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July 29th, 2013

I apologise if this video offends, but it’s too much of a classic for me to not show. This was today at the Dore Alley festival in San Fran. I couldn’t help but film this guy haha.


July 11th, 2013

Yes, this is a Nutella coated cup, with chocolate ice cream, chocolate topping, chocolate dip, chocolate sprinkles and complementary heart attack at BIG GAY ICE CREAM SHOP! #nyc #usa #fatty


You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down!

September 3rd, 2012

Have A Say Wednesday – When Is It Ok For A Woman To Cheat On Their Partner? Can Women Be Monogamous?

September 1st, 2010

When is it ok for a woman to cheat on their partner? Can women be monogamous? When is cheating ok?

Two weeks ago, I wrote about men cheating. Because of the overwhelming about of emails I received about it, I decided I would write about women who cheat because many people were interested to know what my results would find. So two weeks later, I have had a small amount of time to compile some interesting results.

Because I gave myself only 2 weeks, I only spoke to 18 girls from Sydney who have cheated on their partners. I asked a total of 45 random girls if they had cheated on their partner at some stage in their/a relationship. Less then half came back saying they had.

For some reason, I think a 3rd of them were to ashamed to admit they had – but I can’t assume!

Of these 45 girls, 2 of them are lesbians. The 18 that cheated were all heterosexual, single, had a boyfriend or married and 1 of them was engaged.

Of these 18 cheating girls, I got some great feedback here are the questions, statistics and some answers I got:

• What was your reason for cheating on your partner?

- 2 Girls: “Boredom”

- 3 Girls: “He works long hours and works weekends”

- 6 Girls: “I had a feeling he was sleeping with another girl(s), so I’m just getting him back”

- 7 Girls: “I’m not really sure why, it was a moment of weakness. I regret doing it”

• Did you tell your partner you cheated on them?

- 18 Girls: “No”

• Do you regret cheating on your partner?

- 3 Girls: “Not really, he deserved it”

- 15 Girls: “Of course I do”

• Would you ever do it again?

- 6 Girls: “I don’t think I would, no”

- 12 Girls: “Who knows, I may, I may not. Ideally I wouldn’t like to, but it depends on the situation”

• Were you angry, stressed or frustrated with your partner when you cheated?

- 1 Girl: “No, but I was drunk and he was away with his friends”

- 17 Girls: “Yes”

• During intercourse with the other guy, did you think of your partner or the ramifications of your actions if they were to come out?

- 1 Girl: “What is a ramifications? But no, I didn’t think of him”

- 8 Girls: “Yes I thought of him, but I didn’t care because I was angry with him. It almost made me enjoy it more”

- 9 Girls: “No, I didn’t think of him. I was able to cut myself away from the situation”

These statistics really confused me. I’m not sure if women can be as monogamous as men? Women claim they are, but are they?

You you were going to look at it, without look at the questions above and looking at the overall number, 18 of 45 women is still quite high. But it does go to show that women can be just as open to cheating as men.

Their excuses and reason behind doing what they did were alot tamer then the ones of the men. The men had no shame in admitting they cheated and why they did it. The women don’t seem proud of  what they did. Nor should they. That goes for men too.

It’s also interesting to see how many of the women did it because of the actions of the man. The men almost did not make reference to them doing it because of the affects of their partner. Another point – the lesbians seem to be quite loyal to eachother.

It constantly interests me, why people cheat, how they cheat and how they feel after doing it. My research will never stop on getting to understand why we as humans do this – whether we like to think we do or not.

Have A Say Wednesday – When Is It Ok For A Man To Cheat On Their Partner? Can Men Be Monogamous?

August 18th, 2010

‘Have A Say Wednesday’ – A new tool I am introducing to the site where people can agree, or disagree. Post your thoughts, stories or argument in the comments sections below.

When is it ok for a man to cheat on their partner? Can men be monogamous? When is cheating ok?

In life, we all hope we will find a partner for life, many of us do. Many of us don’t. Either way, the statistics show that loyalty and monogamy exists, but does it exist as much as we think?

After speaking to 30 guys from Sydney who have cheated on their partners about this topic over a period of 4 weeks, my research has found that most guys have a reason for cheating on their partners, and feel they had a good excuse for doing it. These men were broken down into 2 categories – 20 straight and 10 gay. Some of their excuses included:

- “I don’t really love her/him [partner] anyway.”

- “It was just one night, and I didn’t even go all the way.”

- “Let’s be honest, we are guys and we have needs.”

- “It’s just a mouth – a mouth is a mouth.”

- “I didn’t feel anything for the person I hooked up with.”

- “We are in the process of breaking up.”

- “I was drunk.”

- “The Mrs. don’t give h#@d as good as a bloke.”

- “I’ve asked him to leave, but I feel sorry for him, he’s got nowhere to go. We aren’t really together anyway, but we are.”

Further to this research, 3 of the 20 random straight men I spoke to which had a female partner of over 1 year admitted to sleeping with men on the side.

Two of the men said it wasn’t really cheating because it’s with a guy, not a girl. The other guy said he felt guilty each time, but still did it because he enjoyed it and it felt good. This particular man is expecting a baby with his wife.

My opinion on my own independent research is quite negative. It actually sickened me to hear what some of these guys said, things that I couldn’t put up on here. It’s funny because most of these men also don’t classify kissing another person or having oral sex with another person cheating. It’s just having fun.

All of the 10 gay men I spoke to cheated on their partners. 6 out of 10 of them had more then one 2 sexual partners. 3 out of 10 had 1 other sexual partner. 1 of the 10 was actually in a relationship with 2 people – but didn’t classify it as cheating! What would you classify it as?

Now I always make my views known, especially when I don’t agree with something. I questioned some of these men, why do you cheat? Why don’t you just leave your partner? Their replies were all much the same – “It’s not that easy – you don’t understand.”

You’re right – I don’t understand.

But that’s ok, I accept that this happens all around us, for many different reasons. But I’ll never understand why.

Please click ADD COMMENT below (completely anonymous) or email me (and I’ll post it for you, anonymously) – I’d love to hear your opinions on cheating, stories or suggestions.

Did Lady Gaga Confirm for Kyle & Jackie O?

March 19th, 2010

This morning on 2Day FM‘s Kyle and Jackie O show in Sydney, a pre-recorded interview took place with Lady Gaga in her decadent office.

At the end of the interview as Kyle and Jackie were leaving, she muttered the words “Thats was an exclusive to you…” which made Kyle and Jackie wonder.

As I listened to the interview, I had picked up immediately what the ‘exclusive’ might have been. She [Gaga] was chatting about equality and how homosexuals are born that way. She dropped one single two letter word. WE.

“There are some people in this world that believe that being gay is a choice, but it’s not a choice, we are born this way.”

What do you think?