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Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Alex Perry

May 9th, 2011

Alex Perry was the first show to kick off Fashion Week for me. I had pretty high expectations, as most do when it comes to Alex Perry. Thankfully I can say, my expectations were met.

It was Cuban Princess collection that dropped many jaws, with a fresh and fabulous array of tantalising colours, textures and materials. This collection made me feel… On holidays. It’s time to turn up the music and party!

Alex Perry’s latest collection is inspired by festival fun, sultry nightlife, and the crisp upper class – a simmering melting pot know as Havana, Cuba… a fusion that is the essence of this politically charged paradise.

Let the heady Latina beats lead your feet as white hot tailoring cuts through the heat. Stay cool in cigar shirt-dresses that reflect a classic note. Precisely fitted and cinched jackets with sharp double-stitched collars reference a Spanish pedigree.

Out came the party dresses in Tamale red silk trimmed with Curacao blue that were ready to Rumba. Dangerously tight dresses in colour-blocked mojitos of Pomegranate, Blood Orange and Pepper shook up the catwalk. Cut away necklines and cheeky hems in spiced shades delivered an intoxicating medley.

Pools of Caribbean aqua refresh the palette with voluminous patio gowns made of silk georgette and necklines that glimmer like a crystal ocean… perfection for languishing on the wide veranda. Long billowing evening skirts slashed high to reveal a flash of tanned thigh, teamed with floral prints that made a sensational splash.

I was a big fan of the glossy slick of deep noir sequins, which intensified the mood to scorching and the serious glitterati come out to play.

An awesome collection… This was most certainly one that stayed up high on my list of favourite shows during fashion week.


A Perfect Dining Experience At Persian Room

November 11th, 2010

Never before had I thought to try Persian food. I didn’t even know it existed. I didn’t even know where Persia was.

Well I got a little lesson. It’s not called Persia, the country is called Iran. Persian food has many influences from other countries. There is a restaurant in Pyrmont called Persian Room – so it does exist and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Greeted by one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever met, the very glamorous Maryam welcomed me into her Persian restaurant. Iranian music playing in the background to set the mood, brightly coloured fabrics, plates, urns and paintings cover the walls. Once you walk in, you feel immersed and all you want to do is continue on this journey to the depths of Persian culture and all it has to offer.

A trio of dips with hot Persian bread comes out to taunt me. Zucchini, potato and Eggplant. My favourite of the three being the eggplant dip, all made fresh on the premises. Apparently it’s one of the favourites!

Next to come out is the Barbary, which is a Persian bread with butter and herbs. Crispy and dark on the outside, it’s served a little like a big pancake, but looks different. You break of pieces and discover this amazing taste – it is like a big pastry with herbs, which is soft inside and so easy to eat. It’s very moorish!

Now the next dish was so amazing, the Mix Kebab. When you see the word kebab, don’t you dare think of dirty kebabs stands you see next to discotheques at 3am. This is the real deal. Tender char grilled lamb strap, chicken marinated in Zafran and lime juice, grilled lamb back strap and finally grilled  minced lamb shoulders. Spices, unique flavours and abit of Persian love make this dish so damn tasty, I couldn’t believe I would love it so much. Share it between two people, because there is so much on here. The chicken and lamb shoulder are my two absolute favourites. The chicken has such a fantastic flavour, with the Zafron and lime melding it together making it so perfect.

I ordered a side salad, the Anjir, a Persian fig salad. The figs are marinaded at the restaurant and the salad has a pomegranate dressing.

That wasn’t it, just when I thought I was going to prepare for dessert, out came another main meal. Now the next amazing dish is Fesenjoon, which is tender chicken drumstick, walnuts, Persian spices and pomegranate juice stewed for 5 hours. The chicken is so tender and so ridiculously amazing. Again there are the most intense flavours and fragrances, this time being even more unique with the interesting ingredient being Pomegranate. This is served with a tower of white rice. That wasn’t it though, Gormeh Sabzie – a leg of lamb cooked with authentic imported Persian herbs, kidney beans and flavoured with sun dried lime is stewed for 8 hours, making it the most mouth-watering dish of the day for me. Served with a side of rice as well, when I picked up the lamb with my fork, it literally fell apart because it was so tender. I was in heaven!

After some rose water to cleanse my palate and a little rest after the enormous meal I’ve just conquered, it was time to order dessert. Yes – I have left space for dessert. I just don’t know why don’t yet look like Matt Preston considering I eat like Max Markson!

For dessert I chose the Persian Rose fairy floss with rose water, saffron and crushed pistachio. My god. Oh my god. AMAZING. Sweet, with a great texture from the pistachios, this is something I could probably eat non-stop, the only thing that would stop me are the holes I would get in my teeth. I also got a couple of pieces of the baklava, which is soft and sweet, covered in a light honey, they were the perfect end to a perfect meal.

End? Who am I kidding? There is no end YET!

Out comes Maryam with a cup of hot Persian tea to top everything off.

Now that’s the end. The end of one of the BEST meals I’ve had in a VERY long time.

Pros: I get to go to some amazing restaurants, which Chef’s hats and all, but none of them have fed me like the Persian Room. None have had the warmth and hospitality like the Persian Room and none of them fulfilled my appetite like the Persian Room has. The choice to sit inside or alfresco.

Cons: There is nothing I can fault here. The food is exceptional. It’s in a nice part of town. If you are expecting lavish seats, and high class décor, then this may not be your place – but look past that and think of the food!

Pricing: Entrées from $6 to $18, Mains from $17 to $28, Desserts from $2 to $15.

Final Say: There is so much to choose from on the menu, but I am so pleased with my choices, it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed such an exquisite medley of flavours, fragrances, the freshest and highest quality ingredients, along with the gorgeous hospitable host Maryam and her culture which she brings and opens up to you.

Persian Room – 52 Harris Street, Pyrmont – (02) 9692 9299


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Photos by Adrian Erdedi