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CARTOON GO-GO HOTTIE – Tristan Hamilton

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012



SUPER buff Go-Go Dancer, physique/ underwear/ swimwear Model, Fitness Instructor and unique Film Maker whose film career began with the short film DISCOBALLS (2000), followed by Nicholas Verso’s feature film MAX A CAUTIONARY TALE (2003), and popular queer short film DADDY’S BOY (2006) as well as various roles in low budget films, made controversial television appearances on Channel 7’s AUSTRALIAN TEMPTATION ISLAND & SUPRISE SUPRISE, has modelled for ANSEL condom packets and COCKSOX underwear, appeared in many magazine editorials and dance party posters, and continues to pay the bills by exploiting his assets… TRISTAN HAMILTON!

FUN FACTS: A talented performer, Tristan won the 2004 Melbourne Midsumma Festival Opening Night Talent Quest miming to Kelis’s MILKSHAKE song, and is currently working on his follow up short film which he describes as a John Waters / Wes Craven mash up horror / comedy romp!

TRISTAN HAMILTON is featured in TOONARAMA -The Exhibition @ ArtBoy gallery as part of the Melbourne Midsumma festival 2012!

Alexandra Burke Has Overcome Her Biggest Fears

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Alexandra Burke is a stunning 21 year old from London who shot to fame after appearing on X Factor in 2009. Her intensely versatile voice and infectious music style has seen her shoot up beyond heights she ever imagined.

Her album Overcome is one of the best compilations of music that I’ve heard in a long long time.

Energetic, fun, revitalizing and spirit building, Overcome is the type of album you’d pop on while you have friends around for drinks before you head out to an event to get you in the mood! But like most albums, you’d probably need to skip 2 or 3 songs as they are the slower love/emo songs.

I find it hard to choose favourites on this album as most of the songs make me want to get up and move. When I’m cleaning, cooking, running or at the gym, Alexandra is there with me.

As I write this review, I’m not listening to Alexandra. I’m listening to a women who reminds me so much of Alexandra – Deborah Cox. I would go as far as saying that Alexandra Burke is the Deborah Cox of our generation. Rich and designer lyrics, vocal ranges that make you feel envious because no matter how hard you try in the car or shower, it just doesn’t compare.

There are two other singers, both Australian that I could compare this talent to – Ricki-Lee Coulter for the style of music and vocal range, and Jessica Mauboy, again for the style of music, but also for the ability to make every single song a hit.

To start Overcome off, “Bad Boys” featuring Flo Rida bounces on a bassy and catchy tune with a chorus you’ll start singing after the second time you’ve heard it. It was the first track Alexandra released and it was this track that shot her high in the sky, 5 months before the release of the album.

“Good Night, Good Morning” featuring Ne-Yo is track two, again another song that is completely catchy and finds you doing little dance moves around the kitchen without even knowing you’re doing it. The collaboration of these two performers create a great, pure voiced track with a soulful edge. It reminds me a little of the dance remix of “All Cried Out” by Allure with 112.

Track three, “The Silence” is one of those power ballads that send a shiver through your spine. The extreme vocal ability of Alexandra is showcased to it’s fullest. In this track, she gets to bring out her inner Celine Dion. The 2nd half of the song is phenomenal. Such power and liberation… You’d imagine white doves being set free and all of life’s issues diminishing. How very profound Adrian!

Track four is “All Night Long” featuring PitBull. This is her most recent single from the album. A great song that has wonderful influences taken from the unique and now unknown Toya, who funnily enough sang the song “Party All Night Long”.

One of my favourite tracks is “Broken Heels”, the danciest, the loudest, the bass heavy, lyric friendly track with Ricki-Lee influences. It’s a song of girls being girls and beating guys – showing them what they’re made of! It’s a sexy song and will definately get you dancing. After a few champanges, everything can be done better in ‘broken heels’ – unless you’re a guy of course.

