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10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS – 10. Ian Thorpe – Cook For Your Life App and Cook Book

December 23rd, 2011

My top gift idea for this Christmas is sending an app to a friend or family member with an iPhone or iPad. It’s also a great last minute gift!

The app.

You can gift any app, but I am also giving you a recommendation of a fantastic app that is out now and fantastic for someone who loves to cook. It’s Ian Thorpe‘s latest project called Cook For Your Life.

Ian Thorpe is known for his incredible swimming achievements – but not everyone knows that he loves to cook, so this is where Ian’s passion for tasty food has led him to develop simple, beautiful, easy-to-prepare, protein-rich meals to keep him in great shape.

In this, Ian’s first cookery app, he shares those recipes, as well as his philosophy on diet gleaned from experts in nutrition and performance that he’s had the privilege of working with during his years of elite sporting success.

Ian Thorpe – Cook For Your Life is only $2.99 in the iTunes app store and features:

* Over 75 recipes covering sides, vegetarian, seafood, poultry, lamb, beef, vegetarian, pork and desserts.
* Shopping list funtionality
* Favourites builder to create your perfect menus
* Video from Ian Thorpe
* Imperial & metric settings
* Oven timer

Example recipes included in Cook For Your Life:

* Vegetable stir-fry with miso
* Green envy vegetables
* Mrs Joyce’s Lebanese fish
* Grilled salmon with roast capsicum pesto
* Chicken larb san choi bao
* Three-day chicken
* Spicy beef and lentil burgers
* Lamb steaks with herbs and harissa
* Japanese pork with onion dressing
* Vanilla pannacottas with berry coulis

Click HERE to view on Apple website.

The book.

Ian Thorpe – Cook For Your Life

Ian Thorpe is an incredible Australian. He has achieved more then most people on the planet, but still maintains to be a real person underneath that powerful physique. A new addition to his impressive portfolio is the cook book, Cook For Your Life.

I’ve bought this book for my mother (because she doesn’t have an iPhone!) and flicking through the book I have found a heap of recipes I’ve book marked for both mum and me to make. This book is incredible and the photography and food styling is so beautiful and real.

Ian has put together a selection of recipes which require the best and freshest ingredients, which ultimately means you and your family benefit. The meals are nutritionally structured, combining a range of vegetable, proteins and legumes. Reading through each recipe, you will notice there is a similar structure, this is the key to his own health.

As soon as I give the book to my mum on Christmas day (and then steal it back for me to finish reading!), I will put up some posts of the recipes and photos. I can’t wait to cook the way Ian Thorpe cooks in his own kitchen, the way that athletes eat and the way I should eat.

As I write this post, I have had 2 chocolate muffins. Oh dear!

The book is available online and at all good book stores for $39.95.

Click HERE to view book on publisher website.

Having Trouble Sleeping, Stressed, Anxious or Finding it Hard to Concentrate?

November 11th, 2011

Now that my big European trip is coming to an end, and I actually and spending time with family and relaxing instead of rushing from city to city, my sleeping pattern has been a little out of whack. Late nights, long sleep in’s, my body clock is all wrong and trying to sleep normally has been pretty tough. Till now.

I found Sleep Stream Pro on the iPhone App Store and I have now used it everyday and night for the past 2 weeks.

So what is it?

SleepStream Pro is an advanced sleep inducer and relaxation aid. It helps you leave your busy day behind with a large selection of calming sounds, three guided relaxation, pre-sleep meditation and energy sessions, hours of music, 51 brainwave programs, and beautiful visualizations.

It’s not just to help you sleep. There are so many settings on it to choose exactly what you need it for. From Mood Lifters to Tired to Motivated settings, there’s everything on there! It’s also a useful aid for those with stress and anxiety.

Developed in conjunction with sleep and relaxation experts, hypnotherapists and audio professionals, SleepStream 2 plays the most soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, binaural beats, music and guided voice tracks. I especially love the crackling fireplace and the many types of rain choices. The rain puts me to sleep in minutes!

SleepStream 2 is perfect for:

• Sleep induction
• Relaxation
• Power naps
• Meditation
• Noise masking
• Concentration
• Enjoyment
• Tinnitus relief

The sound quality is incredible, the voice sessions are soothing, there’s a choice for power naps, there’s heaps of free content to download within the app and it’s really easy to use.

Check it out, there’s a free lite version, see if you like it, then I suggest you download the Pro version, it has many more options.

Let me know how you go with it!

Commonwealth Bank Augmented Reality Property Search iPhone App

August 5th, 2010

Commonwealth Bank‘s innovative iPhone augmented reality application is perfect for anyone buying or selling a home, looking to keep on top of the property market or like me, just want to be nosey and know how much people you know bought and sold their homes for.

The new iPhone application takes property search to a new level, revolutionising the way home buyers like myself search for a home, allowing us make smarter property decisions with a virtual reality insight in to any Australian home anywhere, anytime.

This incredible technology is supported by two iconic websites – realestate.com.au and rpdata.com. RpData is Australia’s leading property information and analytics company, a website normally used by professionals for a fee is now completely accessible and free to anybody with an iPhone.

The core functionality of the application utilises ‘augmented reality’ where rich data including past sales history (on more than 95 per cent of properties in Australia), current property listings and recent sales, is mapped on to a real world view through the iPhone’s camera.

You can also switch to a list or bird’s eye view to pull in insights on properties matching your search criteria. You can then track your ‘dream house’ in your favourites, send to a friend or make decisions with access to detailed suburb profiles revealing demographics, median price, property hotspots and capital growth trends. Is this not one of the greatest apps out or what?!

Type in CommBank Property Search in iTunes to download.