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Love LiLo and Uber

May 19th, 2014


I love how the tumultuous life of Lindsay has come-good and she’s now a fabulously chic icon…

Lindsay used the UberJET app on her phone to order a private jet from London to Cannes. As you do.

Staying at the Four Seasons, Lindsay ordered an UberJET on her smartphone to fly out to the Cannes film festival on Sunday (18/05).

After ordering the luxury Cessna Citation 2, provided by private jet and yacht firm Goodwill, which costs €6490, she was picked up at the Four Seasons, in London’s Mayfair district.

She had so much luggage she needed two extra UberLux cars (both BMW 7 Series) to take her to Luton airport where her plane took off at 11am flying to Cannes Mandelieu airport with fashion blogger Vas Morgan and her stylist Manny.

The plane she was in had cream leather seats and mahogany tables. There was an open bar filled with champagne. Hmmm… That could be dangerous for poor old LiLo. (See picture below that she took on the flight for Instagram)

After getting off the jet Lindsay was later seen wearing a glam gold dress (pictured) Participant Media’s tenth anniversary bash aboard thee stunning multimillion dollar superyacht Oasis.

Tough for some isn’t it.


ADRIAN CAN’T COOK – Behind The Scenes of Part 1 with Bonnie Lythgoe

October 16th, 2013

I love the work Jamie Auld from Always Yours Photography does.

Here are some of my favourite photos from PART 1 of the Adrian Can’t Cook “British Special” shoot with Bonnie Lythgoe.


Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 1

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 010

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 3

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 2

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 9

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 7

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 6

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 012

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 011

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 5 Bruce Lynton Mini Cooper Garage

Adrian Can't Cook - Bonnie Lythgoe 4 Bruce Lynton Mini Cooper Garage



Underbelly Star Natasha Leigh Stars In New UK TV Show!

November 29th, 2012


Australian beauty Natasha Leigh is about to star in one of the UK’s most popular TV shows as a new Doctor. Natasha has been in the UK just a few months, yet she is already turning heads and making her mark.  When attending the UK’s Inside Soap Awards Natasha was named ‘best dressed’ by both Boohoo and Reveal Magazine!  She also caught up with fellow actors at the awards, Chris Milligan & Tom Oliver, she also shared the screen with Chris Milligan in Overture.

In Holby City Natasha plays a feisty Doctor Lilah Birdwood, who left Australia to escape the disapproving eyes of her former colleagues in Australia. When Lilah’s affair with a married consultant was exposed, they turned their backs on her and threatened to end her career.  Dr Birdwood is at the hospital as a CTI Doctor and is desperate to make the cut as a surgeon. She is determined not to let anyone get in her way; but how far will she go?

This is the first UK Television role for actress Natasha Leigh who plays the confident young Doctor, having had success in prime time Australian shows such as the hugely popular ‘Neighbours’, ‘Underbelly: Golden Mile’, ‘Bogan Pride’, ‘City Homicide’ and ‘Cops’ (as Natasha Cunningham). On Lilah, Natasha says “she is at Holby City Hospital to prove herself. She’s a great character to play.”


1. What an incredible role to land! Congratulations on the lead role in Holby City! How did this role come about?

Thank you!  It was so surreal how it all happened. I was in LA & I taped my audition in my friends kitchen. Came back to Australia & put down a couple more scenes with my parents acting opposite me! Then did an interview with the producers on Skype! An hour later I got the role and two weeks later I was here in the UK!

2. When you found out you got the role, what was your first reaction and how did you celebrate?

I started crying when i heard! (this industry is a rollercoaster & I feel very blessed when I get a chance to work)  In terms of celebrating – my girlfriends and I shared a nice bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rose Champagne! My absolute favourite!!

3. You’ve had some pretty great roles on Australian TV. Have you found many differences in working with Australian and UK based production companies?

The more I travel, the more I realise that although Australia is amazing; it is just an island on the ‘other side of the world’. We are very disconnected to what is happening everywhere else, so actors Must travel to really have a shot of going big! I also believe most Australians are down to earth, fun, friendly people; so we are easy to work with.

4. You have a solid fan base in Australia, and in the UK through Australian shows. What do you think makes yourself and so many actors like you so popular in countries like the UK and USA?

