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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


Bronzed and buff halfback turned hooker Australian Rugby league player for the Jetstar Gold Coast TITANS in the NRL, muscled pin-up boy in the GODS OF FOOTBALL charity calendar & book and avid surfer… KAYNE LAWTON!

FUN FACTS: Quoted as saying his favourite part of his body is his bum, Kayne is the first NRL player to win the coveted Sexiest Player Competition as voted for by fans at popular footy fan website


Friday, September 9th, 2011


Brilliant superstar professional Rugby League footballer playing his entire NRL career for the MELBOURNE STORM, Australian International & Queensland MAROONS State Of Origin representative Fullback, voted the best player in the world winning the Golden Boot Award and the RLIF Awards international player of the year, the 2009 Clive Churchill medal, 2010 Wally Lewis medal and winner of the television game show AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST ATHLETE in 2009 and 2010, winner of the Dally M medal for Best NRL Player of 2011… BILLY SLATER!

FUN FACTS: A freakish try scorer and one of the NRL’s most exciting players, “Billy the Kid” played his 200th game for the Melbourne STORM against the St George DRAGONS at AAMI Park Stadium… GO THE STORM!

CARTOON COWBOY HOTTIE – Johnathan Thurston

Monday, February 7th, 2011


Super HOT Indigenous Australian Rugby League footballer and captain of the North Queensland COWBOYS NRL team, two time Daley M Medal winner, 3 time State Of Origin Man of the Match and Wally Lewis medalist, respected representative player for Australia & Queensland, 2006 Cleo Most Eligible bachelor finalist and considered the “Greatest Origin Halfback of all time”… JOHNATHAN THURSTON!

FUN FACTS: Community minded, Thurston has worked with the indigenous communities of North Queensland, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and was chosen to appear on the cover of the 2006 League Of Their Own charity calendar raising money for the Koori Kids Foundation.

To aid the victims of the recent Queensland floods and devastating hurricane Yasi in North Queensland please visit and donate at the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery site:


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


Super HOT “ball of muscle” Australian National Rugby League player for the Canterbury Bulldogs, Gold Coast Titans and currently second-row forward with the 2010 NRL Grand Final team the SYDNEY ROOSTERS, and NAKED FOR A CAUSE & GODS OF FOOTBALL charity fundraising pin up boy… DANIEL CONN!

FUN FACTS: The ROOSTERS star says the favourite part of his body is “Any part of my body that has a tattoo on it” and after visiting a Sydney Tattoo Parlour this year “I only planned to come in for a couple of minutes but have spent about 15 hours in the chair since. And I’m not the only one … this place is like a second home to most of our boys now.”

Ben Cousins – Such Is Life – Part 2

Monday, August 30th, 2010

What a clown. There’s no point really discussing him. All the documentary did was try and glamorise him, which as a decent sports person it didn’t achieve. But as an absolutely disrespectful person, it has glamorised him. Why do we even bother to talk about people like him – giving them the time and publicity they want and achieve. The media is ridiculous – myself inclusive.

The end.

Ben Cousins – Such Is Life – Part 1

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

In 2008 a 2 part documentary about Ben Cousins’ drug addiction was produced and directed by Mushroom.

All the radio shows and morning TV shows discussed whether they thought it would be good or bad for children to watch the documentary called “Such Is Life”.

So after it aired on Wednesday night – was it good or was it bad?

I don’t think it was either – but I do think it was completely pointless. What did this doco strive to achieve? Educate children about the destruction drugs can cause? Educate adults on the destruction drugs can cause? Or was it just a biography on his life?

If you ask me, I think the show is just glamorising him even more… “Oooooh we now love Ben, he is so sweet and ooooh we give him sympathy now”. He was sitting there with his crisply capped teeth, speaking about his life and what he did. Not once did he feel bad or regret what he’s done. He sits there telling the stories. Yes he admits he’s a drug addict, but all the bad things he said were quickly covered with a positive.

Now if I were a 14 or 15 year old boy watching that, I would be thinking “hey, I’m going to take drugs, it made me popular with the popular people and look at that, I’ll come out of it fine, my life will be fine”. To me, all it has done is show that drugs can affect your life, but you can come back good from it, and still have everything at the same time.

All the media, and the documentary call him a hero, or a Prince. He is neither. He is lucky. He is lucky that he is not dead. I don’t understand why he is called this. Why he is a super-star? Why?

He sits there in his Armani jacket laughing about fleeing the booze bus, running through houses, jumping roofs, and swimming about 1km across a river to get away from police.

He pleads about how he has never taken performance enhancing drugs during or before a game. Fair enough.

On and on and on the doco goes… Talking about Ben and what happened next. He refers to the police as “they”, he constantly defends himself. He laughs about what happened.

So what was the point? I think Ben Cousins was paid a huge amount of money to open up his life to the cameras. He has fantastic publicists, amazing managers and very smart people marketing him. This was boring – it was like watching a series about criminals and their crimes, just the story but no point for telling it.

This documentary was beautifully edited, the honesty from all involved was raw, but it lacked meaning, it lacked education, it lacked a point.

Part 2, the conclusion to come tomorrow.


Monday, May 31st, 2010


Talented professional Rugby League footballer for the Parramatta EELS, New South Wales BLUES State of Origin and Australian & Fiji International representative winger, and 2009 winner of the Dally M Medal for the NRL’s Player of the Year, Fullback of the Year and RLIF International Player of the Year… JARRYD HAYNE!

FUN FACT: Footy greatness runs in the family – Jarryd Hayne is the son of former RABBITOHS first grader & Fiji representative player Manoa Thompson and Jodie Hayne.

Molly Meldrum – An Icon With Australia’s Most Famous Hat

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Hat wearing music producer, Host of the iconic ABC TV pop music show COUNTDOWN, contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS, music reporter for channel 7 and described as “The single most important person in the Australian pop industry for forty years”… IAN “MOLLY” MELDRUM!

FUN FACT: A huge footy fan, Molly is the Number One ticket holder for his favourite AFL team The St Kilda SAINTS and NRL team The Melbourne Storm!