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A Video Of The Cosmic Dust Storm With Whereis.com

July 21st, 2010

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Recently I went to an  absolutely crazy party, which consisted of hundreds of excited drunk people throwing holipowder at eachother in an array of colours! Read the article of the event here – http://adrianerdedi.com/tag/taboo/

Well there’s a video now that Whereis.com have released of the event for you to get right down and dirty with the party goers.

Check out this video – it’s unbelievable!

Whereis The Party? One CRAZY Night In Holi-Powder Heaven!

June 28th, 2010

Last week, I was invited to a very unique party by Whereis.com.au. I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t know what was going to happen at the party. What I did know was the time, date and what I had to wear – black clothes I didn’t mind ruining.

Very intrigued by all of this, naturally I accepted the invited and waiting till the day to find out the location.

The day came and I got the SMS of the location a few hours before it began, a furniture warehouse in the back streets of Waterloo.

When I arrived, I got myself a Red Bull (as I was driving), a box of pizza from Pizza Hut, a pair of Bollé ski goggles, a dust mask and a plastic bag for my belongings (that I didn’t want ruined).

I waited around for 30mins or so, chatting to the 400 or so other people who were invited, all of them very intoxicated. Then up went the garage door to the warehouse. A huge room completely covered in black protective plastic. Mirror balls, a stand for DJ Minx, a bar and a First Aid door is all thats visible – with music blaring.

We all walked into this room, with anticipation of what was about to unfold! After another 30 mins or so, the music stopped. The lights went on, the fun was about to begin. A quick safety message was announced and I bolted to the media section which was protected from the havoc which was about to begin.

Plastic plates with holi-powder in an array of vibrant colours were distributed into the crowd and the craziness began! People throwing these plates of holi-powder all over the place, it was quite a sight, like nothing I’d ever seen before. The craziness could almost be compared to that of what I experienced when I did La Tomatina in Spain (the tomato throwing festival in Buñol).

Pink, yellow, red… powder all over the place, much like the severe red dust storm we had in 2009 in Sydney. People everywhere, rubbing it through their friend’s hair, ripping eachothers clothes off, men and women wearing barely anything. This was a madhouse – and I loved it! Well spectating anyway.

The guests, the floors, the walls, all covered in colour like nothing I’d seen before! Before long, I was completely covered in pink powder… My clothes, face, hair – everything covered in pink!

Just when I thought it was all over, it continued, the crowd revved up again and attacked eachother again.

After an hour or so, the powder stopped, but the dancing and drinking continued, along with the crazy colours and the sound of people having a ball! It was then I decided to backdoor it and head home.

One thing I didn’t think about was protecting my poor car – which now has a pink interior.