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Rope Sandals – Something Fun And Fresh This Summer!

December 10th, 2010

Call them what you will – cute or ugly, but one thing I know is these Summer Rope Sandals are super comfortable! The shoes are handcrafted from soft polypropylene rope.

I wouldn’t say they are ugly – definately nothing like those vile Crocs. I think they are very chic, with the ability to make them look a little Euro with the right outfit. I’m thinking a yacht club style outfit (the black and white pair). Ultimately, they are a surf/beach culture sandal, with a very relaxed and laid back feeling to them.  I’ve got the pair pictured above and am really happy with them.

They are fun, saltwater and chlorine resistant, durable and washable. They come in 5 styles and a range of colours.

Check out the website for more details: www.RopeSandals.com.au