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ADRIAN CAN’T COOK – Kitchen Quickie – Sharpening Knives

February 25th, 2014

Mercedes Sarmini shows me the quickest, easiest and most effective way to sharpen knives!
No need for a knife sharpening block, easy!

Thanks to Mercedes Sarmini from Flowers by Mercedes for the Kitchen Quickie.



This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Australian Native Flowers

July 20th, 2010

When we think of Australian natives being used in the home, we generally don’t think of them as they can be quite boring and dark, but Mercedes Sarmini of Flowers By Mercedes has created a beautiful bouquet choosing the best in the natives our country has to offer.

“This bouquet of Australian Native cut flowers include the Blushing Bride, it’s a beautiful yellowish pink flower, prodimanantly used in wedding work, also added to the bouquet is Australian Gum, Thryptamine and Geraldton Wax. All together, it makes a beautiful and great Australian posse.

Keep them in mind this season as they are long lasting and smell beautiful with their rustic outdoor scent.

Make sure you constantly check their water level, having woody stems, they are very thirsty and require clean water. A bouquet I know you will enjoy looking at each time you pass them in your home”.


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Pink Rose & Lily Bouquet

July 5th, 2010

There’s something special about having a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to liven up a room. I picked this amazing bunch of flowers, put together by the lovely Mercedes Sarmini at Flowers by Mercedes.

“What we have here is a beautiful bouquet with stunning grey foliage called Dusty Miller.

It’s a lovely mix of flowers including the pink Roses, the native looking Leucadendron, and some glorious Asiatic Lilies.

Now with lilies, once they bloom, make sure you take out the stamens, because if you don’t, once the stamens fluff out, they are then releasing a gas called ethylene, and it reduces the vase life of your cut flower. With the roses, if they start to wilt, make sure you take them back out, re-cut the stem and scald them. See last weeks Flower Tip to see how this is done.

With the Dusty Miller, it has a luxurious leathery silver coloured foliage, but do not spray with water or soak in water. Anything that is silvery in colour and is touched by water will develop bacteria.”


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flower Tip

June 29th, 2010

We all love roses, especially recieving them. But unfortunately, it doesnt take long for them to start wilting and die.

The fantastic Mercedes Sarmini from Flowers By Mercedes taught me how to prolong the life of my rose, and pretty much bring them back from the brink of a limp and sad death.

Step 1. Cut the ends of your stems so that they are flat on the bottom. Not on an angle.

Step 2. Prepare a bowl of boiling water.

Step 3. Place the ends of the freshly cut stems into the boiling water for 10-12 seconds.

Step 4. Place warm water in a bucket, with flower food over night. By the morning, they will be ready to pop back into a vase, with fresh water and a new sachet of flower food.

The roses will be back and blooming, with plenty more vase life in them! Enjoy.


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Gerbera

June 21st, 2010

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

This Gerbera is not your usual Gerbera that we see in daggy VW Beetles or associated with the 60′s. This one is so delicately beautiful and so intricate it has a pretty palette stemming from the bud, out toward the tip of the petals. When I first saw this flower, I knew I had to have it in the apartment!

Here is Mercedes Sarmini from Flowers by Mercedes to tell us more about it and how to look after them.

“Gerberas don’t like tap water and they prefer the water in their vase very shallow.

Make sure you re-cut their stems on an angle and give them filtered water.

Now Gerbera’s, if they start to wilt, it is preferable that you wrap thin wire around them for support.  Alternatively you can make a premium flower food water, which consists of the following ingredients mixed  together; bleach, sugar and vinegar. This will extend the vase life of your cut flower.

The Gerbera comes from the Sunflower family, and believe it or not, there are actually hundreds of flowers within one flower! It may look like one flower, but scientifically, it has hundreds of flowers within one floret!”


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Tulips

June 7th, 2010

Tulips have been a popular flower for years and years. They are a charming and delicate flower, which look so lovely in any décor, modern, rococo, farmhouse – whatever it is, it suits. But it’s the method of looking after the flowers once cut and displayed that astonished me.

Mercedes Sarmini explains.

“It is important to burp your tulips.

Sounds strange doesn’t it, but burping your tulips will prolong their vase life and stop them from wilting.