I think every actor has to have some qualities similar to your character. Johnny Depp has a great quote  – “with any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying” . I am like Lilah as in I am very passionate & sometimes intense, but for the most part, we are both just fun loving Aussie women.

5. You’ve played a few different types of roles, what has been your favourite and what types of roles do you get really passionate about?

I have played some very interesting roles! I don’t really have a favourite because they are all so different, but they are always Intense, Raw, Vulnerable and Honest. I love roles you can get your teeth into & test yourself as an artist.

6. What was it like working with Lou Carpenter on Neighbours? Come on… Tell us the truth!

He is lovely really!  I actually live down the road from him, so we are constantly bumping into each other at the corner store!

7. Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

Food wise, anything with basil & salt, I Love.  I make my own pesto & use it with pasta dishes, pizza, tapas with cheese..   drinks, I love champagne & a nice subtle pinot noir.

8. What is your favourite thing to cook – if you cook?

I do cook, a lot! I really enjoy being in the kitchen, my whole family does. The most enjoyable time is Christmas when four generations of women make our secret recipe version of the Traditional Christmas Pudding

9. What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

Besides my Jimmy Choos, which are amazing to wear.. I’d say a few good scarves are essential to any wardrobe. They add texture & colour to any outfit, worn around your neck, belted, caped… & can be used to protect against the sun & wind!  Perfect accessory!

10. Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to have and why?

Marion Cotilard always seems to nail her outfits! Simple, chic, sexy with edge…there is something slightly off centre which is absolutely my style !!

11. Is there a feature in your home you love most?

I love to have water around me (I’m a Pisces/Gemini), so being in harmony with my environment is very important to me. I have a glass fountain near the back window which I love to sit by and read. Perfect place to zone out.

12. Where did you grow up and what did you love about growing up there?

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It was lovely to be in between the bush & ocean. It definitely keeps you in touch with nature, though at times I used to crave the city life.

13. Favourite place to relax in Australia or the world?

In Australia is would be the mountains near Byron Bay, it’s such a vortex there, you go to another world with its lusciousness.  I’m yet to visit New York, which I think will one day be my home.

14. What is your great extravagance?

My Career!  I have sacrificed a lot & invested everything into my career. It’s just what you do when you find something you love & are passionate about, but it can at times be very demanding.

15. This one thing you can’t leave home without is…

Sunglasses! I always wear them. Because my eye colour are so light & almost yellow… they are very sensitive to light. They also complete any outfit & adds a bit of flair!


Duran Duran New Video Clip – AMAZING!

November 11th, 2011


YouTube Preview Image

It’s Duran Duran’s new video clip for “Girl Panic”.

Filled with all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from the worlds most fabulous models, fashion and styling from the worlds most exquisite designers and it’s all the excess, luxury and living life in no other way but FABULOUS – this video IS the epitome of FABULOUS.

You need to watch this. Then watch it again. And again. And again. And obsess. And watch it again…


My Top 5 Favourite Songs Of ALL TIME. Song 5…

March 9th, 2011

I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite songs of ALL TIME over the next 5 weeks. Now that’s a huge call… But every single time I hear these songs, they all have complete control over me in some way.

So in no particular order, here is number 5.

Hometown Glory by Adele.

YouTube Preview Image

Hottie Of The Week – Dame Edna Everidge

January 31st, 2011


Australian comedy ICON hailing from humble beginnings as a Moonee Ponds Housewife to becoming probably the most popular and gifted MEGASTAR in the world and dabbling as an investigative journalist, social anthropologist, swami, children’s book illustrator, author, stage show superstar – with countless command performances for the Royal Family, Film star, successful Televison Chat Show host and interviewer Michael Parkinson’s unofficial favourite guest ever, is a widow with three grown children and spends her time visiting world leaders and jet-setting between her homes in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Switzerland and Martha’s Vineyard, Founder & Governor of Friends of the Prostate and creator of The World Prostate Olympics, famously managed by the talented dadaist-comedian Barry Humphries… DAME EDNA EVERIDGE!

FUN FACTS: My first introduction to the Gladioli loving MEGASTAR that is Dame Edna was in the 1980′s when she performed a stand-up routine on TV’s The Mike Walsh Show holding up a pair of 3 legged stockings that had been made especially for her. The audience erupted in hysterics, but I didn’t get the joke… I was convinced she was a real woman! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY courtesy of TOONARAMA!


