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January 30th, 2012

POPULAR touring performer and the biggest selling solo artist in Australian chart history, singer, recording artist, songwriter and actress who shot to fame portraying tomboy mechanic “Charlene” on popular TV soap Neighbours winning her multiple Logie Awards, her first single LOCO-MOTION spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian charts and was the highest selling single of the 1980′s, spectacularly performed at the closing ceremony of 2000 Sydney Olympics, sensationally headlined the 1994 Sydney gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, is a celebrated breast cancer survivor, winner of multiple ARIA & Brit Awards, winner of the 2004 Best Dance Recording Grammy Award for COME INTO MY WORLD, received an OBE at Buckingham Palace in 2008 and in 2011 was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard… KYLIE MINOGUE!

FUN FACTS: Kylie is regarded as a gay icon, which she encourages with comments such as “I am not a traditional gay icon. There’s been no tragedy in my life, only tragic outfits…”

KYLIE MINOGUE Limited Edition Print available at TOONARAMA – The Exhibition @ ArtBoy Gallery January 12 – 29


TOONARAMA – The Exhibition @ ArtBoy Gallery January 12 – 29 – MELBOURNE

January 5th, 2012

A caricature collection of the famous and infamous… incredible icons, cool celebrities, sexy sports stars, community cuties and fabulous friends as featured @ facebook phenomenon TOONARAMA!

TOONARAMA – The Exhibition features limited edition digital artwork caricature prints by 2012 Midsumma Festival Premier Artist for Stonnington – cartoonist BRETT WILLIS.

The cast of CARTOON HOTTIE caricatures include Pop Princess Kylie Minogue, Olympic Diver Matt Mitchum, Music Icons Madonna & George Michael, Drag Legends Kerrie Le Gore, Barbra Quicksand & Doug Lucas, Music Guru Ian “Molly” Meldrum, Melbourne STORM rugby player Cooper Cronk, Underwear Model Nick Bracks, Comedian Josh Thomas, Politician Penny Wong and more… plus a special tribute to Vivien St James!

Growing up in the 80′s on a diet of trashy U.S. sitcoms, glamorous Angel detectives, buff mutant superheroes and controversial Material Girl video clips, Melbourne Freelance Cartoonist BRETT WILLIS developed an insatiable taste for Popular Culture and the cult of Celebrity.

Inspired to draw as a child by comic book superhero artwork, Brett’s first published work was at age 12 in Larry Pickering’s book CARTOONS BY AUSTRALIAN KIDS, and has since produced an extensive variety of cartoon and illustration work for children’s books, TV show merchandise, magazines, newspapers, websites, corporate promotions, caricature commissions and has had successful solo exhibitions showcasing his “bright, bold and sexy cartoon style”.

Cartoon clients include pyjama designs for Peter Alexander Sleepwear, Licensed merchandise for hit children’s TV shows Hi-5 & Cushion Kids, Illustrations for Educational Workbooks, Little Golden Books, Virgin, Genesis & Re.Creation Health Clubs, Banner caricatures for Brisbane Lions & West Coast Eagles AFL clubs, Illustrations for MCV newspaper, DNA & Qantas magazines and regular newspaper spot illustrations, cartoon strips and covers with CARTOON HOTTIES featuring on style blog AdrianErdedi.com

TOONARAMA – The Exhibition Opening Night
Thursday 12th January 6-8pm
ArtBoy Gallery
99 Greville Street, Prahran.
T: 03 99398993


Open Monday – Friday 10 to 6pm
Saturday – 10 to 5pm
Sunday – 11 to 4pm


Chiva-Som At ISIKA – Crown Metropol Experience. Bliss.

May 16th, 2011

I recently had one of the most luxurious experiences, where I was pampered and traveled down a path of culinary perfection.

It was a taste of Chiva-Som Luxury Health Resort at ISIKA Day Spa at the Crown Metropol, Melbourne. Chiva-Som joined ISIKA only for a limited time, so that a piece of the resort could be experienced here in Australia.

Chiva-Som Resort brought their skills and their therapists from Thailand to Melbourne to treat and spoil visitors of the ISIKA Day Spa, with a collection of treatments – from heavenly massages to more intense physiotherapy. Although it’s not their entire range of treatments, it gave an insight into the skill these masters have.

But not only did they bring their therapists to indulge the guests, they brought the Chiva-Som Executive Chef, Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat – who created a mind blowing meal, not only unique and carefully designed, but extremely healthy by eliminating sugar, salt and oil.

So I think I should go back and tell you about my experience, right from the beginning.

