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Where Would I Rather Be?

August 10th, 2010

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Where would I rather be? I’d rather be on the amazing island of Mykonos, Greece.

One of the most spectacular places I’ve ever visited throughout my World travels, this was the one place that made my heart skip a beat each morning I got out of bed and opened my french doors looking over the water.

An island of around 9,500 people, spanning over 106km2 of mixed terrain, this island sits between other well known islands like Eos, Santorini and Paros.

Known as one of the major party islands of the World, Mykonos sure does live up to it’s name as the island of partying, drinking, eating, random sex and DJ’s.

Bars and clubs scattered along the beaches, DJ’s pumping tunes, men and women wearing very little and some of the sexiest bodies your eyes will ever feast on, the island is one constant party in the water, sun and foam parties. The atmos is electric, a life you wish you could live for eternity, but know your body couldn’t cope with forever. Known as a ‘gay’ friendly island, there are many gay bars, beaches and gays holidaying and living la vida loca from countries around the world. As soon as you get to the island, you can tell it’s very gay as there are more gentleman there wearing white flowing linen then you can fathom!

Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are the two beaches you MUST visit while on your stay in Mykonos. They are a complete eye opener. One of the locals you are bound to meet is Elephant Man. Known globally for his little g-string… the rest you can go figure. Super Paradise is now more-so a mixed gender nudist beach, with bar/cafe and crystal blue water. The umbrellas, flowing white fabric day beds, giant cushions and cocktails are just some of the things that welcome you to Paradise Beach. Both beaches are one continuous day and night party… Fueled by DJ’s, foam parties, topless girls, alcohol, nudity, stunning water and then sun coming down over the ocean, it’s the perfect way to celebrate life.

There are lots of little things that are scenic and famous about the island, not just the parties and night life, things in the main town of Choras like Petros the Pelican (photo below) that has been there for over 50 years! The stunning 16th century windmills, the tiny white lane ways and hundreds of steps leading you to different blue doors and other lane ways. The museums, carved in stone stores, jewellery boutiques, clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, lazy locals and stray cats give the island another dimension.

Whether you are after non-stop partying, or a relaxing holiday, you have the chance to do both here. But be warned, you’ll be paying for it – interpret that how you wish.

I could really write on and on about Mykonos, what I saw, how it made me feel, so on and so on, but I think my photos attached speak many more words.

Everybody speaks english, or at least broken English. The local drivers are completely nuts and look of for the drunks on mopeds, they are deadly!

At least once in your life, visit this place. If more then once, you’re a lucky b*****d!

Photos by Adrian Erdedi