It’s simple, place a pin through the neck (under the flower), belly button (middle of the stem) and knee’s (a couple of cm’s from the bottom of the stem).

Cut the stems flush, not on an angle. Place them in shallow water so the stems don’t become mushy and wilty.”

This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Rustic Roses

May 31st, 2010

It’s this time of year where it’s nice and snuggy. It’s getting colder, the soups start to simmer and the rustic warmth and scent of flowers begin to make an attractive presence in the home.

I got these charming Rustic Roses which blend in perfectly with my décor at home, they smell absolutely delightful and are so beautiful to look at. I love them.

Florist Mercedes Sarmini tells us how to look after them…

“Remember to pluck off any soiled petals, leaving them on will only decrease the vase life of the rose.

Re-cut the stems before placing your roses into the vase and make sure you take off the leaves below the water level. Bacteria breeds on leaves, so make sure all leaves are not in water.

Enjoy these beautiful flowers this winter.”

Mercedes xx


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Vanilla Orchid

May 24th, 2010

Dainty, pretty and graciously vanilla, these are the Vanilla Orchids.

A very delicate looking flower with over 110 different species, these hardy little suckers drink from their heads as well as their stems. So make sure you spray mist over them. When you get them, make sure you cut the stems on an angle and to prolong the life of the flowers for upto 4 weeks, dunk them in water upside down.


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – November Lily

May 17th, 2010

Fragrant, fresh and strikingly attractive, the November Lily is this weeks featured flower.

It’s big beautiful flowers and green leaves look amazing in any home. They are so fragrant as well. I have them in my home and everyone comments on the amazing smell when you walk in. It’s such a welcming and homely smell.

Some tips to look after your November Lilys: Shave off the leaves so that there are none in water because bacteria breeds on the leaves. They can be thirsty flowers, so just make sure you check every couple of days that there is enough water. Remove the stamens once the flower has opened (the orange pollen thing, there are 6 of them in each flower) as it will last longer and also not stain anything.

The flowers will last 7 – 9 days if looked after properly.


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Kale

May 11th, 2010

This is one of the most unique flowers I’ve ever seen. Looking more like a decorative vegetable, this miniature cabbage looking flower called Kale adds a different dimension to your floral display.

I have it displayed in my house on it’s own, because I personally love one kind of flower rather then a range of different one in a bouquet.

Kale is a member of the cabbage family, and is quite similar to the broccoli. It withstands temperatures below freezing, so it’s going to be readily available through out winter. It’s available in two colours, the green as pictured and also in a beetroot colour, which looks spectacular!

They will last for up to 6 weeks if you look after them following a few simple steps. Make sure you cut a small amount off the bottom of the stem every 2 days on an angle and remove any yellow leaves. Make sure the vase is shallow in water too.

Add something a little different to your home!


A Very Different Gift For Mum This Mother’s Day!

May 5th, 2010

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so what do you get her?

Each year I try to get my mum something different and something extra special. This year, I’ve found something that I thought was really unique, and really cool for a mum who loves flowers and spending time in her garden.

It’s a DIY 2 hour Workshop experience in floral arranging with Flowers By Mercedes! What exactly is it?

Well mum will get a 2 hour workshop learning how to create beautiful flower arrangements with her very own hands!

If you mention “AdrianErdedi.com” you will get it at a discounted rate of $99, a discount from $135! You can treat her with this great gift, that she can get completely involved with and take home the masterpiece she has created!

Even if you need just a beautiful big bunch of flowers, you can always still pop into see Mercedes at her beautiful florist where the workshops are also held, located at Shop 3, Building 1-3 Botany Rd, Waterloo – (02) 9797 8811


This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – Pink Ice Protea

April 28th, 2010

This weeks featured fresh flowers in my home are the Pink Ice Protea.

Originally a South African native, they eventually came over to Australia and made itself at home over here.

Available now, make sure you keep them in a well lit room as they don’t like the dark – they will develop black leaves. Don’t apply tap water to the leaves as it will cause black spotting and never use flower food on natives.

The Pink Ice Protea has a woody stem which means it’s thirsty all the time and drinks ALOT! Top up the water every day.

A beautiful flower, which has a subtle refreshing bush smell, will add rustic charm to any room.