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You Could Do Like Eva Q – By Tegan Brideson

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Written by Tegan Brideson for

Sustainable approaches to fashion and textiles are on the rise so Tegan Brideson finds out when she speaks to Melbourne based textile designer, Eva Q.

There’s more to sustainable fashion than just meets the eye as Eva Q points out. “Education and encouraging people to keep the environment in mind is very important” she says. “I didn’t set out to make my business eco-friendly, it just sort of happened.” Embellishments, headpieces and brooches are made from extra fabric and off cuts, and there lays her motivation, to minimise waste.

This is a way of life that at the barest minimum, the RMIT graduate promotes. “My family has been recycling since forever so it’s nothing new to me.” And her family’s sustainable practices don’t stop there, with rainwater tanks installed and the use of grey water on the garden or to wash the car. It’s that simple, and it’s that inspiring.

Spoken like someone who has certainly done their research, Q says “you’re not expected to change your life dramatically and live in a tent, but you should be aware of what mark your actions are making on the environment.” And her small changes show the smart and creative approach she applies to her life and business. “If everyone makes a few minor changes, that will have a huge impact,” says the designer.

So when asked who her biggest influence has been, her mum has shared her wealth of “incredible knowledge” she says. The benefits of having a dressmaker for a mother when starting out in the fashion industry, and to have a mentor when it comes to garment construction and patternmaking, provides invaluable insight and direction for the opportunities that follow.

Her second biggest influence is Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, she says. “Mademoiselle Chanel worked so hard and was so motivated.” It’s clear to see that Eva Q is focussed on the bigger picture. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay focussed because there is no one pushing me, I have to push myself.”

Sharing her secrets for people who’d like to make eco-conscious changes to their lifestyle, the designer says “invest in garments you love, if it’s a great colour, cut, fit and quality fabric you could have it for years. And try to buy Australian,” she says.

Keep an eye out for Eva Q’s summer range, showcasing in two runway shows for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. There’s a method in the madness and it’ll catch on, just wait and see.

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