The Specials – A Very Special Series Of Very Special People

September 24th, 2010

As most of you would know, Vimeo is another video search engine, like YouTube. Vimeo currently has a range of videos which are finalists in a few different genres, one of them being ‘Series’.

The finalist for this is “The Specials”, a reality video series of life inside a special needs home in the UK. There is a big house in Brighton, with 5 Down Syndrome adults living together with the cameras following them around capturing everything on their day to day life including love, heartache, new flatmates, dealing with all the things “normal” people deal with.

I have now become addicted to this series, I think it’s absolutely remarkable and these guys just constantly make me laugh. They are funny, sweet, cute and so kind to each other (sometimes!).

Please check out the video below, these are episodes 1 – 3.

Be sure to check out the rest www.the-specials.com

London Fashion Week – Day 1 – Hannah Marshall

September 20th, 2010

Content Produced by Kate Lillian Muir & Photography by Kim Nguyen for AdrianErdedi.com

The first of the powderhouse shows kicked off late on the first day with designers Hannah Marshall and Felder.Felder going back to back and pulling in the big names and the biggest press pack.  No sneaking into the front row for this show, these two young guns were by far the most anticipated of the day.

Spotted front row were the likes of singer Paloma Faith, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and English supermodel Erin O’Connor.

Hannah Marshall

We knew we were in for a treat when the Hannah Marshall show opened with a dark and emotive film, created by Rankin, of a girl being revealed through layers of tulle that swept upwards in the wind and moved and pushed against her skin.  The moody opening was ignited by a starkly lit runway as the first model stormed down the runway.

True to form the mostly black range showed favour to delicate tulles juxtaposed against formed tailoring.  A tulle leotard was the base for many of the looks and is definitely back for another go around the trend merry go round.

Fashion friend, meet rigid ruffles.  Yes people, there is a new take on the ruffle trend that has dominated the last couple of summers.  Propelling the range into the future these rigid ruffles had everyone leaning forward for a closer look at this gravity defying new trend.

London Fashion Week – Day 1 – Felder.Felder

September 20th, 2010

Content Produced by Kate Lillian Muir & Photography by Kim Nguyen for AdrianErdedi.com

The first of the powderhouse shows kicked off late on the first day with designers Hannah Marshall and Felder.Felder going back to back and pulling in the big names and the biggest press pack.  No sneaking into the front row for this show, these two young guns were by far the most anticipated of the day.

Spotted front row were the likes of singer Paloma Faith, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and English supermodel Erin O’Connor.


Blue was the hue at Felder.Felder where graphic print leather and frou frou skirts were rolled out to produce a volumous look that was further accentuated by tight stretch fabric tops.  The palette mixed black with exploding shades of rich fuscias, vivid ocean and nightsky blues. A dash of their signature look was mixed in whereby leathers were teamed with romantic chiffons and organzas to create somewhat of a conflicting look.

The stand out piece for me was a pair of high waisted, cigarette leg, black leather pants that look vicious on the runway.

The range, titled ‘Born to be Wild’ was aptly accompanied by a soundtrack produced by the legendary Arthur Baker and featured an exclusive track by Coco Sumner, and a cover of the 1996 Steppenwolf classic Born to by Wild with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on guitar.

London Fashion Week – Day 1 – Jena Theo

September 20th, 2010

Content Produced by Kate Lillian Muir & Photography by Kim Nguyen for AdrianErdedi.com

Jena Theo

Jena.Theo, by design duo Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, have come leaps and bounds since last year when they were chosen by Donatella Versace as winners of Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden.  The opulence of their spring/summer 2010/2011 collection was inspired by the spirit of India and aesthetically represented the Indian influences on 21st Century Britain.

As a result the look was that of the ultimate global traveller.  With drapery at it’s flattering best topped with swallows nest-esque hair.  The look was torn to pieces but effortlessly chic.

The capricious and volumous range was grounded in reality with a few strong, almost origami, and structured pieces.  Beautiful neutrals were brought to life with pops of lilac and dirty rose, spring summer’s new must have trend colours, and adorned with beautiful hand-crafted Indian trim embellished with golden embroider detail.

