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Nomiki Glynatsis Couture – Romance of the Flowers

July 19th, 2011

I don’t normally approach and speak to random people when I’m walking down the street, but this one time I did.

A gorgeous petite girl, with brown ringlets, an elegant couture outfit and shiny black shoes – looking somewhat regal, with a likeness to Josephine Baker, a 1920′s style icon. But it wasn’t the outfit that caught my eye. It was her accessories sparkling at me from meters away.

I said “excuse me, I don’t mean to startle you, but you look absolutely amazing. You look so gracious and just… Just amazing”.

Her name is Nomiki Glynatsis, of Nomiki Glynatsis Couture.

Conceptually born from the extravagant style of the 1920′s, the newest jewellery collection from Nomiki Glynatsis Couture falls nothing short of ultimate decadence.

Elaborately embellished and reminiscent of an Art Deco opulence; each piece has been hand-crafted to perfection and lavishly adorned with jewels.

This collection is called “Romance of the Flowers”, which touches on the essence of romance and femininity spiced with a sence of ethereal charm and beauty. Words really can’t describe how absolutely spectacular this collection is.

Each of the hand-crafted pieces are intricate and delicate in every sense. Nomiki uses a luxurious combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls, using shades of gold, cream and bronze with undertones of silver and antique charcoal. It’s simply a range of sumptuous shades, which are rich, warm and just divine.

A really comforting feature of the collection is the use of vintage beads, sequins and laces sourced both locally in Australia and internationally in Paris.

In 2009, Nomiki took courses at ‘Ecole Lesage’ and also participated in the ‘Paris American Academy’ Couture Intensive Workshop. In 2009 her graduate collection was also featured in the nationally broadcasted NRA Fashion Awards in the Student category. So not only is there love and passion behind each piece, there is skill and experience.

Nomiki’s philosiphy is: ‘Beauty, elegance and perfection, the distinction of fine couture creations’…

The pictures really speak for themselves – I could continue to use words to describe the collection, but they simply dont do it justice.

I urge you to visit the website: www.nomikiglynatsiscouture.com.au

Aleona Invelito – Young and Ambitious Designer

June 29th, 2011

Aleona Invelito is a young and ambitious Melbourne based designer. I met Aleona at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week this year, and was really pleased to meet another creative Australian fashion designer.

Aleona Invelito is a womenswear label, based and designed in Melbourne using some of the best fabrics Australia, New Zealand and Europe have to offer. Their fabrics are natural too – containing 100% natural and organic fibers.

Feeling beautiful and comfortable in quality fabrics, with impeccable attention to detail is what Aleona has in mind when creating her collections. I love the fact she designs the outfits to mix and match – so it’s possible to mix elegance, with a touch of romance, all with a tailored fitting.

The girl that this label is best suited to is the one who looks forward to catching up with girlfriends on the weekend, enjoying brunch and a care-free catch-up. Or perhaps a relaxed night out at a romantic dinner and drinks with her partner. She is a fun, outgoing, relaxed girl, who oozes style and grace.

The photos speak for themselves! Check them out and check out the website: www.aleonainvelito.com

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Michael Lo Sordo

May 13th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

There’s always one show during Fashion Week that completely blows your mind.

After Bowie’s show on the Friday, I sat at the Rosemount Botanics bar with friends and discussed the week. What show stood out most. For me, it was undoubtedly Michael Lo Sordo.

After the success of his outstanding SS10/11 collection last year, my anticipation was high.

For SS11/12, the Michael Lo Sordo collection was inspired by the silhouettes of the seventies, but this collection took the Michael Lo Sordo girl into a time of her own. It is accurately described as rays of crisp white dispersing dark clouds and morphing into a rainbow of pastels. Gelato blues, pinks and yellows penetrate through the garments.

The hazing smokey design which wafted through a portion of the collection was just perfection, and you can’t help but notice the delicate pleating which carried your eyes from first to last sight of each model.

Yes the collection is simply exquisite. But it wasn’t just the garments that created the show. Michael knows how to get deep inside the mind and emotions of people – creating an ambience inside the room, where every single person felt completely taken away. Relaxed. Cleansed. Instead of a mash-up of many club songs or old favourites, it was the simple, low key yet dramatic 9 minute tune by Mychael Danna (used in my video above) which totally changed the whole ideal for a fashion week catwalk – and it’s a credit to Michael.

Michael Lo Sordo is taking ‘timeless’ into the future, marking the Michael Lo Sordo girl as the new unforgettable essence of style.