I arrived at the Crown Metropol in Melbourne and greeted by the lovely concierge, directing me to the reception. “Mr. Erdedi, welcome to Crown Metropol, you are staying in the Health Retreat suite on level 26…”. It sounded very impressive. I gathered my luggage and made my way to the lift to go to the private section on level 26, which is not accessible to people staying in the normal rooms at the Metropol. Already, I was feeling a sense of exclusivity, but also seclusion.

I opened the door to my room and infront of me was a delicate room, with beautiful fixtures, neutrally toned calming colour scheme and floor to ceiling glass, with views over Melbourne CBD. I was in heaven. But in actual fact – heaven had not even begun.

I had time to drop my luggage, have a cup of herbal tea and get ready to go upstairs to level 27 for my treatments at ISIKA, by the Chiva-Som therapists.

Waiting in the retreat lounge, with a cup of aromatic herbal tea, it slowed down the heart rate, calmed my nerves and helped me tune out a little, so I could take in every little bit of my first treatment – a Deep Tissue Massage. My very kind Chiva-Som therapist guided me through to the treatment room, which smelt pleasant, lighting was dim and sounds of the forest in the background. I had stepped into my boudoir for the next couple of hours.

I got comfortable in privacy and comfort, and got ready to relax and be taken on a journey of experience, tradition and health rejuvenation. Using oils, my deep tissue massage began. And this is when I slowly drifted away… After some time, I woke up and turned over. It was time to do it all again, but on my front side. And again… I drifted away.

One hour later, I felt light. Refreshed. Somehow all of my tension diminished and I felt on top of the world.

The experience wasn’t over just yet.

Next up, another gracious therapist came into the room to give me my Chiva-Som Haven Body Polish. No Kenco chamois or sponges to be found. This is luxury. Chiva-Som body scrub was applied limb by limb and rubbed into my skin. Removing the impurities from my entire body. Smoothing the skin and stimulating cell growth. After a wash in my private shower, I was laying down again, having my body moisturised and nourished.

I can’t remember the last time my body felt immaculate.

After I had a nap, I went for a swim in the heated indoor infinity lap pool on level 27, a quick chill in the vitality pool and then 15 minutes in the steam room – all before I got ready for my superb Chiva-Som dinner.

Welcomed to the indulgent level 28 restaurant, ironically named ’28′, a detox cocktail was handed to me and I was taken to my seat which the place setting was gleaming.

If there’s one thing the Crown Metropol has perfected, it’s quality and service.

Chiva-Som Executive Chef, Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat prepared a meal beyond culinary heights.


Courses served up from the Chiva-Som menu included Thai specialties such as seared scallop, quinoa tabbouleh, mushroom confit and beetroot vinaigrette, black cod baked in mustard with lentil dhal, tamarind and mango chutney. For dessert, a poached pear which was absolutely beautiful and lightly sweetened – without any sugar. Every one of Paisarn’s dishes he has created for the mind, body and soul. So no salt, oils or sugar is used in any of his dishes. He uses natural and healthy ingredients to use instead.

After some exceptional wines, great conversation and a short stroll to my suite, I retired for the night.

Waking up the next morning was hard. It was probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I honestly slept in the same position all night, without one single bit of back pain. I normally wake up in the morning stiff and with my joints cracking, but these beds at the Crown Metropol are simply amazing!

It was back up to the restaurant for breakfast. Now I don’t quite know how to describe it. Maybe in three words? VARIETY. INCREDIBLE. ORGANIC? Or maybe FRESH. CHOICE. UNFORGETTABLE? I can’t choose the words to describe the buffet breakfast at the Metropol, but one thing I know is that it’s by far the best one I have ever had in Australia. I’ve been to many resorts nationally, B&B’s, hotels, Day Spa’s, retreats and lodges, but none of them can compare to that of the one at the Crown Metropol. MAGNIFICENT.

So you are probably wondering what this article is about? Is it about Chiva-Som? ISIKA Day Spa? Or is it about the Crown Metropol? Well let me wrap this up for you…

Chiva-Som is no longer available here in Australia for you to try, BUT the REAL Chiva-Som is only a short flight away in Thailand, where the experience will surpass anything you could every expect and experience in your life. There is definately a reason why the likes of Elle McPherson, Dannii Minogue, Megan Gale, Kylie Minogue and Madonna visit this place annually.

ISIKA Day Spa is one of the the most luxurious day spa’s in the country, with an extensive menu to make your choice tough and therapists who know exactly what they are doing and how to look after you and your body.

Crown Metropol is clearly the leading hotel in Melbourne, with incredible choice for the palate, exceptionally well designed with the guests senses as a priority and service which cannot be matched.