The range was beautifully complimented by raw painted gold leaf stiletto platform shoes and styled up with gold leaf motifs applied directly to the skin.

Closing out the show was the hola hooping hero piece which saw a mess of plastic rings fitted together to create a reinvented bussle which was then drapped with lilac silk chiffon to bring somewhat of a regal air to the end of the show.

London Fashion Week 2010 – Day 1 – Caroline Charles

September 20th, 2010

Content Produced by Kate Lillian Muir & Photography by Kim Nguyen for AdrianErdedi.com

Caroline Charles

50’s fun fair was the flavour of the Caroline Charles show, kicking off our London Fashion Week adventures with a step back in time.

The range was compiled of the perfect balance between block colours and prints, in saying this I would have loved to have seen the story board concepting of the range, with most prints getting a look in, including floral, leopard print, herringbone and polkadots.  With a heavy focus on timeless silhouettes, it was hard to not think of Audrey Hepburn films as the sophisticated looks glided past.  The show was another knotch in the belt for the fashion cred of the Mad Men series with it certainly getting a nod from this designer who also featured curvier models on the runway.

Style this look up with a lashing of pearls, elbow length cocktail gloves; white for day and black for night, sinch in that waist with a thin patent leather belt and tuck a large envelope clutch under your arm and pop off to high tea!

Finish the look with a clean fresh face and a dewy red lip.

This showcase of high st attitude was accompanied by a very funky sound track featuring all the cool cats of the era.

“The Real Hustlers” Airs Tonight On Channel 9 – It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed!

September 14th, 2010

Adam Mada in "The Real Hustle"

Adam Mada in "The Real Hustle"

Tonight at 9pm on channel 9 after Top Gear, “The Real Hustle” will air which I’m quite excited about watching. Hosted by Gyton Grantley, this is going to be one series to watch!

Most people think they could never be duped and conned, but every year one in three Australians will be exposed to some sort of scam. It might be you handing over your hard earned cash unless you learn the inside tricks of the thieves’ trade on this TV show.
Filmed with hidden cameras, a team of three Australian hustlers, along with their counterparts in the UK and USA, carry out some of the most notorious scams ever cooked up on unsuspecting members of the public.

Here in Australia three practised con artists pull off the scams. They are Clare Werbeloff, better known as the infamous “chk-chk boom” girl who became an overnight sensation after conning the media by fabricating an “eye-witness” account of a Kings Cross shooting in 2009; the so-called “honest con-man” Nick Johnson, an expert swindler who knows every trick in the book; and Adam Mada, a sleight-of-hand expert, trained magician and master of manipulation.

These hustlers show how easy it is to rip off a stranger, extract cash from the unsuspecting, and steal your belongings in seconds. This awesome series will feature more than 30 spectacular scams and expert advice on how to avoid being ripped off, with tips from Detective Superintendent Colin Dyson of the NSW Fraud Squad.

There is a disclaimer though for those of you who watch it: “All the innocent people who were in fact scammed during the making of The Real Hustle have been given their money back. They also agreed to let the footage of them being conned be broadcast as a warning to others.”

Mulberry In Sydney – By Tegan Brideson

July 19th, 2010

By Tegan Brideson for AdrianErdedi.com

Mulberry In Sydney
Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall is set to house Britain’s timeless and iconic brand.

Save the date. November is when Britain’s luxury brand, Mulberry is set to swing open it’s doors for the first time in Australia. Muberry Creative Director, Emma Hill says “The culture and beauty of Sydney suits Mulberry’s optimistic and playful aesthetic.”

The store situated in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall in the heart of the CBD, will surely provide eager fans with celebrity favourites including the Bayswater bag and the Alexa bag.

Men need not feel left out either, as Mulberry’s men’s accessories will also be available.  A wide variety of cross-body bags, briefcases, wallets and cufflinks will be included straight from the London collections.

“We are thrilled to be extending Mulberry’s international reach to Australia.” Hill says. So are many of the fashion set.

“Inspired by the cool of the city and the craft of the countryside, Mulberry’s timeless and iconic bags and accessories will bring quality, fashion forward designs and luxury” a Mulberry spokesperson has said, and the Australian market is ready.

With a cool and crafty match like that, it’s one that hopefully flourishes in Australia.


Copyright© Tegan Brideson 2010