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Nomiki Glynatsis Couture – Romance of the Flowers

July 19th, 2011

I don’t normally approach and speak to random people when I’m walking down the street, but this one time I did.

A gorgeous petite girl, with brown ringlets, an elegant couture outfit and shiny black shoes – looking somewhat regal, with a likeness to Josephine Baker, a 1920′s style icon. But it wasn’t the outfit that caught my eye. It was her accessories sparkling at me from meters away.

I said “excuse me, I don’t mean to startle you, but you look absolutely amazing. You look so gracious and just… Just amazing”.

Her name is Nomiki Glynatsis, of Nomiki Glynatsis Couture.

Conceptually born from the extravagant style of the 1920′s, the newest jewellery collection from Nomiki Glynatsis Couture falls nothing short of ultimate decadence.

Elaborately embellished and reminiscent of an Art Deco opulence; each piece has been hand-crafted to perfection and lavishly adorned with jewels.

This collection is called “Romance of the Flowers”, which touches on the essence of romance and femininity spiced with a sence of ethereal charm and beauty. Words really can’t describe how absolutely spectacular this collection is.

Each of the hand-crafted pieces are intricate and delicate in every sense. Nomiki uses a luxurious combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls, using shades of gold, cream and bronze with undertones of silver and antique charcoal. It’s simply a range of sumptuous shades, which are rich, warm and just divine.

A really comforting feature of the collection is the use of vintage beads, sequins and laces sourced both locally in Australia and internationally in Paris.

In 2009, Nomiki took courses at ‘Ecole Lesage’ and also participated in the ‘Paris American Academy’ Couture Intensive Workshop. In 2009 her graduate collection was also featured in the nationally broadcasted NRA Fashion Awards in the Student category. So not only is there love and passion behind each piece, there is skill and experience.

Nomiki’s philosiphy is: ‘Beauty, elegance and perfection, the distinction of fine couture creations’…

The pictures really speak for themselves – I could continue to use words to describe the collection, but they simply dont do it justice.

I urge you to visit the website: www.nomikiglynatsiscouture.com.au