These are the 3 reasons why I wrote this article – and these are the 3 reasons why I would do it all over again – no matter how much it costs.

Chiva-Som: www.TravelTheWorld.com.au

Hotel: www.CrownMetropol.com.au

ISIKA: www.crownmelbourne.com.au/spas/isika-day-spa .

For full information on Chiva-Som Thailand, please stay tuned tomorrow…

Born This Way Video By Lady Gaga

March 2nd, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

This is the manifesto of Mother monster”.


Is this woman actually insane?

Answer: YES. And we love her for it.

Lady Gaga has actually turned insane and the World can’t get enough of her. With the release of her new video clip for the super successful new song Born This Way, all it’s done is make people think she is actually crazier then we already thought.

The video is simply indescribable. It’s completely AWESOME. But awesome in a creative, stylised and designer way – not the actual meaning behind the weird things that take place in the video… Like pulling a machine gun out of her woohoo. What’s with that?!

Now, being a huge Lady Gage fan, I have to say, the sexualisation within the clip baffles me. But it’s not just Lady Gaga. It’s many artists at the moment – Rihanna with S&M, Akon with I Just had Sex and Wynter Gordon‘s Dirty Talk. Am I just being too old and conservative?

That aside, Gaga knows how to move, she knows how to sing, she has this intrinsic creativity beyond many people’s imagination – she leaves us with our jaws dropping.


To finish off – I must make particular note of the last few seconds of the video… See the image below and tell me who you think of immediately?

Watch the clip above, feel free to comment and let me know what you think about my comments on the current “trend” of heavy sexual references in today’s music – am I the only one thinking this?



August 30th, 2010


Multi award winning Music Superstar, Pop culture Icon, Actress, The Guiness Book of Record’s “World’s Top selling Female Recording Artist of all time” and Inspirational Entrepreneur – Children’s book writer, fashion designer and owner of her own recording company MAVERICKMADONNA!

FUN FACTS: Throughout her career Madonna has repeatedly reinvented herself through a series of visual and musical personas, earning her the nickname “Queen of Reinvention” and famously seeking to recreate images of her childhood idols and influences including Marilyn Monroe’s look in the song Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in her Material Girl music video!


The Album Of 2010 – Kelis Kills It With Flesh Tone

May 25th, 2010

It’s been a long time since an album has engaged me completely, from beginning to end. It’s also been 4 years since Kelis released anything.

From track one through to nine, every single song on Flesh Tone is incredible. This album is simply incredible.

With the typical Kelis husky and sexy voice, she uses it to her advantage creating songs that not only make you want to dance like you are in Ibiza, but her voice oozes sexuality, almost making you frisky, while dancing.

If there were someone to compare Kelis’ voice to, I wouldn’t be able to because Kelis is unique in her own right. But if there were an album style similar, that I could compare to, I’d be mentioning Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor with a touch of Tiësto and a slither of The Presets. A weird mix I know, but when you hear it, you’ll know what I mean.

The deep bass, dirty underground electronic beats, synthesizers which make your ears bleed and your speakers start smoking, also with the personal feeling of being in a war torn discotheque in Berlin, Flesh Tone will transform you into a world not known.

With only 9 tracks, you think that’s not many, but believe me – it’s such a strange feeling, it feels like there are 15 tracks on it. The tracks continue on from eachother, turning it into one story, but no song sounding the same. This is clearly an album of quality, not quantity.

Press play, first up is “Intro”. A 3:30 minute intro, which immediately sets the R&B base layer, before the dance layers come. Her stunning raw and flawless vocals give you goosebumps, from this very moment you know this is going to be good. But good is an understatement…

As the “Intro” fades, Kelis speaks in an almost robotic voice. “We control the dancefloor”, repeating this a couple of times… Then BAM! The party begins. As I type this I have goosebumps, the brilliant dance anthem begins, “22nd Century”. This track resonates with you on a sub-concious level, it’s in tune with your brain-wave, like you’ve been listening to it for weeks.

Track one turns into track two, “4th of July (Fireworks)” which starts off similar to a Madonna track from Confessions On A Dancefloor, but then turns into the sound of a talented performer.

The first track to be released from Flesh Tone is called “Acapella”. Again, it’s hardcore beat and smashing sounds start off immediately. Again, the vocals are mesmerising. Again, this is just musical perfection to my ears.

As “Acapella” ends with a beautiful instrumental, it doesn’t decrease the tempo of the album, what it actually does is leads you into the next track “Scream” which is produced by David Guetta. I feel like breaking out into my famous Robot Dance, it is full on hardcore dance, again mixed with unbelievable vocals.

