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What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Article by Kate Lillian Muir – Trends Are Like Boys

If you are anything like me, then receiving an invitation to attend anything from a day at the races, a wedding or a black tie ball, and pretty much any special occasion in between, gives you wardrobe anxiety.

The internal dialogue often begins as; What should I wear? What will I wear? What will everyone else be wearing? I’ve got one thing…um… but everyone saw me wearing it, so that won’t do! And this all undoubtedly ends in with; “Oh no! I’ve got nothing to wear!”

And then begins… the impulsive, the inevitable, shopping trip! You know the one, it’s the one where you are so desperate to find the right dress that you end up forking out a fortune on yet another dress that you are never going to wear again.

Well ladies, have I got some news for you! Have you heard of No? Well allow me to bring you in on a little secret! (If you said yes, then you can probably stop reading this because you are totally all in the know and should probably be writing this article. Oh and yeah… thanks for letting us know!) are an online god send which loans you amazing pieces for your special occasions at seriously affordable prices! So here’s how it works:
1. Check out their carefully selected collection online at or if you live in Sydney go and check out their gorgeous CBD studio.
2. Choose your dress and borrow it! You can have it for a week, a month, whatever you want! If you select online your dress will be with you in 1-4 working days, or if you are in studio more often than not know you can walk out the door with you dream dress.
3. Look smoking hot in the piece you picked out!
4. Return! That’s right, you just post it back! They handle all the dry cleaning for you!

Ok ladies, I’m sure you’ve switched sites by now (sorry Adrian) and are already perusing the selection of brilliant Australian designers stocked on the site, but if you are still here I thought that I would let you know that they currently stock Alice McCall, Jayson Brunsdon, Nicola Finetti, Wayne Cooper, Camilla and Marc, Rachel Gilbert, Camilla, White Suede and Shakuhachi.

Why such glowing praise for They recently came to the rescue for me when I was looking for a knock out dress to wear to a black tie ball. Oh! If I had a dollar for all the times I’ve told my girlfriends about… the millions I would have!

Showroom hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm by appointment and Saturday & outside business hours by appointment.
Level 1, 207 Clarence Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9290 1467
  or email: or

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Rachel Gilbert

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

As you may know, I absolute adore Rachel Gilbert. Gracious style, edgy and modern design, with intricate detailing. This woman know exactly what the fashionable women of today want and need.

Rachel Gilbert launched her Cruise Collection 11/12 “Binding measures” to a crowded room of industry elite, fashionistas and celebrities including Kate Waterhouse, Erika Heynatz, Marvin Priest, Singer Prinnie, Laura Csortan, Emma Freedman and April Rose Pengilly to name but a few.

The vibe was powerful and confident as Rachel Gilbert presented a collection revealing her signature style and also the brand new and highly anticipated Ready to Wear collection, all inspired by the female body form.

Staying true to the brand, luxurious fabrics and embellished hand beaded red carpet designs, Rachel Gilbert recreated the infamous evening gowns and transformed them into a dramatic and feminine form fitting elegance. Dripping in over a million dollars worth of Jan logan diamonds, each gown celebrated a fresh sorbet palette of crisp whites, citrus limes and apricot accents, balanced with neutral nude undertones.

The collection reinvents a new style for sexy with hemlines lengthening and necklines rising. The combination of structured paneling, sequins and silks juxtaposed against each other to create a unique feminine silhouette. While the Ready To Wear shows a strength through defined trimmings and structure combined with hardware, spikes and open zip detailing.

We were all taken on an urban and whimsical dream with the collaboration of Violinist Jane Cho and DJ Simon Pongrass, inventing a unique fusion between classical and hip-hop music. The soundtrack highlighted the distinct contrast between the bold and feminine designs.

Rachel Gilbert demonstrated why her garments are so highly sought after with lavish and embellished designs that have the ability to take you from black tie to brunch chic. Setting a prominent tone for the season, “Binding Measures” focuses on powerful and confident women

…and that’s why we all love her.

Rachel Gilbert And Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The stunning designer of the stunning Autumn/Winter 2010 shows off her new range on the runway at 2010 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Rachel Gilbert is one of Australia’s most dynamic designers, having been head designer for Nicky Hilton, she now has a celebrity following, including the Hilton sisters, Taylor Swift and Delta Goodrem.

Amazingly perfected feminine designs, the collection does everything to show off the female figure, with class, elegance and sheer beauty. Using the best in a range of fabrics and incorporating Swarovski crystals and beading, Rachel puts together an exquitsite showcase.

Have a look at the collection on the website, you will be absolutely amazed at the grace Rachel brings to Australian fashion.