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An Intimate Night With Dame Edna for Jenny Craig

April 28th, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending a very intimate night with entertainment royalty – Dame Edna.

It was in the basement at the Civic Hotel in Sydney where I got to see the very endearing Dame Edna on stage speaking about Jenny Craig and how she, along with her Manager, Barry Humphries will strive to achieve their weight loss goal of 15kgs each.

In hysterics for much of the night, I can’t think of a time I have felt more privileged to have been graced by one of Australia’s greatest living treasures in this very private and rare opportunity. A good 45 minute session with Dame Edna was exactly what everyone in the room needed. Allowing questions from Trevor Ashley, Peter Everett, Mike Goldman and Glen-Marie Frost, Dame Edna answered with quick witted and supremely detailed answers, all with the poise and elegance of a legend.

It wasn’t just Dame Edna who kept the photographers on their toes, the moment the scary Spice Girl Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte arrived, the sound of flashes and murmurs “Mel, Mel, look here, Mel”, “Oh my God, Mel B is here”, “Wow, it’s Mel B, she looks incredible” filled the room. And it was true. She looked incredible. With a body to salivate over, Mel B lost 15 kgs in 20 weeks after being ambassador for Jenny Craig.

I’ve met many international and local celebrities and I must say, I was a little star struck seeing Mel, but then I actually got to meet her and spend much of the evening with her and her hilariously extroverted husband. Mel B was so much fun, coming out with the funniest one liners, but also being an absolute sweetheart.

Other guests included my long time friend Peter Everett, Channel 10’s Breakfast presenters Andrew Rochford and Kathryn Robinson, Dr Nikki Goldstein, Trevor Ashley, Mike Goldman, Chucky Klapow and the gorgeous Glen-Marie Frost. Below are some photos of the silliness Dr Nikki and Peter Everett got up to with the crazy couple.

What an amazing night – but if you want the X-Rated uncensored version of the night… Contact me privately! 🙂

See more photos below courtesy of Esteban La Tessa of La Tessa Photography (including photo of Dame Edna) – www.latessaphotography.com

Simone’s Celebrity Birthday Video – by Adrian Erdedi

May 18th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

On the 25th of April, it was my little sister Simone’s birthday.

I spent a couple of months getting footage together of people she knows and loves wishing her a happy 24th birthday. I gave Simone the video, and she absolutely loved it – she was beside herself.

She is a smart little Down Syndrome girl, she’s very clever, she’s fun and most of all, she is lovable. She loves celebrities, she loves television, she loves movies and most of all loves music. So I made sure I asked the people who will make her smile.

I never planned to make this video public, but I thought it would be a great way to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and urge that everybody does their bit to help these beautiful people feel part of the community. If you want to donate money to the Down Syndrome Association in your state, that too would help tremendously – aiding the people who aren’t as lucky as my sister having a loving home and family around her all the time.

A massive thankyou to:

Carmelo Pizzino

Simone, we all love you very much and we all hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Love Adrian xox

Who Got Crowned Mr Bondi For 2011?

January 21st, 2011

Two weekends of Bondi hospitality, beach and sun was enough to crown the first Mr Bondi.

Week one saw nearly 30 Mr Bondi hopefuls fight head to head in games, talent quest and quizes tp test the male emotions, all while trying to please the lovely judging panel, Elle Halliwell, Corby Sue, Donny Galella, Grant Dwyer, Julie Lawless and Nat Ayres at Bondi Social.

The somewhat crazy, eclectic group of guys made the audience laugh, made their mouth drop and made them scrunch up their faces in embarrassment for the guys who were simply just having fun.

Twelve men were short listed and asked to attend Bondi FM the following Saturday to go under more examining by the judges, and announce the winner.

plenty of alcohol, on air interviews and speed dating were part of the nights shenanigans, which went well into the night. Familiar faces were in the top 12, like seventy year old social photographer Bill Rankin, Mike Goldman and Russ Ayres, owner of Bondi FM.

But it was the quintessential man who took the tiara, the man with the great smile, fun personality, good sense of humor and the all round ‘Bondi’ guy – Anthony Marich. Long blonde hair, perfect tan and perfect white teeth, Anthony just scraped past Mike and Russ to take the title.

With a plethora of gifts, including a 12 month modeling contract and $2000 garage makeover, Anthony was chuffed with his new title, Bondi fame.