Photography by Michael Greves

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Fernando Frisoni

May 13th, 2011

Fernando Frisoni showed his Summer 2011 womenswear collection entitled ʻZoraʻ offsite at the point of the Sydney Opera House during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. The clouds disappeared and the sun shined over the beautiful harbour. Everyone has the opportunity to sit front row, with the maze-like catwalk running up and down the length of the marquee.

The Brazilian born designerʼs fourth womenswear collection sees Frisoni go back to his roots and truly realize his brand DNA. Inspired by the 1920ʼs, a decade of a modern era in fashion, a decade in which women first liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began to wear more relaxed shapes and embrace androgyny. Also drawn in by the minimalism of 1960′s op art sees Frisoniʼs summer collection take on a palate of mainly black and white.

The luxury silk-blend mesh and textured linens in modern blends took to the stage, impressing the audience. Silhouettes are loose and to be worn with ease and confidence. A boyish pair of board shorts made in the finest luxury silk crepe, crisp white cotton shirting complete with capes and tails, and beautiful textured silk low crutch pants. The silk fringes transport the 1920ʼs into a todayʼs ultramodern shapes.

The collection reflects two sides; the black and the white; the naughty (the flapper) and the well behaved (the aristocrat). Androgynous, sexy, timeless and chic. ʻZoraʼ is the perfect balance of the 60ʼs and 20ʼs, showcasing shapes which reflect a futurist existence, the Fernando Frisoni woman is sophisticated but simple, sheʼs modern, original and powerful.

His Summer 11 collection brings with it personality, attitude and glamour where nothing is compulsory and individuality is everything ʻZoraʼ. A simple collection. A divine location. A fabulous affair. Well done Fernando.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Raffles

May 13th, 2011

Raffles show a great success” tweeted Glynis Traill-Nash, one of Australia’s most prominent fashion editors, from her front row seat. Raffles College of Design and Commerce made a triumphant debut on the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week runway.  Showcasing a selection of talented past students from Raffles colleges both here and abroad, Raffles came to the fore as a prominent leader in fashion education.

The Raffles RAFW International Showcase featured three Sydney Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) graduates who were recently awarded the opportunity to showcase their work to fashion’s most respected and renowned critics from both Australia and abroad, by a panel of industry experts who included:  Dan Single (Ksubi), Nicola Finetti and Akira Isogawa.  Joining the home grown talent were two international graduates from the Raffles Shanghai and Singapore campus’.

The Raffles RAFW International Showcase featured:

• Byron McGilvray (Byron Bay, Australia);

• Peggy Hartanto (Sydney, Australia);

• Winson Tan (Sydney, Australia);

• Crystal Tsoi (Sydney, Australia);

• Erin Loh (Singapore);

• Zhigang ‘Del’ Chen (Shanghai, China).

With designs that demonstrated innovative thinking, commercial appeal and the exploration of trends, the showcase certainly impressed me, with positive feedback flowing in from all directions post show.

“Participating in RAFW will forever be a shimmering moment in my career,” explains Australian designer Peggy Hartanto of her RAFW experience. “The show went really well, even beyond my expectation.  To be involved in RAFW was really meaningful to me especially as a new, young designer. It is a big stepping stone into the industry for me.”

“Having designers from Shanghai and Singapore as part of the mix of our spring summer 2011 collection really defines the meaning of an Australia-Pacific fashion week,” explains Robert de Giovanni, Raffles Program Director, Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing.  “As the only private education provider participating in RAFW, Raffles fashion program is the only program of its kind in Australia that can really lay claim to be interacting with global markets to which our students now have direct access. Our course feeds directly into both established and emerging markets throughout the region in a way which is unique.”

A clean cut, smooth running and entertaining show… I thoroughly enjoyed myself. These guys really know how to put on a stylish show.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 – Bowie

May 12th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

The room was packed full of celebrities, editors, fashion critics and people who knew the Bowie show was going to be a grand finale to Fashion Week 2011.

Bowie Wong has etched his name into the fashion industry, creating a name for himself as a leading Australian couturier.

The was dark, then lit up with a central smoke display pouring down from the roof onto an oval shaped display of sea salt on the floor. As the show began, you could tell this was going to be special.

The collection named Paper Crane automatically tells you what it is going to be about – complexity, precision and delicacy. Going back to his Japanese heritage, the delicate art of origami was used, along with intricate beading, tulle, sequins and fabrics oozing character. Black, red, white and silver, along with gorgeous oriental prints floated along the oval shaped catwalk.

Each of these garments had the audience captured.

One of my standout collections of fashion week – absolutely breathtaking.

