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Eccentric Elliot Ward-Fear’s Quirky Use Of Perspex

May 21st, 2010

Elliot Ward-Fear is far ahead of his time, and it was apparent at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week a couple of weeks back.

Elliot’s debut collection called ‘Beauty in Exile’ was one of the stand-out shows at RAFW, displaying the unique use of perspex. His quirkiness and eccentricity poured out of the outfits that paraded up and down the runway, with the models walking in platform shoes up to 30cm high!

Something you’d expect Lady Gaga to rock up at an airport in, his designs are outrageous, but definately something you need to keep a keen eye on, especially the perspex spikes.

“Perspex to me represents a frontier of extreme embellishment within the fashion industry that hasn’t really been explored in the way that I have used it. It definitely has the potential to expand from extreme show styling into a ‘functional’ embellishment for use on clothes, handbags, shoes etc” the eccentric designer rationalises.

“Working with Perspex is fun. My team and I developed a design which allowed us to easily manufacture the Perspex spikes in various heights. We then collaborated with Band M plastics, creative Perspex solutions to make it happen. Once the spikes were cut by laser from sheets of Perspex we then had the task of figuring out a way to form a functional skin that would mould to the bodies surface allowing for safety and comfort. We’ve developed a weaving technique that allows for functionality but also looks intriguing and amazing,” explains Ward-Fear about what it is like to work with Perspex.

Have a look at the photos from RAFW 2010.

Eccentric opulence.

Photos by Luke Latty