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April 4th, 2012

DANIEL O’KEEFFE is 24 years old, 180cm (6ft) tall, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Last seen by his father Des, he disappeared from the family home in Highton, Victoria, on the morning of 15 July 2011. He was on foot, and left without any personal belongings (including his wallet and thus identification).

Daniel is a gorgeous, gentle, friendly guy who is respected by his students, admired by his friends and adored by his family. However as Daniel suffers depression there are concerns for his welfare.

It’s understood that Dan may have wanted to escape the stresses of life for a while and could now be anywhere in Australia, but his family just need to know he is alive and safe.

All help to find him is appreciated by his entire extended family and his girlfriend, Susie.

FUN FACTS: I’ve never met Daniel or his family, but happened to see a post on fb from a mutual friend about the dancomehome facebook page, and after reading about this great guy and the heartfelt anxiety for his welfare from his loved ones, i’m hoping a TOON fan will be able to help…

So please if you’ve seen Daniel he has a loving family who would be so grateful to hear from you if you have any details of his whereabouts.

www.facebook.com/dancomehome ||  www.dancomehome.com