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New Dinosaur Designs Dragonfly Platter

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I was shopping online and found this gorgeous rich Dragonfly resin platter which is individually created, so every colour and dimension differs from Dinosaur Designs.

The gorgeous swirls through the platter tell a story of it’s own. Available in an array of colours, you can have it in red transparent, magenta swirl, cobalt, orange transparent, tomato and chocolate (pictured).

Handmade in Australia, these platters are carefully crafted to present food, but remember to treat it delicately – think of it being like ceramic. If treated with care, it can easily last forever.

For $190 from

Is It Concrete? Is It River Stone? Is It Granite? No, It’s Bio-Resin!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Danny Sheiner is quite a clever designer, who is inspired by the modern architecture of South America. I’ve never been to South America, but I can definately see his inspiration in his jewellery after looking at the concrete forms of Paulo Mendes de Rocha – a place where he found this inspiration.

The new CASA collection is made of bio-resin, which is a very unique non-toxic water based resin with the look and feel of river stone. The pattern and character of concrete/river stone is evident in the resin and is contrasted perfectly with recycled sterling silver. The bangle above is the favourite of mine in the collection, but I do advise you check out his entire range, because he has so much to offer for every person, every mood and every budget.

You can view the CASA collection at Mrs Red and Sons in Surry Hills, MCA Store at The Rocks, Punch Gallery in Balmain or on the website: