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Zimmerman Trial – Protests in NYC

Monday, July 15th, 2013


All i wanted to do was go to the M&M’s store and then BAM, I end up in the middle of crazy ass protests going on in Times Square NYC for the Zimmerman trial (as Toa just told me).

There’s about a million people, the city is at a complete standstill and bus loads of police are lining the streets. I hope it stays peaceful but people are getting rowdy.

Don’t Text While Driving!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

A ‘friend’ of mine had a little car accident on the weekend. He was texting on his iPhone on Crown Street in Surry Hills when he took his eyes off the road for 2 seconds – then BANG! Right up the back of the car infront.

I, I mean he, has asked me to urge everybody to NOT do it! I know we all get told on the news and by police and whatever not to do it, but take it from my ‘friend’, it’s not worth it! If you are going to do it, just pull over.

A) It can save a life, B) The last thing you want is to cause an unnecessary traffic jam, C) It will cost money to you to fix the cars involved, D) If the police are called, you will get a big fat fine, and E) It’s so damn embarrassing, especially doing it infront of so many people outside of the Dolphin Hotel on Crown St!