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Office Is My Playground

February 4th, 2014

The Chinese fashion brand Lily stars top model Barbara Palvin in their Spring 2014 campaign created by Fred & Farid Shanghai, ironically names Office Is My Playground.
I’m a big fan! Look at the colours and fabric texture.
Model: Barbara Palvin
Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Photographer: John Wright
(shot in Shanghai by the photographer John Wright)lilyS02 lilyS03 lilyS01

This Weeks Featured Fresh Flowers – November Lily

May 17th, 2010

Fragrant, fresh and strikingly attractive, the November Lily is this weeks featured flower.

It’s big beautiful flowers and green leaves look amazing in any home. They are so fragrant as well. I have them in my home and everyone comments on the amazing smell when you walk in. It’s such a welcming and homely smell.

Some tips to look after your November Lilys: Shave off the leaves so that there are none in water because bacteria breeds on the leaves. They can be thirsty flowers, so just make sure you check every couple of days that there is enough water. Remove the stamens once the flower has opened (the orange pollen thing, there are 6 of them in each flower) as it will last longer and also not stain anything.

The flowers will last 7 – 9 days if looked after properly.