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The Fragrances Which Are Taking The US By Storm! Eau de Nous.

March 29th, 2011

I love when I have been given great opportunities tell all of my readers about great products that are accessible to us here in Australia, which are doing big things overseas – particularly in the US.

Taking the US by storm and available online Internationally for the world to smell is Eau De Nous, the brainchild of 2 gorgeous and talented sisters Daya and Vally Fernandez which founded the label in 2010.

Eau de Nous was created from a simple, undaunted concept—bringing loved ones together through simple yet sophisticated fragrances. As the brainchild behind two relentlessly determined sisters, Eau de Nous stems from the notion that affordability does not compromise quality – as well as choice with 2 sizes, 10ml and 100ml sizes.

This quality should not be altered but rather transcend generational gaps and social status. Motivated to create a product which appeals to all and yet retains its creativity, these two sisters set out to make a series of fragrances which reminded them of their childhood.

From this innocuous concept, Eau de Nous was born to bring together the subtle yet sublime scents of nature (citrus, gardenias, lilies, roses, jasmine, etc…) in a versatile line of cologne for everyday occasions — to accompany any given mood at any given time.

Unrestrained by convention, Daya and Vally are determined to stay true to the philosophy behind their creation — “inspired by nature, designed by passion.”

There is a massive list of celebrities who own Eau de Nous and are avid supporters of the Los Angeles based beauties. Even US Harper’s Bazaar recently named Eau De Nous as the MUST HAVE BEAUTY ITEM this season – so it’s making an impact in it’s infancy in the fashion world and the celebrity circles. Just some of these fabulous names include: Demi Moore – who has all of them, Odette Yustman, Jennifer Morrison – she also has all of them, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Racheal Leigh Cook, Jaime Presley, Natasha Alam, Ali Later, Hayden Panettiere, Mila Kunis and Britany Snow.

Visit www.eaudenous.com for more information and to purchase the scents online. They also have a Facebook page: Eau De Nous and also Twitter: @EaudeNous