself a favour and purchase one of these candles. I love them and am stocking up on them for summer!

TIP: Grab some of the smaller ones to take with you on holidays, I’ll be taking a few to Byron Bay this year. What this does is sets a scent and a memory – you’ll be able to take yourself back on holidays while you’re burning your candle at home or the office.

For more please visit www.palmbeachcollection.com.au

An Intimate Night With Dame Edna for Jenny Craig

April 28th, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending a very intimate night with entertainment royalty – Dame Edna.

It was in the basement at the Civic Hotel in Sydney where I got to see the very endearing Dame Edna on stage speaking about Jenny Craig and how she, along with her Manager, Barry Humphries will strive to achieve their weight loss goal of 15kgs each.

In hysterics for much of the night, I can’t think of a time I have felt more privileged to have been graced by one of Australia’s greatest living treasures in this very private and rare opportunity. A good 45 minute session with Dame Edna was exactly what everyone in the room needed. Allowing questions from Trevor Ashley, Peter Everett, Mike Goldman and Glen-Marie Frost, Dame Edna answered with quick witted and supremely detailed answers, all with the poise and elegance of a legend.

It wasn’t just Dame Edna who kept the photographers on their toes, the moment the scary Spice Girl Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte arrived, the sound of flashes and murmurs “Mel, Mel, look here, Mel”, “Oh my God, Mel B is here”, “Wow, it’s Mel B, she looks incredible” filled the room. And it was true. She looked incredible. With a body to salivate over, Mel B lost 15 kgs in 20 weeks after being ambassador for Jenny Craig.

I’ve met many international and local celebrities and I must say, I was a little star struck seeing Mel, but then I actually got to meet her and spend much of the evening with her and her hilariously extroverted husband. Mel B was so much fun, coming out with the funniest one liners, but also being an absolute sweetheart.

Other guests included my long time friend Peter Everett, Channel 10′s Breakfast presenters Andrew Rochford and Kathryn Robinson, Dr Nikki Goldstein, Trevor Ashley, Mike Goldman, Chucky Klapow and the gorgeous Glen-Marie Frost. Below are some photos of the silliness Dr Nikki and Peter Everett got up to with the crazy couple.

What an amazing night – but if you want the X-Rated uncensored version of the night… Contact me privately! :-)

See more photos below courtesy of Esteban La Tessa of La Tessa Photography (including photo of Dame Edna) - www.latessaphotography.com

Duran Duran New Video Clip – AMAZING!

November 11th, 2011


YouTube Preview Image

It’s Duran Duran’s new video clip for “Girl Panic”.

Filled with all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from the worlds most fabulous models, fashion and styling from the worlds most exquisite designers and it’s all the excess, luxury and living life in no other way but FABULOUS – this video IS the epitome of FABULOUS.

You need to watch this. Then watch it again. And again. And again. And obsess. And watch it again…


Giant LEGO Brick Storage Boxes Are Fun, Playful And Practical

November 24th, 2010

I came across these in a magazine and thought they are absolutely fantastic!

As a kid, I was obsessed with LEGO… and now as an adult, I have to relive my youth with this playful storage alternative, under licence  from LEGO themselves.

They can be clicked together to create whatever structure you want, but you’d need many many pieces to build anything. They are great storage for a kids room, office or something a little bit different at home.

Unfortunately they are not yet available in Australia to purchase, but you can order them from the UK (the website says they don’t do it to Australia, but they have exceptions). Check out the site by clicking HERE.

Can’t Find An Entertainment Unit For Your Home? Be Creative And Create One!

August 31st, 2010

When I was renovating and refurnishing my apartment, it took a long time to get exactly what I wanted. I could not find what I wanted anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else really. I was after an entertainment unit that suited the rest of my apartment which is a mix of eccentric styles – Rococo, French Provincial, First Wives Club and early 1900′s glam.

All of this searching and searching and searching for an entertainment unit that would suit a huge beige quilted leather lounge, a deer head and dramatic chandelier stressed me out. Nothing had character, charm or elegance. It wasn’t the cost either, I just simply could not find what I wanted.

So after many months, I resulted to being creative and creating my own entertainment unit out of antique trunks. Think of the beginning of the movie Titanic, when they help is transporting the luggage of the wealthy families from the car to the ship, well that’s what I wanted. And that’s what I got. You’re wondering what I would do with them? Well I bought one enormous trunk, complete with internal drawers, racks and another suitcase inside. The second is a trunk by the same designer. Both of these were originally from the UK, both built in 1902 and both covered in travel stickers from around the World. The other 2 trunks were used in World War II to transport military weapons and ammunition. Pretty cool hey?!

After I got them all professionally cleaned, the large one was measured up and a sheet of glass cut for the LCD TV to sit on.

After shuffling them around, I eventually figured out how the sit nicely in my loungeroom.

They are warm, they look amazing, they are different and always a talking point when people come over. The bonus part is I know a little about the history of them.

Where do you get them? You can get them all over the place, mainly in 2nd hand stores. But because I refuse to go to 2nd hand stores, I found them online and had them delivered to a re-conditioner where all they did was clean them up a little and that’s it!

Total cost? Altogether I spent just over $1,000. Alot less then I was expecting to spend, but a million times happier then anything I would have found in any store.

Tara Dennis/Tonia Todman, eat your heart out!

Cheryl Cole Has The X Factor!

May 18th, 2010

She is stunning, she dresses immaculately, hair is always perfect, great tan, amazing body and also a judge on X Factor UK, she is the ultimate pop star. Looking great and speaking well on television might be all well and good, but can she sing?

Cheryl Cole has released her solo album 3 Words which she has worked on closely with Will.i.am.

Will.i.am features on four tracks on the album, with the most recently released track being 3 Words, which is probably the most played song on my iPhone to date. This song is so amazing! The first time I heard it, in the first 25 seconds I was unsure about it and thought it was crap, until the bassy beats started and completely transformed the song. It is amazing!

When I listen to the album as a whole, I think of a few different people. It’s a little bit of Tina Cousins, mixed with Geri Halliwell sound and style (including the album cover pictured, from Geri’s Look At Me single). I tend to get a little bit of the tackiness of Paris Hilton’s album, but in a weird way, Cheryl can pull it off. Her tackiness is fun and fresh. But her tackiness is nothing like Katie Price.

If you are after an album with deep and meaningful lyrics, spine chilling vocals and unique sounds, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. If you are after something that is just a little bit of fun, to sing along to in the car with friends, or dance along to while cleaning the house, then this one is for you!

The song Heartbreaker with Will.i.am is also another cool song. It’s not great, it’s just cool. It’s a very end of high school sounding song… like it’s something you’d expect to be the theme song for the movie Mean Girls.

Stand Up is one of the slower songs on 3 Words, which has a great feeling to it. It makes you feel happy in a mellowed way.

Look, I like the album, I don’t love it. There’s only one real stand out song 3 Words, the rest are just simple songs. There is nothing spectacular or serious about the vocals, the music and beats have all been heard before, that’s about as deep as I think I can get when I hear this album.

As much as this review seems like a contradiction, I really enjoyed the album. As I mentioned, it’s fun and fresh and doesn’t have anything serious to it. It’s simple.

What do I rate it? Tough one… but out of 10, I give it 6.5.