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October 10th, 2014


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Food Glorious Food

April 30th, 2013

I love this. Amen!


Kaliyoga, Spain – Pure Inner & Outer Bliss

November 16th, 2011

I have always wanted to visit a yoga retreat, and with a week free just for me at the end of  a wonderful European vacation – I booked in for a dynamic yoga retreat at Kaliyoga in Orgivy near Malaga, Spain.  The week has been everything I wanted and so much more.

From the minute we walked in to stunning mountain scenery and beautifully welcoming people – you could feel yourself letting go.  I was fortunate to have booked when there were only five of us as guests, which meant we really had a great opportunity to bond as a group, but to also get to exposed to so many more people (around 20!) from Kaliyoga and the nearby multicultural village.

Not only did we have two amazing yoga teachers for our morning and afternoon classes, but we were greeted by amazing staff, helpers, chefs, experts on nutrition, and had the options of so many different treatments and workshops.  This really made the week – from acupuncture, reiki, quantum and biomagnetic therapy to thai yoga, swedish and aromatherapy massages and raw food cooking workshops – there were some highly talented and friendly people – all there to help us take time out for ourselves, open our eyes internally, and encourage us to relax and rejuvinate.

Olga (a gorgeous Portuguese chef) ran workshops for us on her passion – sexy raw food and raw chocolate – which were a real highlight.  Going from eating ham, cheese, and wine around Europe to this amazingly delicious and nutritious food sent my body into total bliss.

We learnt how to make different flavours of chocolate from the superfoods cacao butter, cacao powder, and coconut sugar – our picks being chcolate with fresh mint, orange zest, a hazelnut and date filling, lemon & ginger, and fruit & nuts.  We also made a scrumptious take on lasagna – with marinated zucchini as pasta layered with marinated spinach, mushrooms, a walnut paste, and uncovered the secrets to a non cooked tomato sauce.

The week was nothing short of divine.  I had more depth in my yoga then ever before, was able to really let go – and left having had amazing mind, body, spirit, (and food!) experiences. I could have stayed for so much longer and I can’t wait to go back for more – perhaps for one of the detox weeks, or even for a bit longer as a volunteer helper (they have a fantastic program where helpers can take part in yoga and activities while doing a few jobs to assist with meals and maintaining the property).

It’s not often enough that we take time out for ourselves, and our wellbeing, and once experienced – your body just wants more.  No wonder they have so many repeat visitors!


Spanish Cuisine At It’s Best – Jamón Serrano

August 3rd, 2011


The Spanish most certainly know how to live. They are happy people, who are easily pleased by the rich things in life – most of all… Food.

So it’s obviously that with me being half Spanish, I’d have such a love for food!
I’m currently in Madrid and have been eating some really typical foods that are available in the hundreds for little bars that line the streets, lane ways and plazas.

Ok, so looking at the photos I’ve taken, the food really doesn’t like like something out of a magazine. But this is what true Spanish food is all about… The taste. So look past the almost grotesque presentation, and think about the fresh, authentic taste, made with love!

Over the next few days I’ll be uploading delicious typically Spanish dishes for you to see and salivate over! Yum!

Above I’ve pictured one of my favorite, yet most simple. I’d normally have this for breakfast, or at lunch – jamon Serrano with tomato on bread.

It’s so easy! Fresh crusty bread roll, cut a tomato in half and rub it into the bread, squishing all the juice and pulpy bits into the bread, drizzle a little olive oil over that, then cut some fresh Jamón Serrano. That’s it!

Jamón Serrano is cured ham, which is very popular in Spain – not so much in Australia. But you can buy it and it’s absolutely incredible! If you can’t find it, procoitto is just as good.