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Bondi Beach Cruisers – Not Just For Summer!

June 15th, 2011

Just because it is now Winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the gorgeous sunshine Sydney has to offer throughout the crispy season (once this rain goes away!).

Just imagine this.

A gorgeous Sunday, bright clear skies, the sun shining down over Bondi Beach, only the very keen surfers out in the surf, cruising the streets with the crisp zephyr keeping you alert yet enjoying every second of what the positive ions in the air of the beach-side suburb.

Ok I might sound like I’ve taken some drugs and am in some fantasy land. Well I haven’t taken a thing.

You’re wondering why I said “cruising the streets”?

Well that’s because Bondi Beach Cruisers are the only way to get around Bondi (or anywhere else you might live in our stunning country).

Hawaiian beach culture comes to Australia with the opening of Bondi Beach Cruisers, online retailer of quality, stylish and affordable beach cruiser and lowrider bicycles.

Local couple, Resa Pratoni and Belinda Miller, driven by a love of vintage bicycles, launched the brand earlier this year.

Renewed popularity of bicycles and green transportation along with a strong community focus are the basis for this healthy living duo so expect to see them cruising around Bondi on the three available styles: Men’s Southend Cruiser, Ladies Iceberg Cruiser & The TRex Lowrider, all available online now or by pick-up in Bondi by prior arrangement.

I think these cruisers really capture the essence of what beach and Bondi lifestyle is all about. We all have a little beach bum trapped inside of us somewhere, and even if you don’t live anywhere near a beach, this is most certainly something you can ride with pride.


Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Kirrily Johnston

May 9th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

The Kirrily Johnston SS 2011/12 show was held at one of Sydney’s most loved venues – Icebergs at Bondi Beach. The venue alone said many things – this collection is not going to be wasting our time.

Seating positioned around the every wall of Icebergs was sure to have everyone front row – and of course our gift bags waiting too!

Around 250 people squeezed into the space which was completely repainted to suit the colours from the neutral earthy toned collection, by main sponsor Dulux.

Many different textures, with inserts of various fabrics including leather and suede. In terms of colour and “Wow” factor, the show was very safe, but the delicious caramels, taupes and cinnamons delighted all.

But why don’t you be a judge and have a look for yourself. Check out the footage I took at the show.


aucklandstockholm With The Beautiful And Simple Bracelets – This Summer’s Must Have!

November 16th, 2010

Designed by Eastern Suburbs socialite Dylan Porter, owner and designer of aucklandstockholm these bracelets are creating a cult following – very quickly becoming the MUST HAVE this Summer!

Made from very simple but elegant flat pieces of silver on silk thread, they are the ultimate accesory to be rocking while sipping on cocktails at Icebergs. It can be tied or burned on at his brand new boutique at Bondi Beach.

Be sure to visit the very welcoming Dylan at his store, aucklandstockholm – 78 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach.

aucklandstockholm – A Stunning New Dimension In Men’s Fashion

April 22nd, 2010

The young, fashionable and creative mind of aucklandstockholm owner Dylan Porter takes mens fashion down a path of pushing the boundaries without pushing them so far they become a dot.

His awesome new range is so stylish, fun and has an awesome casual Bondi Beach vibe… where Dylan spends most of his time conceptualising, soaking up the sun and hitting the surf.

Pictured is my favourite ensemble in his collection, the white and black striped shorts and blazer – very nautical and preppy. It stands out, it’s sharp and its an absolute classic which you could wear pretty much every single Spring and Summer. High quality materials and manufacturing, perfect for the classic styled quintessential man. Perfect for lunch at Icebergs.

You can see aucklandstockholm at Tuchuzy – 90 Gould St Bondi Beach – (02) 9365 5371