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Luscious, Long And Lavish Amore Lashes

January 12th, 2011

My friend Maria is constantly telling me about how amazing her fake eyelashes are. She always wears them out, loving how long and luxurious they are, and how they make her feel.

So I asked her about them, because I know absolutely nothing about them! She said to me “Babes, it’s all about Amore Lashes“. As if I know what that means!!

So I did my research and found them! I got them for my sister and a couple of friends, and they all loved them! If my sister and her friends love them, then they have to be good!

Eva Ou, the owner of Amore Lashes told me a little about her brand…

“Amore Lashes came about from my love of make up and luxurious long lashes. My vision is to make all Amore customers feel sexy, glamorous and beautiful, without the price tag. I have two ranges, Amore Black Label at $10 a pair and Amore FAKEit only at $3 a pair.

Amore Black Label lashes are premium eyelashes made with the best synthetic fibre. The lashes are soft and light, just like your natural eyelashes. The eyelash bands are extremely soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. My Black Label range is premium quality, where all lashes are reusable with care. Any moments with Amore Black Label lashes are special and memorable. There are 8 styles in total”.

Eva doesn’t just stock one range of them, she also has the FAKEit range, which she also described…

“Amore FAKEit lashes are great quality lashes at a very affordable price. Our FAKEit range is for lash lovers where everyday is special moment. These lashes have soft and flexible bands for comfortable all day wear. It makes you feel like they are your natural lashes. These lashes are also reusable with care. There are 6 styles in total”.

So ladies (and I’m sure the odd man!), where do you buy these lovely luscious lashes? By clicking HERE of course!