Kelis has never really been a gay icon like Kylie Minogue or Madonna, but with Flesh Tone, I would imagine she has just hit hard, by far passing her competition. You can include Lady Gaga, Britney and also Beyonce in this calibre, especially with Kelis’ song, “Emancipate”.

Flesh Tone is an absolute, hands down 10/10 for me. It’s raw and honest, if you’re after a good time with quality, the this is your best bet!

Below is the video for “Acapella”.


YouTube Preview Image

Belinda Chapple – Gorgeous, talented and successful.

April 27th, 2010

Belinda Chapple, one of the five stunning girls who made up the band Bardot has remained in the public eye for many years after the split of the band.

Launching her successful solo career in 2004, having worked with the fabulous Darren Mapes and she also had “Move Together” peak at number 26 on the Aria singles charts in 2005.

Belinda isn’t a stranger to modeling, magazine shoots and dancing, but having given all that up for a while, she has decided to make a huge life change and discover herself artistically. But I will let her tell you all about it, and get to know her up close and personal!

This is the absolutely gorgeous Belinda Chapple

What projects are you currently working on or have in the near future?

I am giving myself a break from performing at the moment, sometimes you need to do this to refresh yourself artistically. I am currently living in Singapore working for Universal Studios as Company Manager, behind the scenes for a change!

Who or what influences you most in Fashion and home décor?

Travel, art, photography and Mr Karl Lagerfield.

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

My Favorite piece of clothing at present would have to be my recently purchased Black and White silk Chanel dress!

Do you have one feature in your home you love most?

My Dali etching!

Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

Martinis, Sushi and can’t go past a banana smoothie with honey.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Clothes and handbags… I can never get enough!

Greatest lesson learnt?

Trust few!

What advice would you give someone if they were thinking of a career in your industry?

Get ready for a long hard road. You HAVE to be so committed and resilient but if you have some success you will be in for a wonderful adventure.

How do you maintain a life balance between work and home?

My home life has become more important to me these last few years. I seem to manage a good balance between both but you have to make a conscious effort.

Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid and why?

Kate Moss, I love everything she wears.

How did you get into doing what you do?

My parents had no choice but to send me off to dancing school. As when I was 5 years old that was all I did at home. Dance and watch music videos, I was obsessed from a very early age.

What is your one design rule you like to stick to around the home?

Mix old and new together the perfect infusion.

My Mother/Father always told me…

To respect others and to be kind and thoughtful.

Where is your favourite place to relax in Sydney?

Nielson Park.

How often do you eat out and cook at home?

I eat out a lot! But I also try to cook at home at least 3 nights a week. I love to cook.

Signature dish?

Scallop and pea risotto, one of my best friends gave me the recipe, YUM!

The one thing I can’t leave home without is…

My lipgloss.

What frustrates you most about Sydney?

It’s a very small town and sometimes it can seem a little shallow.

If you were Clover Moore, what would be the first thing you’d inject money into fixing?

Litter and garbage, after living in Singapore this year we could defiantly clean up our city a ittle.

Favourite beach in Sydney and why?

Palm beach as I have many great childhood memories there. I also love Nielson Park when its not so crowded.

If you could be a fly on the wall of any celebrity home, who’s wall would you like to sit on?


Three pet hates?

1. Racisim

2. Judgemental people

3. War over religon

Fashion and home must-have’s?

A fabulous Handbag and some hot artwork for your walls.

What is your one diva demand?

I don’t have any! But always like things to be organised and professional

Gold Satin Chantilly For Edra At Space

April 14th, 2010

Edra is known globally by every celebrity, royal or super wealthy person. Edra does not come cheap.

Pictured above is the stunning piece from the Edra brand, called Chantilly.

It’s obvious why it’s called Chantilly. It’s smooth and flowing material runs down the frame, much like it’s creamy and edible counterpart. It’s centre rises to a leather peak.

Made of gold satin, it evokes many different feelings and emotions when you look at it, then touch it. It’s like sexy and seductive lingerie… It’s like a couture gown, ready to be taken off… It’s a very arousing piece of furniture that would become a centerpiece in any environment.

The shimmering gold satin, captures the lights, it sparkles at you like the sun reflecting off a calm sea.

I don’t have much more to say about it… Apart from the fact that I feel in love… Like Chantilly, you want to eat it up.

But you might want to ask for the price tag before you take a bite into it’s flowing skin. For only $54,145 this lounge could be all yours. Go on… you know you want it.


Photos by Adrian Erdedi