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6 Designers, 31 Models, 60 Looks, 1 Global College

April 17th, 2013


For the third consecutive year the Raffles International Showcase has brought the fashion industry together to celebrate emerging talent at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Australian Fashion Week founder Simon Lock, internationally acclaimed street style photographer and model Candice Lake, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s style editor Kirsten Doak and Sydney Fashion Blogger Antoinette Koulas amongst others watched on from the front row.

Beautiful indigenous model Samantha Harris opened and closed the show wearing looks from designers Gabriel Lee and Ayaka Ichikawa.


“It was a thrill for me to be part of this international fashion event, and certainly a fantastic stage to showcase my work as newly graduated designer. I am looking forward to returning here in the future,” explains designer Virginia Liu Killory, Singapore.

The showcase featured the womenswear collections from 6 designers, 4 of which are graduates from Raffles’ Sydney campus, a further 2 designers traveling to Sydney exclusively from the college’s Singapore campus:

Pimnarra Sangngern (Sydney), Diyana Kosso (Sydney),
Ayaka Ichikawa (Sydney), Gabrial Lee (Sydney),
Virginia Liu Killory (Singapore), Aurelia Evelyn Santoso (Singapore).


Belinda Chapple – Gorgeous, talented and successful.

April 27th, 2010

Belinda Chapple, one of the five stunning girls who made up the band Bardot has remained in the public eye for many years after the split of the band.

Launching her successful solo career in 2004, having worked with the fabulous Darren Mapes and she also had “Move Together” peak at number 26 on the Aria singles charts in 2005.

Belinda isn’t a stranger to modeling, magazine shoots and dancing, but having given all that up for a while, she has decided to make a huge life change and discover herself artistically. But I will let her tell you all about it, and get to know her up close and personal!

This is the absolutely gorgeous Belinda Chapple

What projects are you currently working on or have in the near future?

I am giving myself a break from performing at the moment, sometimes you need to do this to refresh yourself artistically. I am currently living in Singapore working for Universal Studios as Company Manager, behind the scenes for a change!

Who or what influences you most in Fashion and home décor?

Travel, art, photography and Mr Karl Lagerfield.

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

My Favorite piece of clothing at present would have to be my recently purchased Black and White silk Chanel dress!

Do you have one feature in your home you love most?

My Dali etching!

Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

Martinis, Sushi and can’t go past a banana smoothie with honey.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Clothes and handbags… I can never get enough!

Greatest lesson learnt?

Trust few!

What advice would you give someone if they were thinking of a career in your industry?

Get ready for a long hard road. You HAVE to be so committed and resilient but if you have some success you will be in for a wonderful adventure.

How do you maintain a life balance between work and home?

My home life has become more important to me these last few years. I seem to manage a good balance between both but you have to make a conscious effort.

Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid and why?

Kate Moss, I love everything she wears.

How did you get into doing what you do?

My parents had no choice but to send me off to dancing school. As when I was 5 years old that was all I did at home. Dance and watch music videos, I was obsessed from a very early age.

What is your one design rule you like to stick to around the home?

Mix old and new together the perfect infusion.

My Mother/Father always told me…

To respect others and to be kind and thoughtful.

Where is your favourite place to relax in Sydney?

Nielson Park.

How often do you eat out and cook at home?

I eat out a lot! But I also try to cook at home at least 3 nights a week. I love to cook.

Signature dish?

Scallop and pea risotto, one of my best friends gave me the recipe, YUM!

The one thing I can’t leave home without is…

My lipgloss.

What frustrates you most about Sydney?

It’s a very small town and sometimes it can seem a little shallow.

If you were Clover Moore, what would be the first thing you’d inject money into fixing?

Litter and garbage, after living in Singapore this year we could defiantly clean up our city a ittle.

Favourite beach in Sydney and why?

Palm beach as I have many great childhood memories there. I also love Nielson Park when its not so crowded.

If you could be a fly on the wall of any celebrity home, who’s wall would you like to sit on?


Three pet hates?

1. Racisim

2. Judgemental people

3. War over religon

Fashion and home must-have’s?

A fabulous Handbag and some hot artwork for your walls.

What is your one diva demand?

I don’t have any! But always like things to be organised and professional