The standout song for the album is “Overcome”. A song of defeating pain, after running away from life issues, facing them head on, Alexandra sings her blessed little heart out and sings this fabulous song, which gives you tingles of liberation and defeat. She has OVERCOME. This track is the stand out – much like Delta Goodrem had “Believe Again”. The power, the freedom and the ability to cross those barriers, you will overcome and believe again.

Now I know it seems I am descibing every song on the album, but every song is just so God damn good! I promise I’m almost done!

The hardcore dance track, the one that reminds me most of Deborah Cox and her super greatness and super talent is most certainly “Nothing But The Girl”. This song is HOT! I can run at 9km per hour on the cross trainer to this song, on level 8 and still keep to the beat!

“They Don’t Know”, a track written from her heart about her family and the search for the answer to life – love. The track ignites Christina Aguilera‘s “I’m Ok” from Stripped in my mind for the style, lyrics and voice. This is a beautiful song.

Finally, the bonus track on the album is the one song that has been covered by more artists then any other on this planet – “Hallelujah”. A song that has been remade so many time you could only roll your eyes at right? Wrong – her rendition of it is absolutely phenomenal. I wish I had half the talent this girl has.

This album is a 9 out of 10 for me. It’s up there with my favourite album of the year so far – Kelis‘ Flesh Tone.

Alexandra Burke’s Overcome… GET IT!

The Album Of 2010 – Kelis Kills It With Flesh Tone

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

It’s been a long time since an album has engaged me completely, from beginning to end. It’s also been 4 years since Kelis released anything.

From track one through to nine, every single song on Flesh Tone is incredible. This album is simply incredible.

With the typical Kelis husky and sexy voice, she uses it to her advantage creating songs that not only make you want to dance like you are in Ibiza, but her voice oozes sexuality, almost making you frisky, while dancing.

If there were someone to compare Kelis’ voice to, I wouldn’t be able to because Kelis is unique in her own right. But if there were an album style similar, that I could compare to, I’d be mentioning Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor with a touch of Tiësto and a slither of The Presets. A weird mix I know, but when you hear it, you’ll know what I mean.

The deep bass, dirty underground electronic beats, synthesizers which make your ears bleed and your speakers start smoking, also with the personal feeling of being in a war torn discotheque in Berlin, Flesh Tone will transform you into a world not known.

With only 9 tracks, you think that’s not many, but believe me – it’s such a strange feeling, it feels like there are 15 tracks on it. The tracks continue on from eachother, turning it into one story, but no song sounding the same. This is clearly an album of quality, not quantity.

Press play, first up is “Intro”. A 3:30 minute intro, which immediately sets the R&B base layer, before the dance layers come. Her stunning raw and flawless vocals give you goosebumps, from this very moment you know this is going to be good. But good is an understatement…

As the “Intro” fades, Kelis speaks in an almost robotic voice. “We control the dancefloor”, repeating this a couple of times… Then BAM! The party begins. As I type this I have goosebumps, the brilliant dance anthem begins, “22nd Century”. This track resonates with you on a sub-concious level, it’s in tune with your brain-wave, like you’ve been listening to it for weeks.

Track one turns into track two, “4th of July (Fireworks)” which starts off similar to a Madonna track from Confessions On A Dancefloor, but then turns into the sound of a talented performer.

The first track to be released from Flesh Tone is called “Acapella”. Again, it’s hardcore beat and smashing sounds start off immediately. Again, the vocals are mesmerising. Again, this is just musical perfection to my ears.

As “Acapella” ends with a beautiful instrumental, it doesn’t decrease the tempo of the album, what it actually does is leads you into the next track “Scream” which is produced by David Guetta. I feel like breaking out into my famous Robot Dance, it is full on hardcore dance, again mixed with unbelievable vocals.

Kelis has never really been a gay icon like Kylie Minogue or Madonna, but with Flesh Tone, I would imagine she has just hit hard, by far passing her competition. You can include Lady Gaga, Britney and also Beyonce in this calibre, especially with Kelis’ song, “Emancipate”.

Flesh Tone is an absolute, hands down 10/10 for me. It’s raw and honest, if you’re after a good time with quality, the this is your best bet!

Below is the video for “Acapella”.


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