Photography by Robert Rosen

Eccentric Elliot Ward-Fear’s Quirky Use Of Perspex

May 21st, 2010

Elliot Ward-Fear is far ahead of his time, and it was apparent at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week a couple of weeks back.

Elliot’s debut collection called ‘Beauty in Exile’ was one of the stand-out shows at RAFW, displaying the unique use of perspex. His quirkiness and eccentricity poured out of the outfits that paraded up and down the runway, with the models walking in platform shoes up to 30cm high!

Something you’d expect Lady Gaga to rock up at an airport in, his designs are outrageous, but definately something you need to keep a keen eye on, especially the perspex spikes.

“Perspex to me represents a frontier of extreme embellishment within the fashion industry that hasn’t really been explored in the way that I have used it. It definitely has the potential to expand from extreme show styling into a ‘functional’ embellishment for use on clothes, handbags, shoes etc” the eccentric designer rationalises.

“Working with Perspex is fun. My team and I developed a design which allowed us to easily manufacture the Perspex spikes in various heights. We then collaborated with Band M plastics, creative Perspex solutions to make it happen. Once the spikes were cut by laser from sheets of Perspex we then had the task of figuring out a way to form a functional skin that would mould to the bodies surface allowing for safety and comfort. We’ve developed a weaving technique that allows for functionality but also looks intriguing and amazing,” explains Ward-Fear about what it is like to work with Perspex.

Have a look at the photos from RAFW 2010.

Eccentric opulence.

Photos by Luke Latty

NathanPaul Swimwear Debuts At RAFW

May 7th, 2010

Showing as apart of the renowned New Generation show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week NathanPaul swimwear is set to make its mark on both a domestic and international swimwear scene.

An all-Australian label that emerged in 2009, NathanPaul has brought a new take on swimwear which depicts the laid back, easy to wear Australian style mixed with the opulent influence of the Mediterranean glam. Featuring pieces for both men and women this concoction of exotic prints and electric colours is sure to tickle the fancy of all who dream of St Tropez summers.

NathanPaul prides its brand on being original, personal and honest by designing their prints and manufacturing every piece in Australia.

Transcending further than conventional swimwear by replicating their exotic prints into wearable pieces including leggings and other bits and pieces.

NathanPaul’s Spring Summer 2010/2011 season, titled ‘Journeys’ will debut at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010 today, so I’m very excited to see this range. Big things are to come from Nathan.

I love the fact an Aussie designer hasn’t been scared to bring the Euro flair over here, incorporating vibrant coloured belts and amazing outfits for men to feel comfortable in. I love the fact he has knocked down the sexual preference barrier with what men should be wearing – because any man, gay or straight can have fun with this range.

I look forward to showcasing more for this great guy, check out his site www.nathanpaul.com.au

Alice McCall Set To Stir Things Up At RAFW Today

May 5th, 2010

I’m looking very forward to the Alice McCall show today at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

I’ve followed Alice McCall and her petite yet cutting edge designs for the past few years, and am extremely excited to see the new range for S/S 10/11.

If the past seasons are anything to go by, we can expect edgey and flirtatious outfits, mixed with fun and sassy colour!

Keep your eyes peeled for the updates on the latest from Alice McCall right here on AdrianErdedi.com

Sara Phillips and RAFW Spring/Summer 2010

May 4th, 2010

Feminine, fresh, fun and frivolous. This is what makes Sara Phillips so damn great!

The pretty pastels, fresh and wearable designs and lazy styles work well together, creating something for the girl who wants to look amazing and striking in a glorious outfit, but also doesn’t want to look like she’s spent 3 hours getting ready and dolling herself up.

Bows, ties and fabulous fabrics, all of this created Autumn/Winter 2010, but today it’s Spring/Summer 10/11 which is launching at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Stay tuned for the hottest of what’s to come for the fabulous Sara Phillips!

Rachel Gilbert And Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

May 3rd, 2010

The stunning designer of the stunning Autumn/Winter 2010 shows off her new range on the runway at 2010 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Rachel Gilbert is one of Australia’s most dynamic designers, having been head designer for Nicky Hilton, she now has a celebrity following, including the Hilton sisters, Taylor Swift and Delta Goodrem.

Amazingly perfected feminine designs, the collection does everything to show off the female figure, with class, elegance and sheer beauty. Using the best in a range of fabrics and incorporating Swarovski crystals and beading, Rachel puts together an exquitsite showcase.

Have a look at the collection on the website, you will be absolutely amazed at the grace Rachel brings to Australian fashion.