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10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS – 1. The Philanthropic Foodie

December 14th, 2011

The first of my 10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS for 2011 is The Philanthropic Foodie.

The idea was conceived to create a unique Christmas gift, offering the ultimate snap shot of Sydney’s cult culinary elite. Most importantly, while devising something so innately opulent and indulgent, with all profits to be given to Sydney’s homeless charity, Youth Off The Streets.

The Philanthropic Foodie proudly introduces Love Sydney, an inspirational Christmas gift for Sydney-siders with a shared love of fine food, beautiful beverages and great living. Without doubt the coolest hamper this Summer, Love Sydney’s unique offering sources products from only award winning cult Sydney restaurants, delis and bakeries, not traditionally available in hamper format. These brands and personalities include Christine Manfield (Universal, Darlinghurst), Jarod Ingersoll (Danks Street Depot, Cotton Duck), Will Young (Campos), the Palumbo brothers (Gelato Messina), David Mcguinness (Bourke Street Bakery), Simon Johnson, the Harris family (Harris Farm Markets) and more..

Other highlights include “Bvlgari sparkles S.Pellegrino” limited edition mineral water, hand drawn Christmas Card by Sneaky Sound System’s Daimon Downey, and a freshly pressed CD album from über Sydney record label Future Classic.

With 36,000 Australian teenagers homeless this Christmas, The Philanthropic Foodie are hoping to raise $25,000 for Youth Off The Streets via the donation of all hamper profits.

I think this is an amazing gift to give or receive and all profit raised goes to a great cause at this time of the year.

The Philanthropic Foodie is available now, from $150-$250, while stocks last, exclusively from www.foodie.org.au, delivered Australia wide to your door.

Salvagno Extra Virgin Olive Oil

January 10th, 2011

Being a typical Spaniard, when I cook, I love to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The more, the better. It’s almost disgusting how much I use! But I love it.

I’m fussy with the Extra Virgin Olive Oils I use too, so lately I have really only been using one brand, Salvagno – an Italian family company from the Venetian Hill, Lake Garda.

It’s a delicate and sweet, perfectly blended with four mono-varietal oils. It’s versatile and you an use it with anything you would normal use olive oils. Because of it’s delicate flavour, I like to use it on foods that the taste can be distinguished, like salads and garlic prawns.

You can get this great olive oil by Salvagno at Simon Johnson in a few locations around Sydney for $40.95.


You’ll Never Eat Canned Tuna Again

March 19th, 2010

Forget about cheap canned tuna. You haven’t had tuna till you’ve had Ortiz Tuna. Cheap cans of tuna are from any random species of tuna, but Ortiz catches only the finest in the family, the Bonito del Norte.

This fish appears annually in the pristine waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea.

When you twist and pop the lid off this jar, you can immediately smell the large chunks of the cooked fish. The smell isn’t over powering. It is clean and refined. It is preserved and packed in olive oil, to keep it’s exquisite flavour.

I wish I could have this tuna everyday for my lunch, but at nearly $30 for a 210g jar, I might just stick to having it once or twice a week.

Available at Simon Johnson stores – www.simonjohnson.com.au